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Scientology widening recruitment in Ireland to people in Irish-speaking areas

Discussion in 'Europe' started by CommunicatorIC, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. TheOriginalBigBlue

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  2. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

  3. Teanntás

    Teanntás Silver Meritorious Patron

    Irish is the FIRST official language - English is also an official language.
  4. Teanntás

    Teanntás Silver Meritorious Patron

  5. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Scientology flies translators to Denmark for as Gaeilge project.

    The Times (Irish Edition): Scientology flies translators to Denmark for as Gaeilge project

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Scientologists are flying Irish translators to Copenhagen to convert its documents into Gaelic.

    Each person will be hired for the summer and will be paid €400 a week, with flights, accommodation and meals supplied.

    The group will be working at the Church of Scientology’s international translation unit on a three-acre campus in Glostrup, about 20 minutes from Copenhagen city centre.

    Several people wrote on social media that they had been contacted by the Scientologists as potential recruits. One Northern Ireland journalist said he was approached. A Dublin journalist said that her former colleague was asked to do voiceover work. Another person said that he could not discuss the details as he was considering the proposal.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  6. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

  7. skep

    skep Patron with Honors

    Irish school children are required to take Gaelic in class.
  8. AngeloV

    AngeloV Gold Meritorious Patron

    Glad they are paying the translators a decent wage. Otherwise, what a colossal waste of time. How many cult books will they sell in Gaelic ever?
  9. John McGhee

    John McGhee Patron

    That little gimp in the photo is Vincent Kelly. see video.
  10. John McGhee

    John McGhee Patron

    Gaeilge too is an official language here, cops, barristers and judges are required to speak it, as a defendant may request their trial in Irish. All government documents and ID are in both languages. Scilons want to look "official" lol
  11. existential_hobo_2

    existential_hobo_2 New Member

    It's so weird to hear this nonsense in an Irish accent. Hey Vince where is your mind?
  12. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    That is irrelevant.

    As I've previously mentioned, David Miscavige regularly announces at events the number of languages into which "LRH tech" has been translated. It is now a major "stat" used to show "expansion."

    Further, people with local knowledge have stated up-thread that: (1) Gaelic is a required subject in Irish schools; and (2) the FIRST official language of Ireland is Gaelic, with English being the second official language. The COS no doubt believes it is important to have "tech" translated into the first official language of the target country, Ireland, which is also the language required to taught in school.

    It is not about the number of books, CDs or course packs sold. It is about internal and external PR.

    Having said that, I wonder if they are actually going to have auditors that can audit in Gaelic. Is there anyone in Ireland who speaks Gaelic who is not fluent in English?
  13. existential_hobo_2

    existential_hobo_2 New Member

    There are still areas where Irish is commonly spoken, called gealtachts. But all but a tiny tiny minority also speak english. As stated above Irish is used mainly in an official/legal capacity. While many people can still converse in Irish English is just easier.

    I'd imagine that most of their sales in Irish texts will be to legal firms /courts for means of translating $cientolgy terminology to/from Irish if needed. Given how few believers there are here I can't imagine translating the texts will get them anymore. But as you say it could just be a big stat boost.
  14. Teanntás

    Teanntás Silver Meritorious Patron

    "Having said that, I wonder if they are actually going to have auditors that can audit in Gaelic."

    Just about all the Irish speak West Germanic now - though a good number also speak Gaelic.
  15. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    VIDEO AND ARTICLE: Church of Scientology may open 1,300-seater community centre in south Dublin.

    The Journal IE: Church of Scientology may open 1,300-seater community centre in south Dublin

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Church of Scientology may open 1,300-seater community centre in south Dublin

    Local councillor believes an opportunity was missed to instead house a school on the site.


    THE CHURCH OF Scientology is expected to open a European base in south Dublin after spending money to refurbish a state-of-the-art community centre in Firhouse. has learned that the movement is investing here by buying fittings for the Victory Centre – a large community centre and church which was at one time owned by the Victory Christian Fellowship.

    The centre was passed to Nama a number of years ago and was sold to an undisclosed investor last year for a third of its original price. A document seen by this publication shows that the Church of Scientology in the United States has paid for equipment to be sent to the Church of Scientology International (CSI) – crucially its address is listed as being on the Firhouse Road, Dublin 24. The full address reads:
    CSI Ireland Community Center, Firhouse Road, Tymon South, Dublin 24.

    The company they have used to ship the supplies list the following achievements on their website: “Since inception, HPC has purchased over $150 million of furniture, fixtures and equipment for projects ranging from the 5-star Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort and Spa in Hamilton, Bermuda to developing a comprehensive program for the Church of Scientology’s 155 buildings on 6 continents.”

    Local Fine Gael councillor Brian Lawlor told that he has heard from a number of sources that the centre is to open. * * * *


    Sources have stressed that this does not mean that Scientology’s worldwide headquarters are being moved from LA to Firhouse. However, they did say that the group could use it as a European base. Last year, the centre sold for around €6 million, €12 million less than what it was valued at seven years ago. It also has a number of large meeting rooms and a designated place of worship which can hold over 1,200 people.

    The church’s registered company here, which does not have religious or charitable status, recorded a profit of €48,803 in Ireland last year. The land in Firhouse is zoned by the council to be used as a place of worship. This means the Church of Scientology would not have to register any other interest with the council before building commenced on the site last year.

    The land has not to be registered with the authorities and attempts to obtain information regarding the deeds proved unsuccessful. This week, we observed building work continuing on the site. Asked if they could comment on the new owners of the site, the builders said they could not. Sources have told this publication that the centre has the ability to host over 1,200 people for seminars and other church business.

    Invoice obtained by which shows the US Church of Scientology paying for fixtures.
    To view a higher-res image of this document, click here.

    Source: Facebook/Victory Centre


    Ongoing building works can be scene at the entrance to the centre.

    The group has been contacted by for comment but none has been provided. Councillor Brian Lawlor met with us outside the centre this week and said that he had made representations to the council over the site.

    He told “I know for definite that the Scientologists are coming into Firhouse. It’s very disappointing. Not because of who is moving in but it’s a missed opportunity for the community. It’s a remarkable site and it could have easily been transformed into a school. There is a large demand for a new school in this area. We made a number of representations to the Department of Education about this but were knocked back.

    “Now the Church of Scientology has it. I have to say it’s a bad move not to have taken advantage of the site. This is very short-sighted.”


    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  16. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

  17. Teanntás

    Teanntás Silver Meritorious Patron

    'gealtact' would be madness or maybe where mad folk live, which would happen if Scientology got control of a Gaeltacht - I think maybe you could do an interesting translation of Scientology stuff :)
  18. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    More stories on: Church of Scientology may open 1,300-seater community centre in south Dublin

    Each story is base on story quoted above. One thing these new stories get consistently wrong is to say the Church of Scientology is going to, "open their European HQ in South Dublin" or open "their European base in South Dublin." It is clear these subsequent stores are, if not being sensationalistic, misinterpreting the significance of "CSI" on the leaked invoice. As noted in the original story quoted above, it appears the new building is going to be a Scientology Community Center. My guess is based on the model of the Church of Scientology Community Centers in Inglewood and Harlem.

    Joie IE: Church Of Scientology are looking to open their European HQ in South Dublin


    Buzz IE: Church of Scientology to open their European base in south Dublin


    Lovin Dublin: Church Of Scientology To Set Up European Base In South Dublin


    Dublin Live: Church of Scientology plan to open European base in south Dublin

  19. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Concern over latest Scientology centre in Ireland

    Concern over latest Scientology centre in Ireland.

    The Times: Concern over latest Scientology centre in Ireland

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * * *

    The Church of Scientology has indulged in a “trophy operation” by buying a centre of worship in Dublin, according to an organisation that studies and monitors cults in Ireland.

    The former Victory Centre in Firhouse is believed to have become a European centre for the organisation, which regards itself as a religion but its critics believe is a cult.

    The religion was founded during the 1950s by Ron L Hubbard, a US author, and among its devotees are Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.

    Mike Garde, director of Dialogue Ireland, which works to raise awareness and understanding of religious issues and cultism, said the Firhouse centre, which can seat 1,200, was certainly not needed to accommodate the number of Scientologists in Ireland.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  20. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Community disappointed after Scientologists snap up church in Dublin, Ireland.

    Independent IE: Community disappointed after Scientologists snap up church

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Alan O'Keeffe

    July 17 2017 2:30 AM

    The reported sale of a former church building in Dublin to the controversial Church of Scientology has been greeted with disappointment by members of the local community.

    The former Victory Christian Fellowship had operated the large modern building for worship on Firhouse Road in Tymon South, Dublin 24.

    But it is believed to have been bought by the Scientologist organisation.

    Fine Gael Councillor Brian Lawlor said it was considered as a possible educational institution by the Department of Education but it failed to purchase the 1,200-seat venue.

    He indicated local people were disappointed it was a missed opportunity to provide a local educational centre.

    * * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *