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Scientology offering sex-segregated cruises to Nation of Islam members & other Black Scientologists


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Scientology offering sex-segregated cruises to Nation of Islam members and other Black Scientologists.

Women attend from November 3 - 16, 2018. Men attend from November 18 - 30, 2018.

H/T - Intergalactic Walrus on Tony Ortega's blog: https://tonyortega.org/2018/05/13/w...ns-officer-in-scientology/#comment-3899436922




Well......somebody has to stay home and take care of the kids.

I guess they're just taking turns? :scratch:


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Sex Segregation Is nothing new in the NOI..they still do segregated seating in the mosques..
Women could not enter the main doors of the Mosques for years.. they had separate entrances... (that's changed recently)
they have segregated classes for the Sexes...

In the ideology of the NOI men are clearly superior to women.
they also believe Men were created a degree above the woman.
They pull things from the Qur’an stating that ‘Men are the maintainers of women

In the NOI, a woman’s value is derived by her reproductive capacity, which makes her sacred. “(making babies)
and homemaking roles....
they have loads of backwards gender rules...

have seen some comments where they separate the sexes for Auditing..Men should only Audit men..and Women should only Audit Women.
Segregation of the Sexes on the Freewinds Is the NoI getting its way..

long boring article and a little out of date..(but still has a lot of details)
Dossier 20: A Woman's Place in the Nation: Analyzing the Discourse of the ‘Nation of Islam’
Publication Author: Nina Ascoly
Date: July 1998
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Sex Segregation Is nothing new in the NOI..they still do segregated seating in the mosques..

The only thing I can add is that in the overwhelming majority of mainstream mosques (i.e., Sunni, Shiite), men sit in front as a group, and women sit behind them as a group.

In the Nation of Islam, men sit as a group on one side of a central aisle, and women sit as a group on the other side of that aisle.


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More from Nation of Islam Sister Amatullah Sabreen on the next, SEX-SEGREGATED Black Scientologists Convention featuring the Scientology Confidence and Leadership Course. Women attend from November 3 - 17, 2018. Men attend from November 17, 2018, for the following two weeks. [NOTE: She has also said women attend only through November 16, 2018.]

Bizarrely, it appears Sister Amatullah Sabreen screenshot an old, 2010 flier from WWP (probably via Google image search) to illustrate her Instagram post. Well done, WWP!


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scientology aims to end war, except the gender war, let's extend that one cause you know... we need recruits and the only ones left are the misogynistic noi...

wow so desperate scraping the bottom of the recruitment barrel, on both parties parts... whose next on the lists?

for scientology maybe satanists are next? at least that has a chance at a long term compatibility with hubbards oto history, free blood, virgins, goat heads and candles in luxury suites! moonchild 2

for noi maybe they'll try joining the kkk next? wtf farakan with all the knowledge in the world you choose a cult with a warchest that dwarfs yours to fight covertly? i guess after you have alex jones over to your house for youtube this is the next step... next year maybe faracon will upload some dead suicide victims in japans haunted forest... on new years... wtf come on

i can't tell who is the biggest fool here, dm or faracon, i mean how damn bored and desperate are these two to attempt to share a bed? after this i'm expecting to hear scientists successfully bred a cat with a dog

Literally makes me sick to think there are children growing up with parents teaching their kids that these men are good role models, slowing down any chance of progress for mankind to move past crap like race wars, batshit doctrines, gender wars...

...these two doctrines are extremely opposed, as well as these individuals, this is relationship that long term will clearly end in a drawn out divorce and there will be no money left for the kids xmas gifts

here's where faracon is coming from... white people were created by the black god yakub as an experiment, albinoids / evil devils to test the good / ebonoids he sees this as a race war and religious war hubbard was just another devil, satan, he's a stereotyping racists who teaches whites as lessers who should be converted or destroyed, he thinks and teaches others that all whites are bred to be liars, devils

so here we have dm with his doctrine which is not compatible with noi at all, and faracon with noi which sees scientology as an evil devils creation created for him to conquer in order to prove good is more powerful than evil

which nutcase will win this batshit crazy brainwashing war? this is seriously messed up stuff playing out here

faracon has deep hate and belief whites are lessers he must convert/conquer or destroy, dm was brainwashed as a child to tow hubbards line and who knows what hypnotic garbage he installed in dms head, and how deep for so long, hubbard probably spent more time meddling around in people's heads including with drugs and hypnosis than anyone on earth, he only mentions some of it briefly here and there in lectures storytelling but that's just the tip of the iceberg

i guess this is for the best, these two pricks deserve each other

the irony here is hubbard fits this insane narrative helping faracon stay insane, being a proven liar on video at least denying he had a 2nd wife sara, and on the devil story claiming he was the antichrist on the original ot8, pitting man against each other with his vindictive policies, trying to destroy all previous religions and science and claim to be the only "source", letting his wife rot in jail as his scape goat like a misogynistic pig

sure lrh said mecca was an implant, but he said that about every religion... but that won't cause faracon to blink an eye because he already takes every word from a white man to be a test, an evil lie, so it will all make sense to him no matter what...

some gems from this racist noi video

we're coming up on you now mr.
Satan (the entire caucasian race) how did you get here by what
process were you made...

it's your time to suffer the
consequences of your evil

God is asking you if you would like to
be a part of (noi) that which he makes new or
do you still want to fight God over your
place if you do this is your end (nice euphemism for join noi or die you evil white devils)

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