Scientology Schools

Lulu Belle


Some new great posts over there. Here's a great excerpt about Scientology schools and kids of public.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone that since the late 1990s more & more Scilon publics are keeping their kids in public schools or sending them to non-Scilon private schools. Attendance at Scilon-run schools is so low that Delphi, the largest chain of Applied Scholastics licensed grade schools, is actually desperately begging alumni for funds to keep it afloat.

Why are Scilons, even some of the most fanatical Kool Aid drinkers, refusing to send their children to Scilon-run schools these days? Sea Org recruiters are one reason. It used to be that Scilon parents encouraged their kids to join the Sea Org — quite a few still do, but in reality, based on the number of KRs written by Sea Org recruiters & Project Prepare I/Cs, most Scilon parents refuse to grant permission for the minor children to join the Sea Org, and lately not even the threat of a Comm Ev or an SP declare is enough to force them to give in. So, it’s obvious that more and more Scilon parents are willing to give up their “Bridge” in order to keep their children from joining the Sea Org while they’re still under 18.

Another reason is academic incompetence. For a long time Scilon parents were fed false data & made up statistics “proving” that Scilon-run schools like Delphi are superior in every way to wog (normal) schools. Then the Internets happened & eventually a few people started researching & finding that the claims & statistics provided by Scilon-run schools are not only false, but that they are so academically subpar & incompetent that most students aren’t even able to pass standardized tests, score horribly low in science & mathematics, are barely able to understand science & mathematics, and that virtually all statistics were either manipulated or outright fabricated.

The situation has become so bad that Scilon-run schools are essentially viewed by Scilon parents as nothing more than Sea Org recruitment centers, because that’s the only reason to send your kids there: to prep them for a lifetime of servitude in the Sea Org. This is how most Scilon parents in good standing view these schools — most of them wouldn’t send their kids to these schools for a million dollars.

But that’s not even the worst of it. The reputation & perception of the Sea Org has degenerated to such ridiculously low levels that many Scilon youths openly ridicule the idea of joining the Sea Org & spread “black PR” about it. They don’t even give a damn about getting written up.

Doesn’t get more real than this: we’ve actually overheard Sea Org recruiters explaining to Scilons that the “rumours” about Sea Org members not being allowed to sleep, having no food to eat, having to sleep on the floor, not being allowed to use the bathroom, etc etc are all false.

A few weeks ago the 20-something year old son of a major, major Scilon whale actually laughed when a Sea Org member asked if they’d be interested in joining staff & told her that he’s not gay, is never getting married, and enjoys casual sex. Of course, like Bijou Philips he spends more time in Ethics than in session or on course.

Ourselves, we think such tactics are used to avoid going in session or going on course, since their involvement in Scientology is likely to appease their parents or maintain some kind of status quo in the family. This past year at CC Int it’s become absurd to the degree that Ethics ignores most KRs written up on Scilon youths who lovingly share their sexual exploits with Sea Org recruiters.
I am unable to get over to that site due to my work internet filters. Do they provide any links to the statistics about delphi sucking? I am curious because although I have left the church, my son goes to a delphi and we have been pretty happy so far. I WAS very concerned in the beginning about the authenticity of the learning, and especially the transition to college. As a test I took him out and put him in public school for 3 months, he got straight A's and was wicked bored because he already knew everything they were teaching and they refused to move him up, so back to delphi he went. Secondly, at least at the delphi we are at, recruiters are banned. I remember back when I was in the SO, there were recruit missions to delphi firing every 12 seconds but then I heard a rumor about 10 - 12 years ago that they were banned by delphi from recruiting on the property. I know I have never seen one in the 5 years my kid has been going there, and I am there almost every day, including special events (graduation, etc). Lastly, I know several dephi kids that have graduated fro college with honors. I know this was a problem 20 years ago because there was no way to translate the way delphi teaches, to the way a college teaches. But I heard there is a college prep class in place now that fixes that.

Anywho, if there is evidence out there that proves I have it all ass-backwards, I am eager to read it. :questions: