Scientology is ?

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a parasitical mind virus it depends upon the health of the host to multiply
and grow.

it attacks a healthy mind at it weakest point which will
be some uncertainty "Ruin finding" it rides in like a Trojan Horse
seeming friendly and helpful and yet in its belly are many other
parastical viruses all with this same "friendly and helpful coding"

my comments in bold

[1] Promise heaven for belief.
Bridge to Total freedom, cause over matter energy space and time
is more than Heaven its complete dominion as a god.

[2] Threaten eternal punishment in hell for disbelief.
The whole agonized future of this planet, every man, woman and child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.

[3] Boost the believers' egos by telling them they are 'chosen' or superior to believers in false memes.
You are the authorities and big beings and the few chosen that can save all of mankind.

[4] Disable the faculties of disbelief ('immune response') by claiming that faith is superior to reason.
Believe in the bridge and that next step and the next and the next "reasonableness" don't let that stop you.

[5] Establish itself as the One True Meme, usually by some sort of holy book containing a circular self-referential argument such as:
"Excalibur" and the refusal to explain why Ron was able to discover the truth while all others had failed before him.

X is the one true meme. We know X is the one true meme because The Source of Universal Truth has approved X. We know The Source of Universal Truth has approved X, because X contains statements which say so. We know what X says is true because X is the one true meme.
See #5

Once it has parasitised the mind of its host, a meme needs to propagate itself. A successful meme will contain instructions for some or all of the following:

[6] Holy war - convert or kill all unbelievers.
dead agenting, War with the IRS fair game etc etc

[7] Intimidation and terrorism - threaten and discriminate against unbelievers.
lawsuits, PI's family disconections, shunning

[8] Enforced social isolation or even death to apostates. (An apostate is a host which has cured itself of a meme-infection. It is especially dangerous to the meme because it might pass on meme-resistance to others).
one small bit of doubt as to the truthfulness of source spreads like wildfire
especially if it comes from longtime followers close to the source of this so called "truth"

[9] Fecundism - encourage true believers to breed faster than believers in false memes.
Other practises are forbidden they are false ideas and the believers are wogs and degraded beings
make more clears and more Ots and more Scientologists.

[10] Censorship - prevent rival memes from reaching potential hosts (a theological doctrine known as 'Error has no rights').
Squirrels and Shrinks etc etc and stay off the internet, net nanny and don't read that wog entheta
called news that only lies about Scientology.

[11] Disinformation - spread lies about rival memes. Demonise them - the bigger the lies the more likely they are to be believed. The disinformation may even include instructions for a meme to lie about itself!
Demonising psychology and squirel groups ,Scientology is legendary, fastest growing religion in the world ?
yes it will lie about itself, nonprofit charitable organisation ? Its concern is its own growth and why ?
Because it is the one true meme which can save mankind from war and insanity ?

"War is mankinds ruin" and Scientology is trying to ride in on that weak point.

This is why Alan Walters simple question so effective.

Do you really really want a world run by Scientology ?
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I don't believe that, but there are some people who love to say, "If it isn't fun it isn't Scientology."


:) Was just jokin' around. Here's the serious answer.

'Brainwashing Manual Parallels in Scientology', a.k.a. 'Revisiting the Textbook on Psycho-politics'


Examining the 'Brainwashing Manual' with the purpose of better understanding Scientology 4

Introduction: A Brief Outline of Scientology Doctrine, Public and Confidential 6

"White Scientology" - The Battle Tactics Doctrine - Brainwashing Manual Tech - Scientology is Multi-layered - Exploiting the Positives: the Cheese in the Trap -

Background 9

Origin of the word "brainwashing." and of the "Russian Brainwashing Manual"
L. Ron Hubbard writing to Scientologists on the subject of the Brainwashing Manual
Departing briefly from the Manual: A look at private tactics later shared with insiders
A publicized statement
A private explanation
Hubbard vs. the "Asiatic Hordes"
Back to the Brainwashing Manual: Excerpts from Hubbard's third public statement on it
Kenneth Goff's 1956 version of the Manual
Scientology's "No-answer answers."

Excerpts from the Brainwashing Manual/Textbook on Psycho-politics 14

"Editorial Note": Hubbard. assuming the guise of the phantasmal "Charles Stickley"
"An Address by Beria": Hubbard, pretending to be Lavrenti Beria, chief of the Russian Secret Police
The Main Text of the Manual: Hubbard, masquerading as an arrogant Russain Brainwashing expert

The Layers of The "Scientological Onion" 17

Brainwashing Manual Parallels in Modern Scientology 19

Correspondences between the Brainwashing Manual and the Battle Tactics policy
On “Survival”
On Surviving the Atomic Bomb
On an individual Scientologist influencing leaders
Scientology is devious by design

Front Groups - Layer Zero of the “Scientological Onion” 20

“It is not necessary that the term ‘Communism’ [Scientology] be applied at first…”

Layer One - The publicized portion of Scientology 23

“White Scientology”
Scenario: (An application of “White Scientology”)
“By reason alone”

Descending into Layer Two of the “Onion”: The “In-Organization” Strata 27

“…[Scientology] under the guise of [‘White Scientology’]…”
Exploitation of the process of abreaction
Playing one thing off another or “counter-playing”
“Loaded language”: the seemingly enlightened “counter-played” with the manipulative
Tone 4, “entheta,” “theta,” Suppressive Person
The Thought Limiting clichés of Scientology
Publicized, “In-organization” and Confidential Scientology “Ethics”
“…aligning the individual against the desire not to conform…”
Side effects of “critical thoughts”
Dominion over the loyalties of individuals

Layer Three of the “Onion”: The Confidential “Upper Levels” of the “Bridge to Total Freedom” 33

“…avoid the understanding of the layman…”
Highest of the “upper levels” must remain a mystery to the membership
Operating Thetan or O.T.
Aleister Crowley, Head of the O.T.O.
O.T. III, The “Wall of Fire” into which Hubbard “took the plunge” to save Mankind
Exploitation of the paranormal

Layer Four: “…a well trained individual who serves in complete obedience…”
The Sea Organization, the Rehabilitation Project Force, and the Five Card System 36

The Sea Organization: “Custodians of the O.T. Levels”
“…the only loyalty which should exist… is to the State [Scientology].”
Sea Org Ethics under Commodore Hubbard on the Flagship
“Refusal to let them sleep over many days…”
The Rehabilitation Project Force
“Filthy food, little sleep, nearly untenable quarters…”
“…the first loyalty [to himself]… is destroyed…”
“Degradation and conquest…”
The children’s and teenagers’ RPF
“A certain amount of fear…”
The Five Card “Team Share” System
“The technologies of psycho-politics…”

Layer Five: Confidential Scientology Policy and Tech for “handling” uncooperative outsiders 46

The Fair Game policy and “philosophy”
“…find or manufacture enough threat…”
“Direct the attention of the authorities…”
Scientology’s unscrupulous use of the legal system
“We will no longer put up with our religion being criticized…”
Discourage inquiry
Defamatory data on file; “Culling”: Searching “religious confessional” (auditing) files for embarrassing or intimidating items
Background: The Commodore’s Intelligence Network
The policy of covert attack and publicized PR “defense lines”
Scientology’s Multi-layered Public Relations tech
Scientology Intelligence tech
Data collecting, and Attack or “support” Intelligence
Creating incidents that reflect badly on others
“Data needed by Ops on each located who”
Attack or “support” Intelligence - The Covert Ops study course and checklist
“Persons in his vicinity to whom he is emotionally involved…”
Coerce them into signing prepared “retractions” or “confessions”
Plenty of bogus “documentation”
One justification for unscrupulous covert methods
Treatment of VIPs and celebrities
Goal of talking over “mental health” and “political guidance”
Full knowledge of Intelligence tech must be denied to the general membership
“Deception, chicanery, lying, manipulation and outright criminality”
“She over there, those pink legs sticking out, didn’t like me”
Scientologists believe in a planet-wide conspiracy against L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology
The Scientology Hierarchy

Layer Six: The Core of the “Scientological Onion” 69

“…virtually a pathological liar…egotism… lust for power, and vindictiveness…”
“We must be like the vine upon the tree…”
The elusive “1000 page” official L. Ron Hubbard biography
“It’s a trap not being able to prevaricate”
Conscience as an “impediment”
The L. Ron Hubbard Fan(atic) club

Epilogue 74

Freeing the Positives

Addendum 76

"Dr. Hubbard's" FBI letters written concurrent with the appearance of the Brainwashing Manual 77

L. Ron Hubbard assumes the identity of Dr. Hubbard Ph.D DD - Patriotic Concerned Citizen
Letter of 29 July 1955
From a letter dated 7 September

A further look at Scientology's Covert Intelligence Tech 79

"Categories of Data Needing Coding"
A glimpse at a covert operation, and of public strata "policy" used as a cover for applied covert policy
An example of public strata "policy" used as "cover" - this time used on Scientologists by Scientology
"Ops Planning"
What to "Vet" or delete from sensitive internal messages that may be scrutinized by outsiders

Bibliography 82

Notes 87

L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?, 2nd edition:

Elronius of Marcabia

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I don't see anything there that does'nt parallel what I posted Veda perhaps diffent language
and way of describing the mind fuck, in the end only thing that matters is we're both satisfied
we know what "it is" and what it is'nt:coolwink:

you say tomato I say Tomater :dancer::dancer:


Patron Meritorious
"[1] Promise heaven for belief.
Bridge to Total freedom, cause over matter energy space and time
is more than Heaven its complete dominion as a god."

So everybody was "working on their bridge " so that they could become gods in the same way that LRH was a god? I am a never in. It seems like hardly anybody ever acknowledges this aspect of the scam - that they were convinced they were going to become a god.


"[1] Promise heaven for belief.
Bridge to Total freedom, cause over matter energy space and time
is more than Heaven its complete dominion as a god."

So everybody was "working on their bridge " so that they could become gods in the same way that LRH was a god? I am a never in. It seems like hardly anybody ever acknowledges this aspect of the scam - that they were convinced they were going to become a god.

I'll acknowledge it, but I only made it to grade 0, so I never achieved clear. Although I thought it was possible by reading Hubbard and being convinced it was possible.

And he almost got me, before I devoted my whole life to him (I almost joined the Sea Org). But I did spend 26 years chasing the dream, thinking it was possible to have the attributes of a clear and OT, and I rearranged my life to follow this dream.

The sad part is he, the Hubbard, did get 26 years of my life, in thought, somewhat.

In reading the old greeks, plato, aristole, one realizes those folks, during their time period, used the words gods, to promote and communicate that one could improve their selves if they wanted to, by example of a ideal being called god, by just thinking they could become better and work towards the attributes of a god. Positive thinking at it's best.

and, of course, Hubbard capitalized on this, with his words, knowing people have not studied the old greeks, and the actual meaning in their words. And hubbard sure as hell created a mystery about it, called the OT levels. LOL

Hubbard monetized what is free to all. Yet Hubbard created a monopoly in the minds of folks who bought his words.

And "bought" means in my context, people who paid for his books and lectures, and people who were convinced he was a truth teller. :laugh:

Elronius of Marcabia

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"[1] Promise heaven for belief.
Bridge to Total freedom, cause over matter energy space and time
is more than Heaven its complete dominion as a god."

So everybody was "working on their bridge " so that they could become gods in the same way that LRH was a god? I am a never in. It seems like hardly anybody ever acknowledges this aspect of the scam - that they were convinced they were going to become a god.

it's worse than that:omg: some still are because they once were but fell from grace in a dwindling spiral
and are now this lowly degraded thing called a human being.

Of course they don't talk about it, not exactly a good converation starter is it ? :duh:

Elronius of Marcabia

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see what I mean its a thread killer conversation stopper:eyeroll: its simply socially
unaceptable to be as arrogant and self important as the topic implys.

It sets up a caste system socially Hubbard at the top of course :melodramatic::ohmy:
why ? well we can't get into that according to Hubbard but he did
what no one had done in a billions of years and if you tried to know
it, well it would probably kill you lesser beings:omg:

I'm always reminded at this point of a scene from 10 Comandments when Moses
raids the temple grainerys to feed the slaves.

The priests complain "this is food for the gods"

Moses replied "that which is meant for the gods will surely not sour in the bellys of slaves"

There is a very fundamental truth in that statement which is deadly to all mystery religions
that breaks the chains of all mystery religions based on "truth can do "you" harm" its a bald faced lie.