Scientology Takes Over Volunteer Awards – Gives Most Awards To Scientologists


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Scientology 411: Scientology Takes Over Volunteer Awards – Gives Most Awards To Scientologists

I was scanning the Scientology-related news headlines yesterday when I saw that FLAG had put out a PRWeb press release about holding a volunteer recognition awards event at the Fort Harrison (where Lisa McPherson tragically died under very suspicious circumstances in 1995). Normally I don’t pay these things much attention as they’re usually vacuous affairs but this time I just happened to take a closer look.
However this was the part that really caught my eye:
“This was the first year that the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization became a certifying organization for these awards.”
I decided to take a closer look at the recipients of these awards. Surely the cult wouldn’t just give most of them out to Scientologists and Scientology affiliated groups right? Wrong.

From the press release with added notes and links in bold:

The award winners were:
So out of 15 awards 10 went to Scientologists or Scientology front groups. Yeah nothing at all self serving or disingenuous about that.
Same thing happened in foothills region of Los Angeles. Tommy Lynn Bowling took over local Best Of awards a few years back. I think it was Sunland Tujunga - around the time the mission moved next to the Panda Express. The ballots came in after a fair vote, but It wasn't enough Scn winners. So Tommy Lynn "lost" the original ballots, then had her Scn cronies cast new ones. Result? Scn winners! It was found out though, so Tommy Lynn blamed it on a local - non-Scn- business owner!