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Scientology stole my son, help needed

Discussion in 'Fair Game and Disconnection Victims' started by Free to shine, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    This popped up on Facebook, I'm not sure if it has been posted before.

    Here is his video with some interesting comments on the YouTube page.
  2. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    There is nothing I can say or do that would help this poor man or the child who is being used as some kind of chattel by IDIOT SCIENTOLGISTS so it's probably best if I say very little ... but my heart aches, it really does.

    Such pointless destruction.
  3. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Me too. I don't dare say anything much either, for the same reasons. This has to stop.
  4. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    I wish this got as much attention as fundraising to help scientologists.
    It doesn't look like much help for this family so far, I hope that changes.
  5. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Yes, I know what you mean ... I expect there would be more advice offered if the Father was posting here and I suppose the reaction (or lack of) could also be due to us knowing too much about how that cult operates ... we know that once an adult chooses the cult (over family) there is little to be done until the person decides to leave the cult and by then the damage done to relationships can be so severe that things may never be the same and a genuine reconciliation may be impossible.

    In this case it's more difficult in one way because it's a child being kept from his Daddy and he (the child) will have no choice but to do what the Mother wants but the Father has been disconnected from so has nothing at all to lose by using the legal system ... having said that, the drama, stress and expense on both him and the little one may be an issue ... I know I wouldn't want to go down that road if it could be avoided, and the wife will know that and feel she holds all the cards.

    I experienced a very similar thing when I had young children ... my ex kidnapped them after a holiday (refused to fly them home) ... I was still in and playing the game (only because I felt I had to ... for the children and their relationship with their Father) so I waited it out for a few months and then when I knew the time was right I used the cult system ("chaplains court") and brought them home ... it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do because I had to suppress the urge to just scoop them up and run (and kicking certain people in the doo dahs on my way out was a serious consideration, lol ... including the "chaplain" who was an obnoxious creep that I was obliged to "charm/manipulate" in order to get a result) ... I felt I deserved a medal after exercising such restraint but it still annoys me to this day when I think about it ... I should have just gone to the media instead and perhaps that is what this Father should do, things are very different now (to how it was back in my day) and he may find that would be enough to get a result.

    The poor child will choose for himself once he is old enough ... but he may choose the cult, as you and I both know ... the damage done to the children of scientologists is unforgivable, they will always be on the losing end of these pointless disconnections.


  6. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Absolutely right!

    When those ''cases'' (bad pr) are broadcasted all over the country in major medias..Oups....the poor kid is suddenly ''discarded withouth sorrow'' and the Scieno parent is immediately briefed on how this out-ethics PTS situation is endangering the Cult image and the planet salvation. The cult always rules for the greatest good ot the greatest dynamics (Dynamic of the cult pr and $$$$) and the parent either choose to keep the kid and leave the cult or the let the kid go to secure their road to freedom and their eternity!

    Unfortunately, very disturbing and traumatic for the kid to be throwned like a ball on each side and thus becoming a manipulation weapon...but in any way, kids must be taken out of the $cieno cult grip .

    PR and image in the media is their sensitive vulnerable spot to trigger and that will make them give up on people......
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  7. This is NOT OK !!!!

    This is NOT OK !!!! Gold Meritorious Patron

    One couple I know of were posted at Int and the ex husband/ex Scientologist pursued every available legal means to have visitation rights and so forth. The couple at Int were advised to give up the child to the "SP" in order to stay on the base without further dev-t.

    I'd advise this young father to use the courts. They WILL enforce the law.
  8. hummingbird

    hummingbird Patron with Honors

    I'd advise this young father to go to the media. I'm sure there's a Canadian news station that would love to broadcast his story, especially with the work that Ms. Remini has done. He should check their websites to find a link that is labeled "submit a news story" or some such.

    The bigger a flap he can make, the better in the long run for his son. He has to be wrested away from the cult.
  9. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    I wonder if having such a close family member who is the head of the Department of Special Affairs officially pushing an official Disconnection policy is actionable or viewed by the Family Court as a significant outside influence which would cause them to adopt some special positions to mitigate the influence which they ordinarily would not consider?
    “My wife of 14 years was convinced I was 1.1 on the Scientology tone scale (on par with Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Dillinger, etc [No joke, actual Scientology text]) by her step-mother who is head of DSA (responsible for destroying anyone who leaves) for the Vancouver Church of Scientology…”


    The Department of Special Affairs, an office that acts as the local outlet for OSA in Class V orgs. See OSA.
    Another thought is, Scientology women often expect their husbands to fund their Bridge (about 400 - 500k) and Scientology services for their children. If it appears that this expectation is not going to be met then they may want to upgrade from their starter husband and Disconnection can provide cover for the personal agendas that the mother and other Scientology members of the family have.

    I think this is taking place in Canada. Ironically so are both of these following men’s rights advocates and the father would do well to get up to date on his new reality by watching some of their commentary. Diana Davision is not a lawyer but she works with the Lighthouse Project which advocates for men who have been falsely accused of rape, and for anyone with politically thin skin, be warned she makes routine jabs at the feminist “Rape Culture” meme in her vids. But because both women are in Canada and active in men’s rights they may be able to refer the father to resources who are particularly adept in this kind of case.

    Of note, both Karen and Diana sometimes mention Scientology in their vids while discussing fundamentalist or New Age type ideologies so they are already clearly knowledgeable about it as a subject.

    I am not a lawyer.

    Karen Straughan

    Diana Davison
  10. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    The objective is to make them decide that it's less trouble to give the kid to the non Scn parent. The younger the kid is, the more likely this is.

    For a ten year old kid, he's not old enough to produce as a staff member. He's also required to go to school. Going to public school can create problems, particularly if the teacher detects neglect (inevitable with the young child of a staff member), and gets Child Protective Services (or whatever they're called in Canada) involved.
  11. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    I hope this situation does start to get the publicity it deserves and that something can be done to help this family.
  12. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    I think that's the idea of the fund raising.
  13. apple

    apple Patron Meritorious

    This guy said that he served in 6 military operational tours in war zones. I figure that he should be tough enough to not let Scn bother him, even though his family is involved.

    As a side note recently i was in Vancouver and for nothing else to do one evening i took a walk to the Vancouver Org hoping to see someone that i knew that was still in, just to say hi. From the outside the building looked run down and tacky, i could see that they lacked money to keep it looking good. I was surprised to see two young attractive women working in the reception area i suppose as staff. I thought the younger generation would be staying away from the cult.Guess not.
  14. guRl

    guRl Patron with Honors

    Unfortunately, in some places Scientology still manages to lure idealistic youngsters, not to mention the 2nd gens.

    Anyway, there are these rare moments where I allow myself to hope: 'Hey, maybe after all the heaps of negative exposure they're really trying to change, to slowly reform on the inside'.
    And then comes a story like this. Fuck you, Scientology, you are inherently evil and rotten, and can never change.
    (I'm talking about the COS, ok? I have no idea how the indies out there sort Hubbard out).
  15. Merlin

    Merlin New Member

    Hi guys I'm the aunt and the one who's been posting his story and GoFundMe page everywhere possible. The info in this thread is wonderful. I'll be following up. Please continue to spread the word. This situation is totally outrageous and I won't stop until my nephew's boy is back with his father!

    Thanks so much! :yes:❤️
  16. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

  17. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    Hiya Merlin (and co.) ~ :welcome:
    A sad but, not unheard of story as far as the cult goes.
    Wise idea Hummingbird, the more publicity then the more that is on record, ergo, the less that can be lied about.
    Vancouver eh, my old home town, why not try some of the free community papers, or even the Georgia Straight etc., the Province and Times Colonist as well, there are some great people around who do the human interest stories, our own CBC has several shows that may be interested, should you need to get the story out, and I think you should, but shop around a bit and try for some people who can back you up.
    If yer gonna fight, I have one bit of advice to give, gather your material and info and get it down to a presentable media package of between 1-5 pages, remembering that typed pages is around 5+/- minutes of spoken time. Stick to facts, don't over-explain what can be looked up else-where (rather, cite sources/urls/site/links etc. etc), what needs explaining are your concerns. Bah, I'm sorry if I am not making sense here, but I'll blather on if ya don't mind.
    As far as I see there are quite a few options for the 'Help' part, though most of it is moral support, like through the wonderful community here, but there are others more regional to your location. I am not at liberty to start pointing out BC critics/protesters/Anons but, I am sure some will see your posts, and as well I will point it out to a few of the Van people.
    My heart goes out to you in this bizarre and convoluted situation, all the best to you and yours!


  18. DerPanzerGraf

    DerPanzerGraf New Member

    Scientology stole my son... Vancouver Org...

    (Super condensed version)


    I'll do a quick intro... My names Ash... I was forced onto staff when I was 8 or 9... I realised at the tender age of 12 that Scientology was crazy... I remember looking around the chapel at an event and everyone, including my mother and father, with glazed over eyes, and mentally ill smiles clapping profusely to a picture of Ron looking up into deep thought...

    That was when I had to get out... But, I couldn't... I had to hide... But, I had to get away from the Org... So I begged to go back to school... Finally I was allowed to attend "WOG" school that "teaches you nothing but bullshit, you'll never use"... According to my mother and father...

    I graduated high school in Burnaby... I started to work, and save... I wanted to join the British Army... More than anything since I was a little kid...

    I left for the UK just after 9/11... I finished training just in time to deploy with the infamous Desert Rats... I was a Challenger 2 gun director... War Fighting was my element... I got the knickname: "Weapon of Choice"... After the fatboy slim song of the time... The one with Christopher Walken flying around the ballroom?

    I returned to our camp in Germany after 28 days of war fighting... I was granted leave... I hadn't been home in 17 months...

    I got home, my mother said something about a beautiful and nice girl that wanted to meet me... I had zero interest... I was the happiest I had ever been, in a career I wouldn't trade for anything in the world... I never wanted marriage or kids... So, I had no interest...

    She knocked on the door... She was wearing skin tight running attire (My brother said she was a "Honey Pot", Army slang for a female terrorist that lures you in with their... Charming personality, only to hand you over the teh IRA for execution)... She asked if she could "take kiwi (my moms dog) for a walk"... I said "fill your boots"... handed her the dog and closed the door...

    She followed me around for days... Coming over and taking the dog for a walk... I had 30 days leave, and it was roughly halfway through, she was always around... My mother organized BBQ's and invited her... She would hang on my every word... her eyes fluttering while I spoke about the Army, and how much I loved it... with a couple days left on leave, I guess she finally worked up the courage to ask me out... "You wanna come to a party at my friends"? These were her "WOG" friends from collage... She wasn't into Scientology at the time... She had done maybe one extension course...

    We went to her "Friends" party... They treated her like shit, and talked about her behind her back to me... They liked having her around because she would do stupid shit when she was drunk, so everyone would like her... After about an hour of this tosh, I stood up, and started to debrief the twats in the room... I grabbed "A" and we left... I explained to her the situation... She never spoke to them again...

    She invited me out drinking and to a club... I wasn't interested... She said she'd pay for everything... The Army trained me to drink at an Olympic level... Unlucky for her...

    We were each in our own corner dancing... I still didn't want to get involved... Her parents knew my parents from the Org... But, she started doing a kind of rain dance swinging her arms like a nutbag... She was smashed, but everyone had stopped and started pointing... So... I either left... Or hero'ed it like a prat... I chose the latter... We made out... We then went back to hers and got naked... The next week of leave was... delightful...

    I left... Big smile... back to my one true love... The Army... and my Tanks, and mates...

    Germany was lovely... But, unfortunately this girls started sending sexy emails... She was playing for keeps... I was only a man... Germany was getting political... The Regiments brilliant CO left, and a knob took over... Our Sergeant Majors got replaced with dickheads... Life went south fast... Regiment was going to shit... "A" was ramping up the pressure to leave the Army... "I'll look after you", "I'll help you"... "We can make a life together here"... etc...

    Skip forwards a year...

    We got married... In the f*cking Org! I was annoyed... She, cleaned out my savings for the wedding... I had no friends there... It was all Scientologist and family... I was beyond annoyed... My brothers told me to get rid of her just before I got married... But, she was my crypto-night... Still is...

    My mother got her on course... Then another... and another... "A" dropped school... Got an office job... The end started...

    Skip forwards two years?

    My son is born... I was leaving her just before we got pregnant... I was leaving her for the Army... Now I had to stay to make sure my son was healthy... Only a month after having my son, she was back at the Org... All night... We would sit around during the day, and she would run off until 11-11:30 every night...

    I looked after my son... Ran his legs so he could toot... Washing him in the sink when his poops went all the way up his little back... I loved him more than life... But, I was depressed that my wife was never around, and when she was she was thinking about going down to the Org, or angry at me for not going on course... All our daily activities had to be complete well before 4pm so she could get down to the Org in time for course...

    Skip forward...

    I was leaving her again... I had to go back... My son was healthy and a year old... ish... I had to go... When I left Vancouver to join the Army, I spat on the ground before entering the airport... I hate this city... With a passion... I never wanted to live here again... But, she dragged me back... I loved the UK... and Germany... Even prefer Iraq or Afghanistan to Vancouver... All my mates, and adopted mums, dads, brothers, and sisters were overseas... Long story short... Any time I stayed with a mate and his family, they adopted me as one of their kids... Love em... Miss my UK families...

    Fast forwards a bunch... To 2012... After six operational tours as a fighting soldier, and working Special Operations... I returned to Vancouver... I didn't want to, but she forced me... I was put forward for selection, SAS, and I also wanted to look at a transfer to the Army Air Corps to fly the WAH-64D Apache gunships... Either, would have been another dream come true... But, after tell my Ex I was being sent for SAS selection, she said "That's great, but you'll never see me or your son again"... She wanted us to be a "Power house Scientology couple" and what I wanted didn't matter...

    In 2012 I returned home from Afghanistan... I had money in the bank... I spoilt her and my parents... gave em huge chunks of money for Christmas, and took them on trips, spending thousands on em... Tens of thousands... My parents couldn't make rent a lot of months... So I bailed em out... Buuuuut, they were able to afford donating over $30,000 to the Org... They received a brick for the Ideal Org donations... As a reward I guess... Well done... Muppets...

    My missus was happy until 2013... Almost 2014... I still wasn't working, and my savings was drying up... So I went to Alberta to paint road lines... She called one day... Screaming at me... I didn't know what was going on... After 40 minutes I calmed her down enough for her to start sobbing... I still had no idea... I was starting to tear up now... Scared... I returned to her and my son...

    This year I found out why she called me like that... See, her mother was a Scientologist too... She lost her mind so bad she was committed to an institution, she received electro shock therapy... My ex has many signs of mental illness (So bad that the RCMP have voiced concerns to the Ministry of Families) that got worst and worst the more time she spent at the Org... When she was away from it, and away from her parents and mine, life was pretty blissful together... But they just kept draggin her back... Anyway, back to 2014, when she was loosing her mind over the phone as I was in Alberta, it was because her step-mother who is the head of the Vancouver DSA had labelled me a 1.1... My Ex... Lost it and sucked up the evaluation without thought... The end had started...

    This year after a couple more of my ex's mental breakdowns... One on Christmas day too, it was lovely, my wife screaming at me over sheets, my son crying uncontrollably, thanks Scientology... She started really ramping it up as people at the Org were pressuring her more and more to either get me on course or get rid of me like another girl in the Org had done to her Husband a couple months prior...

    We were arguing... I said calmly "You know what? Maybe it's (Scientology) just not for me"... She flipped... Started throwing herself around the kitchen... I got scared and comforted her... She sobbed... and then walked off to the bedroom to sleep... Or read L Ron...

    Three days later, she abducted my son from his school, ran off to the island and every Scientologist we knew, including my parents and hers all excommunicated me... I should have seen it coming... She was an hour late the night before she left... They clearly had a meeting... My father helped her move out and into my parents house... Her parents didn't want her back with them because she's impossible to live with... She doesn't clean or cook... I had to do that too, drive my son to school and daycare, sports, you name it, I was basically a single father... And I also was allowed to pay for rent... Yay me! For being a complete and utter wanker!

    So... 14 years of marriage gone... I met up with her two months after she left... I recorded the conversation... She was crying and begging me not to walk off... But, then her step mother met up with me, lied to my face... I recorded her too... A couple days later my ex emailed me that it was over... Good thing she had all those courses on confronting people... She ended a 14 year marriage via a crappy little email... She had been talking to her step mother every night before the email my son had told me... In a closed room in their basement... She was coached every step of the way...

    On top of all of this... My Aunt and Uncle were labelled SP's when they left... Buuuut, my Aunt managed to get some very good Int on the Vancouver Org and it hiding a child molester, child rapist, and kiddie porn collector, who two of which were on staff... Not surprising as my mother physically abuses the children in her daycare, she felt obliged to re-hired the child molester in full knowledge of his crimes... Good people... Scientologist, just a higher level of ethics then all us WOGs... incidently "wogs" in the UK is like the "N" word in the US... Go L Ron...

    I've made a video...
    and started a fundraiser... Oh yeah, they were kind enough to take my son too... He's only 10 and his name is Archer... He wants nothing to do with them and managed to get an email to me somehow saying:

    "Daddy please I want to talk to you I hate it here she is not letting me talk to you or interact with daddy �������� I need you I love you Sent from my iPad"...

    Video link... With GoFundMe link...

    If anyone can help me get the word out... I wanna go public... I wanna go loud... No more Low Pro... I've been hiding amongst these crazies for over 26 years... My new reason for living is stopping the injustice and criminal activities of the Vancouver Org... Leah is sorting out the rest... I just want the sleeper cell that's here in Vancouver... I know terrorist... And I've seen the same look in my father's and ex-wife's eyes as I saw in suicide bombers before they detonated... Just like this woman in Baghdad in 2009 that looked straight at me then blew herself up killing 40 non-combatants... Same... Shark... Eyes...

    Give Scientology (maybe) ten years... They will be blowing themselves up, or shooting innocents... Maybe even screaming "L Ron, Akbar"!!! while they do it... (Joking, maybe)...
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
  19. DerPanzerGraf

    DerPanzerGraf New Member

    War Fighting was a piece of piss compared to this sh*t mate... I've lost friends overseas... (Brett Victor Hall, 21 years old, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, injured in Afghanistan via a suicide bomber, he died in Birmingham Hospital while talking to me on messenger), and it does effect me still. But this, the love of my life, my parents, my son being taken against his will... If I could legally utilize my skillset I would... But, the law tends to frown on that... So I sit here on my hands relying on other people and lawyers to move chess pieces in slow motion... Fighting with words and lies is not my jam... Hence the emotional abuse...
  20. DerPanzerGraf

    DerPanzerGraf New Member

    Does anyone have any POC's in the media that I could get in touch with... In Vancouver? or anywhere that would listen?