Scientology Johannesburg OT Committee Event on “Why re-do?”


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Scientology Johannesburg OT Committee Event on “Why re-do?”

From the Independent Scientology blog, Scientologists getting back in comm:

Joburg Org: It is what it is

Albert & Sandra de Beer are currently under comm-ev themselves. Sandra is not currently on post and is reportedly clearing out storerooms.

This coming Tuesday evening at Joburg Org the OT Committee is hosting an evening titled “Why re-do?”. It’s being promoted by text message and email. It’s an effort to make people feel okay about redoing their objectives. Their message reads “Jhb OTC is holding another famous event. Topic? SRD – “Why Re-do?” etc. Success stories, & C/S briefing. Sound interesting? You want tea + cake and chatting with friends? Come Tues nite. Chapel. 6.30.”

Lastly they are losing staff. This was predicted as the last big push for staff in Joburg was precisely 2.5 years ago – the length of a staff contract. Belinda van Pype, Cleo Pendl & Camerine Pendl have left staff and Aline Jones & Judit Kis would appear to be following suit. These are (or were) all key staff.

An org that is booming as a result of being inundated with public on GAT II services would not have this going on.