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Secret History of David Miscavige


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In 1985, Shelley Miscavage would I'm guessing, have been like 12-15 years old - max.
IMO she looked like a very young teenager when I was at Int in 1990.
And yet she had a strong opinion of DM's mother and her activities up to 1985 - in 1995; I guess in retrospect?
Does anyone else think that the timescale re DM's wife and mother is a bit skewy?

Actually, Shelly was 23 in '85, though she did get married I think at 17. There seems to be a mixup on mothers. DM's mother Loretta, lived in Clearwater and died of Cancer in the 2000's. Flo was Shelly's mother. They were public and not close at all to any SO or LRH lines other than family relationships.

Kathy (ImOut)

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DMs mother was a multiple self-inflicted shotgun wound victim, as fate would have it.

I met DM's mother in 1995. When did she off herself? I thought it was DM's mother-in-law (Shelly's mom) that committed "suicide"? But from what I read when I first got out, Shelly's mom was killed by DM's goons.