Scientology TV Special in Works


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Scientology segment will also be shot at Clearwater in a 'reality/documentery ex- GO member to consult and possibly interview show guests pro& con
style. The project is still taking investors and the X-GO member will have some content control if he/she can raise a good portion for segment.

From the Producers website:

Grizzly Adams Productions is the company that will generate these telecasts. It is a
well-respected, world-class, values-oriented television production company, in
existence for over 30 years, and second only to Disney in making family friendly films.
It is one of the main companies that produce Biblical programming for secular
markets—which, in recent years, has been in great demand. Some of their most wellknown
documentaries are: The Search for Noah’s Ark, Breaking the DaVinci Code, Ancient
Secrets of the Bible (series) and The Case for the Resurrection (a documentary on the
Shroud). Grizzly Adams Productions, for many years, has maintained contractual
relationships with many primary networks and channels (both secular channels like
Discovery, History, Hallmark and the Learning Channel, and Christian networks like
TBN, Daystar, and INSP). Their films have aired worldwide. More in-depth information
on this company and its leadership appears later in this booklet
Mike Shreve will be appearing in a Grizzly Adams film slated to air this fall (2008)
called There’s More to the SECRET. He will be one of the representatives of Christianity,
sharing the Biblical point of view concerning the extremely popular New Age DVD and
book called The SECRET. This worldwide exposure will add credibility to, and interest
in, the True Light film series, once we begin to air.
This partnership definitely sets the stage for success!
The first film on “The Nature of God” will cost $425,000 to produce; the other 13 films
will cost $400,000 each (a grand total of $5,625,000). We will proceed immediately with
the first film as soon as the necessary funding for that initial program is received. We
could produce the other 13 films one at a time instead of waiting for the funding of an
entire series. All funds are being raised two ways: by donations or by investments.
Funding through foundation grants is also being explored. The millions who will be
impacted by these films are well worth any expense and effort. As already explained,
these films should generate a significant profit, which will help fund the production of
future films—as well as other facets of The True Light Project.
This communication is not an offer to sell, purchase, or invest. It is given to you for informational purposes only.
Please contact David Balsiger of Grizzly Adams Productions or Art Wright of Resource Holdings International for a
Private Placement Offering Memorandum if you are interested in investment opportunities. Contact information is
on the Table of Contents page of the booklet. OVERVIEW.pdf


"Spiritual darkness is...homosexuality, gang violence, witchcraft, the occult..."

tl;dr version:

Based in Tennessee. Radar beeping yet? Those involved in this are super-christians, so it is likely not to be very objective..., It'll be ironic if they point out any pseudoscience or things of that ilk found in Scn, since those producing it actively promote The Secret and a slew of other borderline woo-woo things.

Oh, and the host hates gays and anything that isn't christian and generically "clean". (Full quote below).

I'm all for people's rights to produce and say what they believe even if I think the content is narrow-minded or otherwise xenophobic, as it were. Just be aware of this before watching, or especially if you choose to get involved with, this project.


Longer version:

This doesn't looks like it's going to be much more than a heavy-handed christian-produced product. Looking at the basic overview, it's likely going to be... well, just that. They're planning two versions of each episode, one for broadcast on christian networks which will have "stronger biblical content" (implying the secular one has strong biblical content), and a secular version which looks like it'll just be watered down and have advertisement slots (likely where the stronger biblical content would be in the nonsecular version).

I have nothing against Shreve or whoever doing a project on whatever they want. I don't know what they'll say or how they'll portray Scn (or any other religion for that matter). Nor am I getting teary-eyed at the thought of Scn being "portrayed as negative"...since that's kind of the truth. However, from Shreve, the host of 13 episodes of this potential project:

"The collective mindset of the world appears to be descending deeper into darkness with each successive generation. Like a many-tentacled octopus, spiritual darkness is wrapping itself around the minds and hearts of our youth. Multiplied thousands are being swept away by drugs, alcohol, immorality, homosexuality, gang violence, witchcraft, the occult, false religion and other strategies of the enemy."
( 04-13-2011)

Yes, homosexuality and "false religion" are on par with drugs, alcohol and gang violence.

I'm sure there's plenty of other generic-uber-christian-stereotypes this guy fills to be found online, but the above is good enough for me. Not going to support his endeavours, regardless of the subject matter.



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xguardian, are you sure he's going to let you expose this cult?

If you search the official web site youi will see that there is a book by him out in 2002, discussing the spiritual differenbces and commonalities of 20 different religions, including Scientology.

I was not impressed with what he had in his site about Scn. Sounds like promo pieces from scn.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=f5b1d5aa1ea1fb55

Sites that sell the book, and reviews.


In Search of the True Light [Paperback]
Mike Shreve
Product Description
During a time of deep introspection, Mike Shreve turned to Far Eastern religions seeking the true experience of God. Eventually, he became a teacher of Kundalini Yoga at four universities. Then a dramatic revelation of Ultimate Reality changed the course of his life. This pivotal experience caused him to re-examine concepts foundational to his worldview, such as: the origin of the universe, the true nature of God, pantheism and monism, karma and reincarnation, the path to enlightenment, plans of existence man’s divinity and ultimate destiny, universal cycles and ages and more.
This book is the product of profound spiritual insights received over a period of thirty years. Read it, absorb it, mediate on it – and you, too will be guided into the "True Light."


In Search Of True Light"]Books By Others Mike Shreve
IN SEARCH OF THE TRUE LIGHT is an in-depth comparison of over 20 religions. It also chronicles Mike Shreve's spiritual journey out of yoga and far eastern mysticism into an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. Most importantly, it offers a loving, biblical response to many far eastern and new age doctrines like: reincarnation, the divinity of man and endless cycles of the universe, gently guiding the reader into the revelation of "the True Light."

Our price: $23.95 (€20.84)


A new television and DVD series by Mike ShreveProduced in partnership with Grizzly Adams Productions, Inc.


I think it's gonna be some sort of series where he goes around and acts nice to all the different religious organizations, finds SOME commonalities, but ultimately uses it to frame that his brand of christianity is still "better" due to the fact that "all the other religions have one common factor which unites them all, and that's Tennessee Brand Christianity!"

That or he'll just use the secular version as a puff piece for himself and every religion he visits, but the bible-oriented inserts for the nonsecular parts might be to point out how "in the last segment, <religion> was misguided, since God said <blah>"

The guy used to be a Yoga instructor and whatnot, so I could be completely off-base. But the whole "homosexuality is an evil on par with drugs and murder" thing makes me wonder if, despite still using his yoga past as a way to seem more cultured, maybe he "saw the truth" and considers his, and anyone else's, yoga involvement as evil/sacrilegious.

Rambling, need sleep. Blah. Might be a hoot to do it anyway, if nothing else but to chat with the guy.


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So it looks like this might be a case of pseudo-Christian cultists going after our favorite UFO mind-control death cult.

This is wonderful news.

When two bullies can be manipulated into pummelling on each other they expend time and energy that would otherwise be used to cause problems for the rest of us.