Scientology knock-off, 'Access Consciousness' based in Santa Barbara..


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I'm surprised I've not heard of this cult before, but it was started by ex-Scientologists, and is based in Santa Barbara, CA, though it's leader, Gary Major Douglas, now resides in Houston, TX.

"...That's when Douglas surveyed the metaphysical landscape of Santa Barbara and found an opening.

For years, Douglas had flitted on the outskirts of Scientology. His first wife, Laurie Alexander, ran a "field group" in the city — pulling in new recruits through Scientology's "auditing" process. The whole point of Scientology was to get "clear," to rid your body of subconscious memories of tragic events, which are called "engrams." People paid good money for this. Scientology had its own language, and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, had something of a fetish for dictionaries and what he considered to be the true definitions of everyday words.

After Douglas divorced Alexander in 1983, he married an ex-Scientologist named Patricia O'Hara. The two were close friends with another former Scientologist, named Mary Wernicke, who was roughly 40 years their senior. The English-born Wernicke rose up the Scientology ranks, working for the church's exclusive "Sea Org" unit. But after dedicating years of her life to the church, Wernicke and others grew disenchanted when Hubbard passed the reins to David Miscavige in the early 1980s. Miscavige began to restructure the organization, creating a rift. Wernicke was one of many higher-ups who left the church for the short-lived offshoot, the Advanced Ability Center. Douglas grew very close to Wernicke and even cared for her as her health began to fail in older age. He moved her into his Santa Barbara home and hired nurses to tend to her.

According to mutual friend Kathleen Martin, Wernicke had a profound influence on Douglas. She made Douglas the executor of her will. She wasn't a wealthy woman and she had no surviving relatives, so she left her jewelry and books to a handful of friends, including Douglas, his wife and his daughter Grace. She left $10,000 for one friend, and any remaining money (including the proceeds of any household items sold) to Douglas, which amounted to around $100,000. Martin says that Douglas gave her a portion of the money, even though Wernicke hadn't willed any to her; it was simply in Douglas's nature to be generous, she says.

Not only was Douglas exposed to key elements of Scientology through Wernicke and others, he was tapped into the growing popularity in Santa Barbara of "channels," people who claimed to be able to allow spirits to enter their bodies.".

[video=youtube;U_2dcC2eAxg][/video] (Dain Craig Heer & wife Sarah reside in Santa Barbara) (the address is a home).

Gary Douglas' 2nd wife Patricia (former Scilon).. obviously, they're separated. (Gary's son.. in a Santa Barbara rock band) (Gary's daughter)

Patricia's daughter:


Got involved with "Access" along with a bunch of other ex $cientologists back in the 90s. Came to the conclusion that it was too cult- like and that Gary Douglas was especially interested in $$$. Boy, could he promote bullshit!