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Sharone Stainforth
This is me, aboard the Apollo in 1968/69. I am the young blonde girl in the middle singing to L. Ron Hubbard, at the time in a condition of Liability.This is a snapshot of the original photo, which can be seen on my blog.I was one of the original Commadores Messengers, and whilst that title has little meaning for me, i expect facts to be true, and there is little true in the facts of Scientology.

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What to say? If I said to you apply greatness - am I out of place? You are right I am but I feel the charge. Let it go - when you are cool really cool then take it on. :party:

Do you mean 'What is Greatness?', the PR piece written by Hubbard at the same time that he discreetly established the spying and covert dirty tricks-applying Guardian's Office? The same 'What is Greatness?' where Hubbard gloated over the assassination of John F. Kennedy, who he regarded as an enemy? That 'greatness'?

Don't want to give you a hard time here, but sooner or later you're going to have to look behind the curtain.