Scientology's Personality Test - Science or Scam?


Chris Shelton's latest vid:


:clap: :clap: :clap: Just fascinating. Nobody has taken this apart before. Thanks, Chris! I only wish the video were longer, it was so interesting.

Chris runs through the history of psychometric testing, how Scientology's OCA test was developed (and by whom), the criteria of psychometric tests, actual scientific reviews of it and how the test is not scientific at all and some of the politically prejudicial questions contained within it.

He details how the test itself is biased to show any normal person as abnormal, how this was proven by professionals and how the test is used to manipulate a person to believe they have something seriously wrong that needs to be addressed.

There's much more, too. It's a great video.

Thanks for doing this, Chris. :thumbsup: Five star vid.


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Just excellent.

The video is well worth your time.

You'll never look at an OCA result the same way again. For that matter, you'll never look at any psychometric testing the same way again.
The ultimate point Chris makes - is that perhaps the test shows how much the person thinks like LRH, and thus how brainwashed he is. That brings to mind how the test is used at the flag AO. They would administer the test after each intensive, which go to be really borrring. So I noticed that the questions themes repeated, so questions 1, 11, 21 etc were all on the same subject, and 2, 12, 22 etc were on the next one. I found it was a lot easier to answer all the questions on one subject that doing them in order. Perhaps that skewed my results - I dunno. The D of P would show me the results and though I could give a damn if they went up or down - they seemed to believe in them. I just wanted to get through my auditing and get on the next plane back to LA.

His point though is chilling - a Aussie friend of mine - who was wildly irreverent - was slavishly dedicated by the time she finished OT 8.

Is that really the EP of Scientology - becoming clones of L.R. Hubbard? It seemed so in her case.