Scientology Wants Grandma to Die?

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Another great video from Aaron Smith-Levin. No matter the denials, this is exactly how it is. It happened to my elderly parents, the scientologist family member even going so far as to suggest Mum apply 'Ethics conditions' about her physical condition and 'dropping the body'. I know because my Dad was part of the conversation and told me. He himself was waiting for mum to 'drop the body' so he could 'get on with his life', as Mum was the sickest of the two. They were both in their 80's - Dad passed away 6 weeks after Mum in agony and distress - so that didn't happen! It's a terrible story of not getting them both proper medical attention once the scientologist took over their care, of writing them off, all under a veneer of apparent caring. It wasn't. They suffered a great deal and there was nothing I could do to help except regular phone calls from afar with Dad. The legacy of scientology in my family is an awful one.

(Dad found scientology in 1964 but had been inactive and under the radar for a couple of decades when he died.)

Published on Apr 6, 2017

I discuss how Scientology feels it's more "prosurvival" for old people to simply die when they start to become a burden to the organization or begin taking up Scientologists' time and money that could be going to the Church.


Aw man Freets, that is just awful, and as I understand it pretty much ol' Stinky Hubbard's policy for those who become 'incapable'. Several years back there was some commentary over at WWP about elder care, if I'm not mistaken it involved the opening of a CoS old-age home in Fl., one can only imagine what a fun place that'd be~ 'Sign zee papers old man!' or~ 'If you sing over your assets to us we'll make sure your family is well looked after...' or some such. The level of potential abuse is frankly horrifying imho.
As I have mentioned many times over the years of reading cult history, and observing their actions over the last decade, and given the 'Better dead than incapable..' (LRH), ('better dead than broke? kinda I feel its moar like that): What better con can you have but to break people then convince them its time to EOC (end-of-cycle), let the families make their own ways etc. (especially those who aren't 'in').
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This is extremely sad .

But it is a true fact Elderly and people terminally ill or having stage four cancer are ''requested'' to put their ethics their condition and drop the body, since they become an IMPEDIEMENT and demands care, energy, and MONEY...withough giving anything back....

I've see this done im ny org...actually there were some OT who were called to ''assist'' people to leave..(dispose of them quietly and without sorrow)
Also, people who ago into mourning are told it's low tone and they must give up the pts dead one negative sucking energy....
They must move on fast.

This is the value of a being in $ must need nothing, but only produce and give your better be dead than not useful.

People pushing you to die before you are dying for they are ''told'' do so..Why???? Because the Cherch doesn't want money to be wasted in health care and facilities..they want the inheritance as soon as possible (as soon as you can die when pushed and ''assist'' to do so..)
To lurkers who reads this...think about it twice..we may fabulate ... but if it's true..hey ??? Just imagine it's true..Is it the end of life you would want..???


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This is a very thorny issue. On the one hand, it's despicable for the cult to be telling people when it's time for them to "drop the body" (to save on time and money that the cult thinks belongs to them.)

BUT....on the other hand, I think there does come a point where this modern society spends too much time and money trying to prolong life artificially, at the expense of the dignity and comfort of the patient.

I won't speak for others, many of whom want to live "as long as medically possible no matter what."

But for me...speaking only for myself....I believe there is a time for dying. When it's my time to go I want to go quickly. I don't want to *linger "as long as possible" for....what? More pain and agony? More expense for the family?

Again, it's a very emotional issue.

*Edited to add....I would linger long enough to say goodbyes, finish unfinished business, etc.
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I have assisted 4-5 people close to me in dying , among them my mom.

The process of dying naturally occurs when it's time. If people are still consciencious a few days prior , they know time is coming.
This time is very very very important to them and the family.
Process of healing quarrels, say good bye, express true love, get comforted, make peace with any past quarrels or wrong doings, apoligize...those last days are important to prepare oneselve to leave in peace , get loved and helped to be secured facing the unknwon.
I've seen people disturbed in those last days of their life (because of selfish people around them...) may get them into distress, anxiety, fear and deep sadness.

No one must interfere and say..''Okay you can go..or you must's time to go''..

Our end of life is as important as when we were born..but we often are consciencious when it's the end. It's not a question of how it's a question of dignity, respect, and let the person and his\her body to go through the process one step at the time. Same as for a newborn we assit to come into this life.

If the person is in deep suffering\pain, without med relief, asking the suffering to be another issue. She\he must be assisted as she\he wishes.. Otherwise, no one must intervene in a natural process and act in a way to let know the person he\she is an impediement, a burden or it's too long.

When one face death, it is the most important moment of his\her life, it requires courage, serenity, faith and to be surrounded with smiles and true compassion.
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At the point where you are no longer a "net contributor", at the point where YOU need help from others, help that you are not in a position to pay large amounts of cash for -- at that point Scientology wants you gone.


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At the point where you are no longer a "net contributor", at the point where YOU need help from others, help that you are not in a position to pay large amounts of cash for -- at that point Scientology wants you gone.

That's certainly the attitude towards used-up SO members.


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Older SO staff dumped on the street, warehoused in cheap ass nursing homes...

How much does Davey pay for his suits again? :unsure:

That happened before's a $cientology culture as per LRH tone scale, ethics, value, contribution to 3rd, and greedyness, pts'ness, attention put to save the planet...

degraded beings = degraded beings!