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HT - Tony Ortega: TIZIANO LUGLI: A new short film about Scientology and ‘slavery’


Former Scientologist and music producer Tiziano Lugli has given us the opportunity once again to debut one of his highly polished short films about the Scientology experience.

Previously, Lugli made us laugh with ‘Shit Scientologists Say,’ and hit us in the gut with ‘The Shrinking Cult of Scientology.’

Now he’s got a parody of a film made by Scientology itself, ‘No Slavery,’ which it uses as part of its cynical ‘human rights’ campaign aimed at teenagers.

But Tiziano’s piece is more than a response to Scientology’s film. It has a lot of impact of its own, and it features Tiziano’s lovely wife, actress Jamie Sorrentini. Give it a look.


Diamond Invictus SP
Awesome film by Titziano Lugli! :clap:

If it was sent to every government official and journalist in Sector 9 it might clear this and some other planets. :biggrin:

It would be nice to have a version of the film with subtitles explaining who each of those people are in the film for people who don't know.

Dean Blair

Silver Meritorious Patron
I had watched the video earlier on Tony Ortega's web site and was very impressed with the professionalism involved in the videos creation. It is very well done and creates an impact in the viewer.