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Welcome to ESMB, USGuy. :welcome:

This is one of the All Time Best Ever Threads on ESMB.:yes:

Scoots is The Real Deal and over the years has put up some of the most insightful, important, accurate, thought-filled and heart-filled Posts on this Board. :yes:

Scoots Walked the Walk, Talked that Walk and--at great personal peril--slung his "David's Sling"...Inflicting numerous festering wounds and permanent damage to "Goliath", especially in Oz. :clap:

As I've said a number of times over the years on ESMB...

You Da Man, Scoots...Y-O-U D-A M-A-N! :thumbsup:


EDIT PS: ESMB is the largest repository of the most accurate, factual, detailed, honest, insightful, thoughtful, thought-filled, helpful, heartfelt, humorous and heart rending personal stories and first hand observations, distillation, accounts and analysis re: every Era, Echelon and Persona of Scn, the Cof$, the Sea Org, the "Tech", etc. and El Ron, Hisself...And, ESMB is the largest repository of Docs and Links to Docs re: same.

ESMB is a Voluntary Collaborative "Organic Mosaic" in-progress...Many have come here and cast down their singular Tiles, some have recently arrived and are currently casting down their unique Tiles, and others to come will view, ponder and ad their individual Tiles...Tiles that further delineate, refine and polish the existing Mosaic of the Story of Us.



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Wow, what a read. Paul, it breaks my heart that this organization took so much from you. You were a young man who had a huge heart that just wanted to help others, and they just used you again and again, and gave you back so little. Your narrative also gives an insight too, as to why people get caught up in this cult. They're not all bad people, but the people at the top are, and have no qualms about taking advantage of good people to better themselves.

Thank you for opening your wounds for us, scooter!