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Scientology training attack dogs in Clearwater, Florida


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Yeah I was expecting this

Can't wait for the first professor to get bit they'll get a fat payout

Also surprised protestors don't bring their dogs

Hubbard or Mary had shitzus? Forget her name but there's a woman who told the story how when Hubbard died the dogs were fighting so their blood got on the people around at the time making the situation even more strange...

And what's Miscaviges beagles name? The one that has a rank and costume?

They remind me of Caligula appointing horses after he went mad

And Hubbard and dms dogs were trained to sense out ethics and barrel at it?


Guess operating thetans have no power so they depend on dogs that's sad...

Going to all that trouble to become powerful only to resort down to redneck wog tech lol[/QUOTE]

My thought exactly: OT Power-Tone 40-Ethics Presence-Canine Auxiliary Unit, (Read: PR Nightmare).

I use Google keyboard and draw words it's typo prone... The word was protestors not professors...