Scientology leader David Miscavige on ABC Nightline












Let's all hope that the next time we see David Miscavige on TV it's from a courtroom prisoner's dock.

Ho Tai

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Just archiving on ESMB , sorry if you take offence
No offense at all, AnonKat, I just read it thinking it was something new and interesting and it turned out to be pretty old history. But as a matter of record it is valuable, so thank you.


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the twenty years ago miscavige turns me gay, he is a master of interviews

of course instead of kneeling over i would have to lie down on the floor but itd be worth it

Bea Kiddo

You know that regular Sea Org members were not allowed to see that interview?

And when it won an Emmy (did it? I was still in SO and I heard it did), we all congratulated DM and showered him with presents for a job well done.


Lol Bea! NightLine won an Emmy, not for the Dwarfenfurher and his pack of lying woo in particular :hysterical:
What a weaselly little greaser he was back then, sortta like now but younger :p For another level of entertainment, turn off the sound to his answers and watch the body language, creepy as hell *shudderz*