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Scientology widening recruitment in Ireland to people in Irish-speaking areas

Discussion in 'Europe' started by CommunicatorIC, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. existential_hobo_2

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    I was about to post this myself. I should have known you all would be more on the ball then myself. Thanks for the info :)
  2. existential_hobo_2

    existential_hobo_2 New Member

    If they get into the area it would be a shit show worthy of buckets of popcorn. At least I'd be able to brush up on my swearing in Irish. ;)
  3. CommunicatorIC

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  4. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

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  5. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    VIDEO: Locals have their say on the Victory Centre and Church of Scientology in Dublin, Ireland.


    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    Locals have their say on the Victory Centre and Church of Scientology

    The Echo Newspaper

    Published on Jul 18, 2017

    As speculation continues over the new owners of the Victory Centre in Firhouse, we asked local people what they think of the rumours suggesting it has been bought by the Church of Scientology.

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
  6. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Scientology preparing to bring in 100 staff to operate Victory Centre in south Dublin as training camp for new recruits.

    The Sunday Times: Scientologists set to convert church

    * * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Scientologists set to convert church

    Religious movement preparing to bring in 100 staff to operate Victory Centre in south Dublin as training camp for new recruits

    Mark Tighe

    July 23 2017, 12:01am,
    The Sunday Times

    The Church of Scientology says it is recruiting 100 staff to help to run a new Irish training centre in a former Christian church in Firhouse, south Dublin, that it has bought for €6m.

    The movement, considered a cult in some countries, has set up a Facebook page with pictures of the staff it claims to have recruited for its Ideal Ireland Org.

    The pictures purport to show new recruits from around the world receiving their Scientology accreditation after completing various levels of training at one of the group’s bases.

    There are also photographs of the recruits arriving at Dublin airport and entering staff apartments, said to be a temporary measure until “we move into the new building” when “they will move into the beautiful…

    Want to read more?
    Register with a few details to continue reading this article.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  7. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

  8. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Big video push in last 24 hours on Scientology website for Ireland.

  9. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Scientology recruits arrive for Firhouse centre in Dublin, Ireland.

    Echo IE: Scientology recruits arrive for Firhouse centre

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Scientology recruits arrive for Firhouse centre

    News July 31, 2017

    By Maurice Garvey

    PHOTOGRAPHS of new Church of Scientology recruits arriving in Dublin Airport and staying in temporary accommodation prior to moving to a new training centre in Firhouse, have been removed by the organisation.

    Pictures and posts on the organisation’s Ideal Ireland Org Facebook page – including an event at Scientology’s British headquarters in Sussex where green cupcakes were distributed to encourage members to sign up for the new Irish centre – were removed on Friday after the Sunday Times asked the church about its plans for Firhouse.

    The church is reported to be recruiting 100 staff to help run a new training centre in Firhouse that is has bought for €6 million.

    The closely guarded plans have not been well received in the community.

    The majority of residents that The Echo has spoken to, overwhelmingly feel the former Victory Centre building and site should have been utilised as a school – to address a critical shortage of education places available.

    Fine Gael councillor Brian Lawlor said he would not encourage people to use the centre because Scientologists were refusing to engage with the community.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  11. existential_hobo_2

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  12. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Website for Scientology HQ in Firhouse, Ireland goes live with plea for donations.

    Intallaght: Website for Scientology HQ in Firhouse goes live with plea for donations

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    In July we ran an article about the Church of Scientology and their plans to open a European headquarters in the Victory Centre in Firhouse.

    This new base for the controversial “church” will be an “Ideal Org” which the organisation say is “configured to provide the full services of the Scientology religion to its parishioners, while also serving the community with social betterment and outreach programs.”

    Now the website [NOTE BY CIC: WEBSITE
    IS INACCESSIBLE] for the ‘Ideal Org’ in Firhouse has gone live and features this video [NOTE BY CIC: VIDEO REMOVED BY USER] asking for donations. Unsurprisingly comments on YouTube have been disabled. I wonder why?!

    In order to qualify as “Ideal,” an org needs to have 50,000 square feet of space.

    Europe’s Ideal Advanced Org is in Copenhagen, with other Ideal Orgs located in Basel, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Hamburg, Madrid, Malmo, Moscow, Tel Aviv.

    The supposed motivation behind the Ideal Org project is that it started because Tom Cruise was embarrassed bringing a friend into an org, and Scientology leader David Miscavige wanted orgs to be a place he would be proud to bring guests.

    It is strange that while the number of people joining Scientology is declining the organisation is engaging in a massive worldwide property business.

    The cheeky divels even have the absolute brass neck to say that anyone who gives them money is a “True Friend of Ireland.”


    Every person who contributes now will receive a special, truly Irish acknowledgement accepting them as a “True Friend of Ireland”.

    It has been reported the cult is preparing to bring in 100 staff to operate the Victory Centre which they recently purchased for a knock down €6m.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  13. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Scientology wants €415,000 from members to ensure new office in Ireland is a success.

    The Sunday TImes: Scientologists hope to ‘clear Ireland’ from Dublin base

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The Church of Scientology is seeking to raise $100,000-$500,000 (€85,000- €415,000) from members to support the establishment of its new base in Firhouse, southwest Dublin.

    Correspondence obtained by former Scientologists reveals the church is planning to open the centre in the next month as a base for up to 250 members. Promotional material states it wants to “clear Ireland”.

    David Miscavige, the head of the movement, is expected to attend the official opening.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  17. He-man

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    Firhouse... Not the most central or posh area of Dublin! it's just nexxt to Tallaght! :D

    Good luck with the locals!
  18. I was talking to a friend over the weekend who attended the Education and Training Board Ireland (ETBI) conference this week. It turns out that both Applied Scholastics and the Foundation for a Drug Free World had booked booths at the conference. Its been reported here: (paywalled)

    The organisers had no idea who the groups were connected to beforehand. You can be certain they do now. A nice little extra to the story is the Scientologists were waiting with cameras for the minister for education to show up for, one can only assume, a publicly photo-op win. But he was delayed by a vote in Dublin. By the time he arrived they had packed up.