Lone Star

"Tony...Tony...Tony you're being glib. You've been influenced by pseudoscientologists like Debbie Cook, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder. There's a reason why my Bff Dave calls them squirrels. They're just playing right into the hands of the psychs Tony. The psychs are scared and angry because Super Power is about to be delivered, and because we are expanding like never before. We're putting their ethics in Tony. I study this stuff. I can show you the data.

Dave has filmed evidence of Debbie, Marty, and Mike receiving an "envelope" from a notorious psych and a drug company rep down in Texas. These are bad dudes Man...don't believe them.

Come on out to Hemet and take the tour. You'll see that there is no Hole, and that the RPF is a luxurious retreat with full accommodations. In fact Katie and I have done the RPF many times. We love it! The food is fabulous!

I didn't read all of your letter Tony because it was just too long. Lots of words and I don't have a demo kit or a dictionary with me. But I could tell that it was all entheta based on false data. Let me give you the data Tony. Read and do Dianetics! It will complete you.

I gotta go...I'm on the set of Risky Business2: Midlife Crisis. I reprise my original role and Katie plays my prostitute love interest. We're excited to be doing a movie together! I'm going over right now to help set up the Assists Tent. You should come by and get a nerve assist. It's better than Prozac Tony! And it's based on real science. I study this stuff...Oh, yeah, I already said that".

Much love,



Class Clown
Well, not entirely......

She can be in the circle, but with Scn in the mix she probably doesn't have all that much in common any more.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think she is officially disconnected at this stage.


Bitter defrocked apostate
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