Scientology's Toll on McPherson Case Medical Examiner Joan Wood

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Thanks hon. But keep in mind, I'm blonde. And there really are times I need shit dumbed down for me.

My friends tell me I'm smart. I dunno. I can think of tons of times when someone says something and everyone seems to know what's being discussed and I'm like, huh??

So that's a thing. I probably still have some indoc kickin' around. I figure it won't go away if I don't admit to having it, right?

You should see me at the office. My boss is like "Claire, didn't I tell you to ask the client X?" and I'm like, "I don't remember that at all. It must be my misunderstanding. I'll take care of it now."

Ok, that having been said, where's my goddamn chocolate?


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Chocolate? What chocolate?​

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Statistically speaking, I can't imagine anyone not erring on their job. There is a margin of error in anyone's job. (Well, except in scn. where there is 100% standard tek! Sorry!) This, and given heavy work loads, lack of assisting personnel, financial and time constraints, biased pressures, etc., repercussions for all are severe in the case of a medical examiner's errors.....their career, the lives their decisions affect, the outcome of trials, sentencing of the accused, reputations and on and on.

No doubt Joan Wood had some skeletons in her closet. (I know, I know...)
At least a couple near misses? A few doubts over her many years? Some lives perhaps ruined by a couple decisions? Justifications she lived with?
(That old sec checking mentality...) Yet, I would believe her good decisions far outweighed the questionable ones. But we know it often only takes one mistake to ruin a career. Again, statistically speaking, I recall reading some survey done regarding a blackened name and how long it takes the American public to re-accept the person and forget the bad they was something like 2 years. If that is so, one can generally, err and keep living and doing their thing.

The church's mission was to save themselves by destroying her. They used 100% standard scientology to save their asses from a murder rap. Their intentions were no different than what they were for Paulette Cooper and others. They destroy lives. I just hope Joan told someone what the church did before she died so the truth will come out. Perhaps she wrote it down. Perhaps her companion will come out with it. I hope so.

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Godiva chocolates have a chocolate bar that has salted caramel in it...just sayin'...

True ( and good )!

Now in dark choclate ( one of God's best creations ) Ghirardelli, I'm jus sayin, ain't shabby.

No one should ever leave home without ample chocolate to hand.
( and sometimes in hot weather that means a little 6 pack cooler has to be packed ).

Chocolate is a way serious topic.....I'm headed for a breather on a lighter thread!