Scientology infomercial propaganda on Australia television


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As probably few of you will know, Network Seven in Australia recently and quietly launched a fourth digital channel in select regional areas. Its called 'Television 4' and its essentially an shitty infomercial channel that no-one cares about.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I casually flicked to the channel whilst channel surfing and was confronted with SCILON PROPAGANDA!

Yes, Scientology Australia have finally made it our tv screens. At the moment the content appears to be the anti-drugs stuff (drug free ambasadors, drug free world, other generic anti-drug front group) but I also saw hints of anti-psych stuff, human rights, TWTH etc. The footage is new to me, not sure if its been released before, however I noted it was Australian focused, with the ad directly spruiking

All in all I found this to be pretty funny. I bet the church is now crowing to its members "We are screening scientology PSA's around Australia on prime-time television". The truth is they paid what would probably be a pittance for some air time on an infomercial channel hardly anyone knows about, and certainly no-one will care about. I am truly surprised Scientology even found out about the channel.

In any event I will try to get the infomercial up in a minute so others can have a look (I recorded it, of course). I will also try and stream-dump the channel to try and capture other scientology infomercials.

Edit: Video is up, low production values sure are low!

EDIT: The credits list Executive Producer: Kim Polglaze, Show Creator: Luke Ayers. Anyone know these people?

Edit: I just noticed that today an old thread from 2009 about scientology ads appearing on television was bumped. What a strange coincidence! (this thread -! )

Edit: deleted the video, don't want it crapping up my youtube channel. If you really want you can find the videos on youtube already, or by googling.
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Anonymous @ WWP has found this stuff has been airing on Melbourne community tv before.

Has anyone here seen these infomercials on the airwaves before?

Did some googling, found out Kim Polglaze, Emmanual Foundas, and Lee Rogers are actually members of Melbourne community television. Scary!
Haven't found any other community stations airing the infomercials, could this be the first time it gets a national stage?
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Luke Ayers, 2nd Gen scilon apparently now Melbourne staff. Parents are Sydney scilons who were CLO crew but routed out ages ago


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Perhaps Paul Hogan can do another Crocadile Dundee movie, where the croc does Scientology. Part of the deal would be the croc demonstrating his skill with that knife of his on a stress test table and/or using the knife to cut the idle org uniform tie to ribbons.



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Scooter get your shirt and Tie on, Cult awareness education.

annnnnnd Heeeeeres Scooter

13 weeks of it Sunday nights.


Sunday night Midnight

A fascist 13 week serial outlining the various humiliation activities which Scientologists are involved with.

How can I get involved?

There are a few different ways that you can get involved with making TV for C31. First you'll need to decide whether you want to volunteer on an existing C31 program, or if you would like to start a new TV show. If you have any questions, feel free to give C31 reception a call or send us an email.


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I just noticed them too on channel 4 (actually channel 64)

it occurred to me.... that Scientology might try to claim these infomercials....

as "free good deeds" of some sort .....their Slogan..."how we Help"

but we all know what happens when you get inside the door of Scientology...

you will be relieved of all your Cash, & Asset's, etc...etc...


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I wish to report that the Scientology informercial run has finished, or is at least on hiatus.

Looks like it ran for about a month, ~10 episodes?

Still curious to learn how much they shelled out for the coverage.

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I'm guessing it was Public funds that financed it but, yes, it's all about "Charitable Image."

Try as they might, they are never going to be able to satisfy the proposed statutory definition of "charity" and public opinion isn't going to help them there, as it won't be the public that makes the decisions. Anyway, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.