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by L. Ron Hubbard


Copyright @ 1964 by L. Ron Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Scientology Publications Limited, Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England, and printed in England.

THIS PLAN FOR WORLD PEACE has been formulated by L. Ron Hubbard, who was one of the first students of nuclear physics in the United States.
L. Ron Hubbard has distinguished himself in many fields, including exploration (he is a member of the Explorers Club of New York), writing (films, science fiction, short stories and novels, and vast quantities of technical material), horticulture, and as a Naval Officer.
His real life's work has been, and is, the development of Scientology, which is the most advanced study of the human mind and spirit - in the widest possible sense - extant on Earth at this time.
It is due to his enormous understanding of Man, and Man's motivations, that he has been able to formulate the principles laid down in this booklet.
This Plan for World Peace was foreshadowed in L. Ron Hubbard's famous books ‘Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health’ (1950), and ‘Science of Survival’ (1951).
The principles herein CAN bring about peace with prosperity for all the peoples of Earth. If you agree that this is a goal worth striving for, PLEASE give all possible publicity to this Plan - at least let your friends know about it.

Scientology: Plan for World Peace
by L. Ron Hubbard
DISARMAMENT has claimed the attention of Earth's governments for more than half a century without any practical means of attaining it.
Any solution to the problem of war must resolve the greater problems of political and industrial security.
Today's trend is toward togetherness. And today's urgency is that Man take firm forward steps toward a real solution of his international political and economic affairs while he retains the power of decision.
A peaceful consolidation of Man's real progress is possible without recourse to war, to rebellion, to the overthrow of governments by force, or other chaotic and regrettable acts.
The following blueprint is advanced to demonstrate the feasibility of utilizing modern trends and peaceful means in securing, for government and industry, a more stable endurance and greater service to mankind.
Peace with prosperity is not an idle dream. And a determined and unified advance is possible toward that end.
The following programme has no other purpose or interest than attaining these ends.
Persuade all governments to turn over all atomic weapons, stocks, and control of atomic manufactures to the United Nations at once.STEP TWO:
Persuade the United Nations and all governments to select a site for and construct an International City, preferably in North Africa, on the Mediterranean Coast, where land reclamation can expand its area and where its communication lines can easily be centered for Earth.
Persuade all governments to remove their capitals to the International City complete with heads of government, congresses, and parliaments.
Secure communication lines and command lines from each country's head of government in International City to the government of each internal county or state in that country. (Wherein the words ‘county’ and ‘state’ differ in various nations but mean here the next lower political-geographical echelon below the national government.)
Regard each county or state within a country as an autonomous unit under the control of the head of the nation in International City.
Bring about a recomposition of the United Nations, basing its member delegates on a formula comprised of land area and value, production and construction value and population figures.
Remove all special privilege categories for favoured nations and the exercise of veto by a few.
Form the United Nations into a judiciary division, two houses and an executive branch, the key officials to be popularly elected or selected within the nations they represent and by voting by both upper and lower United Nations Houses for the head of the United Nations.
Reform the United Nations Charter into an instrument specifically engaged in governing the heads of nations and international affairs. Forbid in the charter all interference with or government of individuals or smaller communities. Forbid the regulation of work, working conditions, hours of work, place of work, housing, or any other individual matter, especially laws designed to ‘protect the individual from himself or imagined enemies, giving any nation or individual so interfered with full recourse to law and damages in the International Court.
Forbid interference with the politics, beliefs, religion, ethnology, customs, or ideologies of any nation or state or county.
Forbid all pressures from groups within the United Nations to favour or disfavour ideology, race, colour or creed for any reason whatever.
Forbid treaties of mutual assistance or warlike assistance amongst states, counties or nations against other states, counties or nations.
Bring about the creation of a small effective armed force under the United Nations and the dismantling or abolishment of all other war facilities on the planet above the level of crime and population control forces under the direction of the heads of states and counties and the small bodyguard usual to the protection of a head of a nation, state or county, these forces to be severely circumscribed and well below the strength of the International Force.
Persuade the transfer to be made with due regard for, recompense of, and the personal interests of existing armed force personnel by retirement, transfers to state or U.N. forces or other utilization; and the U.N. to inherit all existing military established bases and give recompense therefor.
Persuade stable and real International economic measures.
Base economics on the most fundamental definitions of inflation and deflation, wherein inflation is the result of more money than goods and deflation the result of more goods than money, and maintain financial matters accordingly.
Persuade the turn over of the International Monetary Fund to the United Nations.
Persuade the turn over of all central banks of nations or central banking to this Fund.
Establish a branch of this Fund in every state or county through the national or central bank of that nation.
Allocate to each state or county as its money the exact value of its property, real or personal, and exchange the new money for existing monies in the hands of persons or corporations. Permit no other monies to be printed or issued.
Each year, by careful survey, increase or decrease the extant funds in a county or state to match its productivity, the principle being that money must exist to purchase that which exists to be purchased.
Continue the value of money against real goods and property.
The character or notes and coins should bear on one side their International Value and on the other their domestic or local designations.

The handling of future funding should be through the International Monetary Fund to its national or central bank branches of the nation in counties or states to the private banks in that state, all under the supervision and direction of the United Nations through the Nation's central bank branches in each county or state.

The financing of the governments of cities, counties or states should be as usual by their own taxation and the government of the nation should receive its money for all its expenses and management only from their counties or states and never from individuals or companies directly, the amount for the nation not to exceed fifteen percent of the gross revenue of each county or state, paid directly by that county or state to the nation's capital in International City.
The financing of the United Nations should consist of an additional ten percent of the gross revenue of each county or state paid directly to the United Nations and eight percent of the gross revenue received by each national government from whatever source, and from interests paid into the International Monetary Fund.
The collection of taxation funds by any state, county, nation, or the United Nations to be strictly forbidden to be on a net basis, thus inhibiting the invasion of the financial privacy of individuals, companies, cities, counties or states, or nations, and reducing the complications and expense of collection.
From these tax funds all expenses of whatever kind should be paid without further recourse to special United Nations or National taxations independent of the counties or states, a practice which should be forbidden.
Persuade the United Nations and national governments that the activities of the United Nations and national governments (but not state or county or city governments) should be limited to (a) The administration of justice; (b) Public Safety; (c) Facilitating the safe transport of persons and goods; (d) Guaranteeing the collection of private and public debts; (e) Efficient handling of public communication; (f) Safeguarding public health; and (g) Self Preservation. Forbidding the indulgence by the United Nations or National governments in (a) Interference with the individual; (b) Moral laws; (c) Racial or religious matters; (d) Workers, unions, and wages; (e) Management of private business; (f) Production; (g) Collection of personal or company dossiers by whatever excuse including those of tax purposes; (h) Entertainment; (i) Forwarding minority or majority racial or religious purposes; (j) Assisting in the establishment of monopolies in any field of activity except government; (k) Engaging in war.
Under the Administration of Justice, Crime should be defined as ‘aggressive acts resulting in actual intentional violence to persons or property or intentional deprivation of property without adequate compensation’ and that nothing exceeding this shall be considered to be embraced by criminal jurisprudence and that all else shall be considered civil justice and subject only to civil suit by companies or individuals.
Persuade the United Nations and national governments that they have no interest in matters of healing or welfare and may not legislate for or against them, nor assist to create health monopolies or ‘legal procedures’ and the United Nations or national governments have no interest in the support or lack of support of individuals, but may assist them only to the degree of encouraging production of public works, it being impossible for the U.N. and national governments (but not state or county or city governments) to continue to care for the individuals of an expanding population without creating a world wide tyranny in which all individuals become slaves.
All armaments, fissionable materials and warlike or dangerous war productions not disposed of in the general disarmament should be provided with adequate storage or repair facilities at International City and placed wholly and only under the control of the United Nations and its armed forces.
Arrange that adequate patrolling and detection facilities be maintained throughout the world by the United Nations to ensure against the illegal production of facilities for war.
Enforce that only conventional weapons and forces be used when nations at disagreement refuse to abide by the decisions of the International Court in routine civil suit and threaten war.
Enforce that no fissionable materials be used in war on this planet even by the United Nations.
Arrange that civilized regulations regarding the quartering of troops and their conduct be enjoined upon the forces of the United Nations.
Arrange that no United Nations force may belong first to a nation and secondarily to the United Nations but that all such units be recruited by and maintained by the United Nations.
Arrange that no military or police conscription exists even in the United Nations forces.
Arrange that no United Nations force may be employed to ‘maintain order’ in a member nation not threatened by aggressive war, nor may it be used to restrain a revolt contained within a nation or a state save only that the revolting forces may not attack another nation or attack from another nation or refuse to continue membership in the United Nations.
That the government of International City itself shall be conducted by a group not interested in the United Nations or in any other nation, and that this group have no political connections, not be able to interfere with the conduct of government by the United Nations or its nations, but have interest only in the nominal and usual city government of International City and to create and maintain a city and to prevent riot, civil commotion and crime within the area of International City only, all residents thereof being subject to such civic administration without any immunity for murder, theft, and other offences against members of the community as a community.
This civic corporation to be chartered by the United Nations under the name of ‘International City Civic Corporation’ on a permanent irrevocable charter and thereafter remain wholly independent of political control except for possible suit in the International Court, it being widely known that capitals constructed and run exclusively by large governments are slowly constructed and disinterestedly managed. The Civic Corporation must be immune to fashionable vendettas or favoritisms and must be dedicated by personal interest and reward to the construction, maintenance and continuance of a beautiful and peaceful city. The Civic Corporation must be aloof from all government policies and concerns or trends of the times, and these things must be guaranteed in its charter.
Membership in the Civic corporation would be on an individual basis wherein a member may represent himself or a company but a company may be represented by only one member.
Such membership should include representation of the foremost organizations in the world in the fields of all the diverse skills and materials comprising the needs of the construction, maintenance, services and commerce of a large city, including governing, policing, and financing.
Each member should pledge, but not pay, a sum of one million dollars to the civic corporation.
There should be two thousand members. The members should then elect twenty council members to represent the various departments of city planning, maintenance, services and commerce, all for a period of five years.
The council should then elect or confirm a permanent chairman. No member should be permitted to ‘buy out’ another member. All posts of membership should be filled when vacated. Membership should not be inheritable.
The Civic Corporation thereupon issues bonds acceptable to nations, the International Monetary Fund or banks to the total of five hundred billion dollars against various portions of their activities and proceeds with this financing to obtain, with United Nations political assistance if needed, the lands necessary for construction, making certain of sufficient terrain for expansion and all needful facilities.
Aside from national monuments transported there, all lands and buildings, utilities and services of whatever kind continue to belong to the International City Civic Corporation, and all rates, taxes, fees and revenues of the city continue to belong to the Civic Corporation in perpetuity.
The design of the city should cluster the national headquarters in such a way as to prevent selective bombing or attacks. The land allocated to each should, however, be extensive, the residential portions fanning away from the centre of the nation's government, which in turn, with others, fans away from the United Nations centre, all allowing for extensive boulevards and commercial sections. Long underground networks for swift transport, a large port, various airfields, extensive shopping, hotel and residence sections, and numerous recreational facilities and parks with specially built resort areas, provided with excellent utilities, should endeavour to make International City the best planned, best built and most pleasant city on Earth. And every endeavour of the Civic Corporation, in its own interests, should concentrate on making it so and to provide for it the best and least censorious city government on Earth.
The City should be maintained as a free port and every effort should be made to absorb the threat of inflation posed by international funds flooding into the City without providing goods or services to compensate. The Civic Corporation should not therefore allow government stores, canteens or recreational services not under the control of the corporation, but should endeavour to keep the cost of living low for the entire city and thereby acquire also a stable and non-political population minimally influenced by the constantly shifting political population and preventing the fate of welfare managed capitals of the past.
From each nation and from the United Nations the Civic Corporation should receive ten percent of all revenues collected by the national government and by the United Nations from national governments to maintain the city and its services.
Initial construction of capitols should be in so far as possible a duplicate of the previous capital's grounds and government buildings, transplanting these where possible, such as the complete Mall of Washington from the Lincoln Memorial to the Supreme Court Building, should be at the expense of that nation with the guidance and co-operation of the Civic Corporation or on a cost plus ten percent basis by the Civic Corporation, but all other non-government buildings should be built at the expense of and owned by the Civic Corporation.
In police matters, where they affect crimes of violence, riots and civil commotion, only the forces of the Civic Corporation should be permitted to act within the boundaries of International City.
No extradition of any kind should be permitted by the Civic Corporation.
All persons, regardless of status, should be bound by the laws of the Civic Corporation. No violence of any kind should be condoned on political grounds.
The Civic Corporation should be fully aware that its profitable future depends on sound construction, excellent facilities, a beautiful and hospitable city and a benign but effective government, aloof from vendettas against persons or fashionable witch hunts.
Recourse by the Civic Corporation against interference by other government in the creation and management of International City should be available in the International Court or in the courts of nations, or its own city courts against financial indemnities placed on deposit to the Civic Corporation against further encroachment upon its rights or the forfeiting of such deposits by later abuses.
All National Meetings or International Meetings such as those of Congresses, Parliaments, or conferences amongst heads of nations or states should be forbidden against fine outside the precincts of International City.
No head of state should be permitted to absent himself from International City in times of international crisis, and not more than three months in any year.
The withdrawal of a majority of a National Government's personnel from International City or the construction of a national capital within the nation should constitute a declaration of war upon the United Nations.
The United Nations or its forces may not continue to occupy any country attacked by it for the crime of war, but should with all speed return that country to its own duly selected or elected head of state as soon as disarmed.
The United Nations should not acquire independent sovereignty over sections of Earth by reason of mandates, occupation, or other means, regardless of the conditions of that area.
The United Nations should not finance leaders of national governments to acquire territory, put down revolts, or make war.
Any nation found guilty of concentrating troops, acquiring forbidden munitions, or provoking conditions leading to war should be liable to indemnities equivalent to those which would have become owing had the attempted conquest occurred, been lost, and the aggressor nation vanquished; and all such indemnities should be payable to the United Nations Land Reclamation Fund.
The United Nations should not be permitted to define or outline ‘orthodox science’ or introduce any idea of orthodoxy into any science or the humanities except government; nor should it be permitted to attempt reforms in genetics, nor should it define sanity or insanity or label or care for the insane; nor should it be permitted to engage upon propaganda campaigns for any science or practice beyond the halting or isolation of disease epidemics.
The exploration of space should not be permitted to individual nations or private concerns, constituting as it does a potential of warlike manufactures, but all such activities should be carried out by the United Nations, acquiring all existing material, technology, facilities and personnel for that purpose; and all information gathered from such projects should be deposited with the United Nations and made freely available to all scientists where divorced from war.
The United Nations should be permitted to engage upon campaigns, financing and public works through nations or directly to assist economic apportionment, of rehabilitation of Earth, its streams, wildlife, reforestation, fisheries, dams and land reclamation, but must turn over the resulting properties to their respective nations when completed, but may withhold maintenance fluids should United Nations inspections reveal a failure to continue such projects in operation by that nation. And by this all land, air, stream, and ocean pollution becomes, as it affects the planet, the province of the United Nations without forbidding independent action by nations, states, or counties, or cities.
The United Nations should not be permitted nor should any national government be permitted to prescribe curricula or demand or regulate attendance in any school, public or private, whether maintained by International or National funds, nor define the requirements of a degree or demand the attainment of any scholastic standing of any kind, or regulate in any way the education or religion of any individual by whatever circuitous means, nor should the United Nations or National Governments be permitted to require the indoctrination in any way of the citizens of states or counties, nor pronounce upon their mental fitness or lack of it. But the United Nations or nations may require what they please for purposes of their own employments and may conduct courses in government for their officials or compose universities for this purpose in International City, but may not require indoctrination of the children of employees or officials.
The activities and subjects of education and schools should be entirely the province of state or county or city governments, autonomous whether given International or National funds for education or not.
Any person, company or government suffering actual direct loss by reason of this plan should be recompensed fully from the International Monetary Fund upon submission of factual and substantiated claims to a General Claims Office to be formed within the framework of the International Monetary Fund; and all such claims denied should be referred to a Committee of Claims of the United Nations General Assembly; and all such claims there denied should be heard by the lower branches of the International Court.
But no such claims should be based on ideological facts or conquests or seizures or losses of conquered areas or court findings after January 1st 1960. No personal or contractual claims should be considered valid if based on contract awards or appointments actually begun or entered upon after one year of the date of award of the charter of the International City Civic Corporation by the United Nations.
An executive or official of the United Nations should be personally liable in the International Court for his public acts through the processes of civil suit, should those acts be proven beyond reasonable doubt to be in violation of the basic laws of the United Nations and taken in interests other than those of the United Nations and directly resulting in actual injury to an individual, company, or state or county or nation.
The United Nations and national governments should be denied all power of extradition from counties or states, since a world with one government notoriously provides no refuge for the individual out of favour and results therefore in a prison-like slavery when lacking this restraint.
The apportionment of funds by the International Fund should be divorced from all efforts to favour or disfavour races, colour, creed, or political majorities or minorities, ‘backwardness’ or ‘progressiveness’, and should be based only upon current economic and production grounds, and all efforts to bring about suppression or elevation of races, colour or creed by financial manipulation within the International Monetary Fund should be deemed treasonable.
A long term educational programme of United Nations officials and Earth's peoples should be engaged upon, bringing into general demand the continued adherence to the principles founding a world government and in particular to the fundamental that the United Nations is a government of nations, erected to end the anarchy of sovereignty which led to wars, and aloof from the governing of individuals or interference with their daily lives, save only to provide them with the tranquility and prosperity of peace.
The new charter of the United Nations, based on these explicit principles, should not be subject to amendment once this plan is executed, since to change it after nations have delivered up their power to object would not be an honest act, and, to guarantee peace, this charter must endure.
Whew, what is this I see before me? A messy dogpile along the pavement of life! My first impression is this stuff is written by somebody who is colossally ignorant of human nature, otherwise somebody who is trying to exploit human nature. Jeez, the United Nations, as the guardians of world peace? Have you ever been inside the United Nations gold plated lavatories and all? They really are gold plated. Whatever could be wrong with that?

What’s all this stuff about handing over nuclear arms to the UN? Over time they have proved to be the shiftiest bunch you could ever hope to meet. Recompose them - with who may I ask, ‘specially trained’ experts from otherwise backward countries? You cannot do that for many of them already are.

Persuade the United Nations and all governments to select a site for and construct an International City, preferably in North Africa.

Oh my god, Hubbard, you fool, build a nuclear city in the center of world trouble, have you gone mad or always have been that way? One could go on cherry picking here, but it’s an exercise in futility to analyze this crap any further. Hubbard’s use of jurisprudence (the philosophy of law) tears apart the theory and practice of law into a crazy structure of his own making and he was illegally trying to put into effect.
Persuade the United Nations and all governments to select a site for and construct an International City, preferably in North Africa.

Oh my god, Hubbard, you fool, build a nuclear city in the center of world trouble, have you gone mad or always have been that way? One could go on cherry picking here, but it’s an exercise in futility to analyze this crap any further. Hubbard’s use of jurisprudence (the philosophy of law) tears apart the theory and practice of law into a crazy structure of his own making and was illegally trying to put into effect.


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DK, next time you find yourself trapped in the textbox of death (I see it's happened to you a couple of times already) click on the 'Use BB Code Editor' icon on the top right-hand corner of the textarea and type a few characters. Then go back to using the 'Rich Text Editor'. HTH.

DK, next time you find yourself trapped in the textbox of death (I see it's happened to you a couple of times already) click on the 'Use BB Code Editor' icon on the top right-hand corner of the textarea and type a few characters. Then go back to using the 'Rich Text Editor'. HTH.
OK, thanks for fne cosideration. I having a bit of trouble concentrating sometimes. Haven't been the best lately. Oh well.