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Scientology South Africa Ideal Org Update


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Ideal Org Update

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth ideal org building is one of those buildings that was purchased years ago and remains unoccupied.

According to some reports the local OT Committee requested that the building be sold and another found in a more suitable location. Elmien Lochner has told several people that this building is on the cards to be sold. It is located in the downtown area of Port Elizabeth and although the area has gone through something of resurgence in recent times, the reality is that white middle-class Port Elizabeth will not go to that area. And the make up of the Port Elizabeth field and OT Committee (a combined 60 or so people) is decidedly middle-class white.

At any rate, this is the org as it is today:



To be honest this actually seems rather pleasant. It is located less than 2 kilometers from the ideal org building but it is up the hill and far more suburban. Very small but pleasant. This is pretty much the size PE org has been for the last 30 years. Generally 5-15 staff over this time period. Small. Sort of Port Elizabeth sized. It is supposed to move from the above to this:


The body traffic is far better but 8 stories of building to fill with staff and public?

Cape Town

The staff, public and OT Committee of Joburg North are breathing sighs of relief as the attention has shifted from buying their building to renovating and opening Cape Town. 6 years ago it was announced that “Africa is the first continent with all ideal buildings purchased!” This was at the time that Joburg North was going to become a city office of Joburg Org. That changed and for the last 5 years the effort to buy Joburg North’s building has been on going but has so far been fruitless. Fundraiser after themed fundraiser have consumed the attention and time of the Joburg North public and staff. Focus though has switched to getting Cape Town to a “done”. This is particularly good news for people like Philip Park although I’m sure it won’t be long before the Capetonians come calling for help.

So brace yourself Cape Town, they’re coming!



A Sea Org team has arrived in Cape Town!
It’s happening!

A three-man team recently arrived in Cape Town with the purpose of completing the renovations budget fundraising for the Ideal Org buildings. With Sea Org experience totalling twenty five years between them, they are charging forward with the Cape Town Staff team towards the goal of OPENING OUR IDEAL ORG!

Stephen Smith has been in the Sea Org for ten years, having served as the Executive Director for Port Elizabeth Org for eight. However, before joinging the Sea Org he worked on Cape Town Org Staff for six years between 1987 and 1993, and then another year between 1997 and 1998. In short, he knows his stuff when it comes to orgs and service.

Kimberlee Howarth has been in the Sea Org for seven years and has worked in many different areas – most prominently Event Organising and Preparation. Her experience in the Events Section is rivalled only by a few in the Scientology world in Africa. She is particularly skilled in making events FUN and ENJOYABLE, while at the same time raising funds for Ideal Orgs.

Sebastian Howarth has been in the Sea Org for eight years. With experience in the promotion and marketing fields, he has been running the PR section for Ideal Orgs in Africa. Using LRH tech on promotion and marketing, the campaigns he runs are successful.

The African Ideal Orgs team (the three mentioned above) were working on the Johannesburg North Ideal Org campaign to buy the last building Africa needs to be the first continent to own all of its Ideal Org properties. They were sent here by direction from International Management to complete the Cape Town Ideal Org!

Johannesburg North is still rolling on its campaign, with two other Sea Org members there to continue the team’s actions – and WE got the best because WE are going to be the next Ideal Org to open in Africa!

No, we aren’t kidding – through the team’s hard work and your’s WE ARE NEXT!

Stephen Smith: 081 2704768 – [email protected]
Kimberlee Howarth: 076 792 3796 – [email protected]
Sebastian Howarth: 079 500 9692 – [email protected]

In addition to this the entire command team is Cape Town bound. (remember the ones that arrived in South Africa at the end of October in a blazing trail of destruction with the declaration of the initial Joburg 18). They’re giving a briefing this weekend to the CT field.

This can only be in response to the independent Scientology activity happening throughout the province since we also hear the OSA Team have been active down there trying to figure out how to “terminatedly handle” the problem of the independents.