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Scientology, The Tax Exempt Covert Criminal Crime Wave That Calls Itself a "Church" ?

Calling Scientology a church makes as much sense as calling the Nazi's a religion. Church is a Scientology talking point that is nothing more than a diversion from the truth. Scientology is a covert criminal crime wave that has a tax exempt status.

Could anyone in their right mind believe that the data listed below is religious activity?

"It began with the title of a fairy tale - Snow White-. That was the benign code name Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard gave to an ominous plan that would envelop his church in scandal and send its upper echelon to prison, a plan rooted in his ever-deepening fears and suspicions.

Snow White began in 1973 as an effort by Scientology through Freedom of Information proceedings to purge government files of what Hubbard thought was false information being circulated worldwide to discredit him and the church. But the operation soon mushroomed into a massive criminal conspiracy, executed by the church's legal and investigative arm, the Guardian Office."

Their targets were in the government, the press, the medical profession, wherever a potential threat surfaced.
The Guardian Office saved the worst for author Paulette Cooper of New York City, whose scathing 1972 book, "The Scandal of Scientology," pushed her to the top of the church's roster of enemies. Among other things, Cooper was framed on criminal charges by Guardian Office members, who obtained stationery she had touched and then used it to forge bomb threats to the church in her name.