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Scientology Parody as a Genre

Discussion in 'Great Web Sites and Links' started by mockingbird, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. mockingbird

    mockingbird Silver Meritorious Patron

    I have heard Jon Atack on an interview say Scientology is a genre unto itself.

    I found the site T.V. Tropes has an entry for The Church of Happyology which is their term for Scientology. I have felt a complete list of all Scientology parodies would be useful for both comedic and serious purposes.

    Here is the beginning of their list.

    There's a certain acknowledged religion, founded by a certain science-fiction author, which, upon independent study of its doctrine, sounds rather a lot like a mixture of Space Opera and Mormonism. The leadership offices of said religion have a deserved reputation for being very protective of its public image, and of being extraordinarily sensitive to what it considers defamation.

    This has been demonstrated by said offices having a rather disquieting habit of breaking out the lawyers (orworse) to suppress any potential source of trouble.Naturally, this makes them even easier to mock.

    However, lampooning this religion directly, or even uttering their name and a word against them, may expose unwary parodists to severe civil penalties, regardless of the existence or lack thereof of any bad intent. Therefore, fiction instead uses the Church Of Happyology — a reference to (un)said religion which is well enough veiled to stave off lawsuits, but still transparent enough to allow clued-in people to figure out who the actual target of jest is.

    A subtrope of Parody Religion. See also Cult, Religion of Evil, Path of Inspiration, Corrupt Church, and Scam Religion. Compare Church of Saint Genericus. Compare and contrast Scout-Out and other forms of Writing Around Trademarks. Not to be confused with the Happy Science religion. The Happy Happyists may sound similar, but they actually don't fit this trope.
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