Scientology - the card game


Patron with Honors
I'm so tempted to do this but I bet I'd get sued...

"L Ron Hubbard - Minor Hero Card: When L Ron Hubbard is put down, all Scientologists gain a bonus to propaganda and demoralizing tactics. L Ron Hubbard can be tapped once every two turns. 999/1000HP"

"David Miscavige -Minor Hero Card: When David Miscavige is thrown down, all bank accounts are tapped for three turns. David Miscavige grants a bonus to squirrel tech and costs five tech points to maintain"

"Wise Bearded Man - Legendary Hero Card: When Wise Bearded man enters, all SPs gain five bonus points for propaganda, demonstrating and hit points. Wise Bearded man costs five squirrels to maintain per turn and can only be tapped once every two turns"

"Bob Minton Minor Hero Card: When Bob Minton enters, all Scientologists gain plus five to hiding and evasion. Bob grants all SPs a bonus to the following schools of resistance: Black Magic, Fire, Ice, Demoralization and Suppression. Bob Minton costs two squirrels per turn"

"ANONYMOUS Legendary Hero Card: When ANONYMOUS is used, all SPs gain fifty additional hit points and temporary evasion from attacks and propaganda."

"John Travolta - John Travolta costs five homosexuality denial gems to maintain and grants bonuses to evasion, deceit and propaganda."

"Tom Cruise - When Tom Cruise is put in play, David Miscavige temporarily goes insane with lust and is temporarily impossible to use. Tom Cruise provides buffs to insanity, rage and propaganda. May be sacrificed to add fifty additional tech resources."

"Tory - Legendary Hero Card: When Tory is put in play, your opponent is forced to sacrifice two Scientologist cards regardless if they are tapped or not. Tory provides a buff to propaganda and demonstrating which lasts six turns"