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Scientology Stress Test Fun


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Thanks for all the feedback on the video everyone. Again, sorry about the drums but there isn't much I can do since it's hollywood blvd. More videos to come!

Maybe there is a mic you can use that is directional.

I am serious. I thought the bongos made for an excellent effect! Hollywood Boulevard is a zoo, it has a carnival atmosphere. This is what they have been reduced to. When you go to the carnival, you expect.....carnies. Getting ripped off for a stuffed toy is part of the experience. You don't complain, you get into the spirit of the thing.

Very impressed with your work!


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Something that is bothering you can "read" on a device that measures variable skin resistance to electronic current.
But that does not mean that everything that "reads" on that device is factually true.

Just because A implies B does not mean that B therefore implies A.
Just because all Chevrolet Camaros are automobiles does not therefore mean that ALL automobiles are Chevrolet Camaros.

If you had an argument with your spouse that would "read". Would that be correct? Yes.
If you thought about being a leprechaun in the year 1214AD and that would also "read" on that device. Would that be correct? No.

Hey! You were reading my PC folder! :grouch::nervous::omg: