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Joel Phillips - internet hate monger

That board is good for 2 things and 2 things alone.

1. It's fun to read for a laugh or 20.

2. It's a good site to send people to when they ask what internet hate means.

Speaking of hate, check out what Joel Phillips thinks of Muslims:


by Joel Phillips
publisher: Religious Freedom Watch Defending Religious Rights
owner: American Coast Title :::~ American Coast Title ~:::

Just watching the news from London is a reminder that we’re living in an age of terrorism. And, sad to say, almost all terrorism has something to do with Islam and Muslims, you just won’t find much of it that is not in some way connected.

It is no accident or coincidence the bigots who oppose religious freedom are inspired by Islamic thought.

Just look at some of the fine people on Religious Freedom Watch Defending Religious Rights. EVERY SINGLE PERSON on there is a zealot, bigot or extremist and you will find that most of them have extensive criminal records. Take a look at these criminal records and you will find the influence of Islam.

As to the site, Religious Freedom Watch Defending Religious Rights, it is paid for 100% by my company, American Coast Title. I am one of the owners. The other two owners, Frank Berriz and Linda Blood are 100% behind what I am doing as is our parent underwriter Stewart Title. We also get pretty good support from our employees although it would be illegal of me to impose my political beliefs on them.

Does it surprise you that I am being attacked by Indonesians? Not a coincidence that Indonesia is an Islamic country. The company is willing to pay a nice reward to the person who will stand up and help me stop them. Please look at my site for details.

Expect without doubt a lot of trouble in Glendale. That’s where American Coast Title is located as well as a dense population of Armenians. The Armenians don’t like Arab Muslims so the area is getting very tense as the clock ticks down for Islamic terrorism.

So I am calling for the total elimination of Islam. Many other religious choices are available to those currently in Islam. Islam must go and no Muslim can be allowed to remain anywhere in the world.

All Mosques must either be destroyed or made into something else. The other day we did a title for one that was converted into a shopping center, now that’s a good use for one!

All copies of the Koran must be rounded up and burned or otherwise destroyed. If libraries insist on keeping them for historical reasons they have to be under lock and key and they have to post a guard to make sure no one copies them.

Conversion to another validated religion or acceptance of atheism are the only options I see. No other religion is associated with state sponsored terror as documented by the US State Department Report on Terrorism.

One thing that has to happen after is that women have to wear normal clothes. No more of these Islamic things. I mean local clothes are fine and kind of cute but no symbol of Islam can remain as it will just get cause restimulation of what started out as the worship of a giant magnetic stone by savage nomads. So get rid of all those crescent moons and so on!

This is a strong statement but it is time to end these attacks with bombs full of nails and gas. No other group does this. It is all and always back to Islam, Muslims, the Koran and groups like the Taliban and various sleeper cells.

Stand up with me on this one. Stand tall with me against Muslims who kill in the name of jihad and Islam and the false words of the Koran hoping for 172 virgins in a palace. Stand shoulder to shoulder with me to stop the next bunch of suicidal bigots and zealots from burning down your city.

Proud to be an American and a Scientologist

Joel Phillips



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O__O Just wow.

I wish I could be surprised, but this level of hatred and intolerance for anyone not a Scientologist (and by that I mean an active member of the CoS, not practitioners outside of the organization) is par for the course. I've seen a lot of these attack blogs and sites. They start off trying to stay moderate to attract the public to their views and convince off the street people of their opinions. Eventually though, the attack style, hatred, and intolerance for anyone different shines through. It happened when Tom Newton started blogging about women who don't know their place. It happened this weekend when Scientologist handlers in DC got in an Anon's face and "accused" him of being a liberal, promoting hatred and attacking people who don't share the same political views. It is very clear that is what is happening on RFW as well, the views of zealots and extremists who attack anyone who dares to have a different belief. I've shared that site with many people, actually. People who are unaware of the connection between RFW and Scientology, basically to have regular ol' public people go in without any set up to see what they think about RFW and its message. (People including my co-workers and my boss) Their feedback included noting how all the posters seemed like the same person, how it was hysterical accusations with no evidence, how it was very hateful and aggressive, and how ridiculously funny it was.
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Speaking of hate, check out what Joel Phillips thinks of Muslims:


by Joel Phillips
publisher: Religious Freedom Watch Defending Religious Rights
owner: American Coast Title :::~ American Coast Title ~:::

Wait.... What did the Religious Freedom Watch Defending Religious Rights advocate say? What??


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Speaking of hate, check out what Joel Phillips thinks of Muslims:


by Joel Phillips
publisher: Religious Freedom Watch Defending Religious Rights
owner: American Coast Title :::~ American Coast Title ~:::

Delicious hypocrisy is delicious.


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From the Los Angeles MegaRaid this weekend on L. Ron Hubbard Way (and a couple of old photos). Photos compliments of Patty Baber. who was booted from the Sea Org, then blew the cult with her daughter Rachelle, moved to Alaska to be with a guy who later dumped her because she wasn't thetan enough, returned to Los Angeles, signed her teenage daughter over to the Sea Org and has been trying very hard to get back in the good graces of Scientology. (now, if she can just avoid those repeated and pesky ethics handlings..).


I haven't seen this much action in 2 days on their propaganda hate site... they're already up to page 5 and posting lots of photos, including a girl munching on pizza.

Wonder why they're so irked all of a sudden?

Wow, what a pathetic forum. Looks like maybe 10 user names, and they are probably really 3 or 4 people sitting in the same basement shithole somewhere near Gilman Hot Springs.

A lot of the pictures appear to be from the stationary surveillance cameras (the ones that look like mini light poles, with a little half-globe hanging down) around the Hollywood buildings.

All the yack about "when they (Anonymous people) are prosecuted" yeah, right. It's pretty sad, really.