Scientology's secret agenda

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Herald Sun - Scientology's secret agenda

The "cult" that calls itself a "church" is known for recruiting high-profile adherents to its strange mix of science fiction and quasi-religion as laid down by American sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard.

It's been revealed that Youth for Human Rights, a Scientology sponsored group, established an art prize for Year 9 students using taxpayer money provided by a government water authority.

Now South East Water is investigating how it came to provide the sponsorship that allowed a student from South Oakleigh Secondary College to be flown to the United Nations in New York where he met Australian diplomats.


Herald Sun - Brumby Government bans group linked to Church of Scientology from Victorian schools

The Government acted after learning from the Herald Sun that thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money was used to back a school art prize run by the Scientology-sponsored Youth for Human Rights. It follows a similar move by the NSW Government last week.

Victorian public authority South East Water was the major sponsor of a Year 9 art competition organised by YHR, which rates Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard as "a famous human rights leader".

Last year's winner was a South Oakleigh Secondary College student. He and his mum were flown to New York to visit the United Nations.

After being alerted, Education Minister Bronwyn Pike directed her department to warn principals to bar YHR material in schools.


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Glad I'm not a scientologist in OZ right about now! Sucks to be them having their front groups getting all this exposure. :D