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Scientology & Jim Jones


Scientology Inc.'s "scholar" program - where Scientology Inc. wines & dines, deceives and, sometimes, hires/bribes "scholars" for their "expert" opinion in papers, books, and court testimony - has been in existence since the 1970s.

Scientology Inc., and other cults, are largely responsible for the creation of New Religious Movement studies category. Scientology Inc. shill, J. Gordon Melton, proudly claims to have invented the term "NRM" (New Religious Movement) as a substitute for "cult."

Melton was long employed by Scientology Inc. He was employed by other cults as well, including the Aum Shinrikyo poison gas cult of Japan.

Melton was also a long time defender of the child-sex cult Children of God.​

Children of God cult members sing a special recorded message
to their ailing cult leader, David Berg,
who they address as "Dad."

J. Gordon Melton not only insisted that Scientology Inc., and the child-sex cult Children of God, and other destructive cults, were not cults, he also insisted that Jim Jones' People's Temple was not a cult, and continued to insist it was not a cult even after over 900 dead bodies were recovered in the wake of the mass suicide-murder of November 1978.

Years later, while questioned in court as a paid "expert" witness, he again insisted that Jim Jone's People Temple was not a cult.

Jim Jones had been an ally of Scientology Inc., and had been briefed by Scientology's private Intelligence and dirty tricks department. Below Jones, only six months before his overseeing of the mass death in Guyana, spoke of his ally Scientology, and his enemy author Paulette Cooper:

10 June 1978


Scientology Inc. dictator David Miscavige talks about a new OT level which is done "in a completely exterior state," after one causatively discards the body (commits suicide):

January 1986

Jim Jones' last speech:

"The relaxation of stepping over to the next plane."
18 November 1978


Although this time period has been brushed under the rug, let us not forget that in the aftermath of the January 1986 Death event, there were Scientologists who were enthusiastically anticipating following in Ron's footsteps and "causatively discarding the body" and going to the next level.

Somewhere, out there, are at least several copies of a tape recorded phone conversation from January/February 1986. This recording, which I heard shortly after it was made, and remember fairly well, was between a person (I think now residing in the Netherlands) named George (pretending to be a Scientologist in good standing) and the Executive Director of a Scientology Mission and OT 7.

It was the first time that George had conversed with this person after the "Death Announcement." It was extremely strange.

The Mission ED thought that it was WONDERFUL that Ron had "causatively discarded the body," and spoke happily - her words - of "doing OT 15, learning to discard the body [like Ron did], and going [after killing the body] to be with Ron."

If anyone out there has a copy of this stored away somewhere in his garage, please dig it out and put it on the Net.

From this, and other reactions, it was obvious that a portion of the Scientology membership - circa 1986 - had the potential to be happy suicide cultists.


stubborn rebel sheep!

A new mainstream counter narrative to be implanted, by COS as an attempt to make the word "cult" to vanish...(as well as abuses)

"Scientology is a minority religion"

And we can extrapolate this makes this "minority religion" fake status expose them to be victim of discrimination and religious hate since being attacked by fanatics who call it abusive cult.

Then we can extrapolate that there is a few nests of those "fanatics"

The bunker
Outer Banks
Mike Rinder's blog

Arnie's blog already put down
Gerry Armstrong never got any relief

I wonder when they will make an op to create a mess on those sites....the ideal OSA scene would be to make them appear fanatics and catch them into fights..

We must remain vigilant in case it happens here on ESMB!


p.s. In my area there is a sociologist very friendly with COS and he lectures in favor of them and receives their love bombing. I am not aware he even once spoke about the human rights and children abuses. But there is only one in his pro-cult cult.​
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James Beverley, is friend of Gordon Melton. In a 2 March 2012 ESMB post Beverley stated that, "Once in a while Gordon has said things in court that sound like he discredits all apostate testimony. However [privately] he does not..."

Lying under oath is serious business, but it's not treated that way by some professional "religious scholars."

Apparently, they don't necessarily believe what they testify in court as paid "experts."

Some of these "experts" are playing a very cynical game.

Elsewhere, in a continuation of this conversation two years later, some light was shown on Scientology Inc. "whales" - ultra-rich Scientologists - supporting pro cult scholars and academic programs by donations to institutions that employ them.

There is definitely money flowing from cults to their enablers in academia.


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In that video Jim Jones is parroting classic Freedom Mag propaganda from that time. One of Scientology's big things to deflect internal doubt was to say that Nazi's were in Interpol and intelligence agencies were planting anti-Scientology stories in small international newspapers so they would be picked up and spread by larger more reputable newspapers so all the bad PR was part of a large international conspiracy.

I guess Freedom Mag now operates out of SMP (Scientology Media Productions). That should be all anyone needs to know about SMP.