Scientology Super Power Pricing

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I so much wanted to shoop a pic of Kristie Alley breaking this machine.....but settled for this....

Ripoff alert !!! thats is what the inner sanctum of a Mormon church looks like ecept the toiletries of course
and where they baptise dead people who were never Mormons:omg:

La La Lou Lou

I have super powers myself I can see into the future.

There will come a time when reasons that the super powers didn't materialise will need to be created.

They'd better be better than MUs out ethics and Marcab. People will start to question the lack of product. No Clears, OTs who need NOTS, OTs covered in BTs, and now no super powers. ''The only thing we can be upbraided for is no result.'' Good luck Davey.


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I so much wanted to shoop a pic of Kristie Alley breaking this machine.....but settled for this....


Postulated reality!
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So they are selling intensives and not levels with results?

I would like to know how they do an estimate. How do they determine what perceptics are dull or non functioning and how they determine to what degree and what it will take to fix it.

What is the model of perfect perception for any given perception?

Do they even care or do they just buy a bunch of intensives and hope they make it through?

What are the EP's, No longer concerned about oiliness for example?



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My understanding is that the EP is precisely the opposite. That is, better ability to perceive oiliness.

May be of help for engine oil change

1) to percieve dirty oil with special power
2) to select the appropriate viscosity by postulates!

Shall have also included a toilet paper table!
to gain ability to perceive toilet paper in stores tablets as well as emptiness of toilet paper!
These "drills" are based on early 50's perception routines, which themselves are simple cognitive exercises. Do you remember the book " Self Analysis" ?

A bit of meditation and presence drills will recover far more of one's perceptions than spending tens of thousands in the SP building. After all, it is nothing more than Hubbard's mocked up Implant Station