Scientology PI again following the father of Scientology leader David Miscavige


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Scientology PI again following the father of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

Mike Rinder: Miscavige Goon

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So, naturally, when Ron Miscavige went to visit some old friends in Portland, Dave just couldn’t resist. I guess he was especially worried as there are a few ex-base staff there including one of his former RTC Executives Shelly Britt, ex-Marketing Executive Jeff Hawkins and the former Chief of Security Gold Jackson Morehead.

Ron and his wife were staying with Shelly and here is how she reported it:

I was having trouble with my wifi and noticed a “NSA Surveillance Van 23” on my “available wifi” list (it disappeared after 10 or 15 minutes). Knowing it wasn’t the NSA I was prompted to go outside and check things out. (Ron and Becky were away visiting with other friends.)

From my driveway, I noticed a white Ford SUV pulling in to the Animal Clinic nearby. It parked with a clear view of our driveway. And it looked exactly like the black SUV that was clearly following us home from the airport Saturday when we picked up Ron and Becky (it was a rental and disappeared after we let him know we knew what he was doing).

Another vehicle then pulled into the Animal Clinic parking lot and blocked the white SUV’s view. The dude moved to another location, again with a clear view of my driveway. A few minutes later a large delivery truck pulled up and blocked his view. He moved again.

At that point I got my fiance, Randy, who went out and snuck up behind him. He told the guy that David Miscavige could go fuck himself. That got his attention. Any normal person would be like “wtf are you talking about?” But not this guy — he knew damn well “wtf”. He pulled out his camera to take a picture of Randy, but forgot to remove lens cap. He had surveillance equipment on the front seat next to him. He got out of his car so we could get a full frontal. Randy told him he was going to contact the police and the dude made a hurried departure.

It’s the same guy that was following us Saturday, just a different vehicle.

This is VERY typical scientology PI behavior. They use rental cars as there is no chain that can link them directly to the church. They usually drive SUVs because they are higher off the ground so its easier to maintain sight of cars you are following. But the vehicles are common enough not to be memorable. And they switch out cars every day or if they are “blown.”

And this guy looks like the typical low-rent PI that get hired for this sort of short-term fair-gaming. Reminiscent of the PI that bought my garbage (you can see him in the third video in this posting).


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Woah! I would definitely call the police if this dude was following me. And I would be sure I told the 911 operator that I thought I had seen what looked like a gun in his hand... Hey, cops see cellphones that look like guns all the time. :omg: