Scientology Tries To Tell Sparrow What To Do


sKepptiksowat — 26 mei 2010 — Let it load and crank it up loud

anonsparrow1 is the most dedicated protester with more than 155 protests the bulk of which were solo raids. He is a champion for the memory of Lisa McPherson and is very quick with the one-liners. Here is my tribute to Sparrow on his handling of the first mission by cult members in what appeared to be a new and weirdly annoying tactic by the cult to suppress his right to protest and speak out. They shouldn't tell a Sparrow what to do.

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AnonSparrow has more confront than the entire Scientology community on the east coast of the US. His videos offer more positive energy than the entire Scientology bridge (which isn't saying much, but it is meant as a complement).


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Unstoppable Sparrow is unstoppable.

Unstoppable Sparrow is unstoppable.

Wow - 155 raids. Awesome
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Unstoppable Sparrow is unstoppable.

Yeah, the cult send out 4 people to "handle" Sparrow with their SP "tech" and failed miserably. A better use of their time would be seeking to handle the abuses and criminality that exists within their own organization.:yes: