Seen in grocery store check out line this week re John Travolta.


Sheila, you said "something is up" in your recent thread here....perhaps this is whats up?

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Re: Seen in grocery store check out line this week.

This story I am more inclined to think could have some truth to it.

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The question is what is the story? With the Enquirer it could be anything, and have nothing to do with Travolta actually having HIV. Instead, her nightmare could be about the masseurs he's done it with, or their donations to an HIV/AIDS organization. Worth seeing what it is though.


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That's right. We have no idea what could be going on behind the scenes...

Look you CSPWDB low toned...
We need to come up with something
to bring the org upstat in present time on this planet!

Sir, if we don't think of something this meeting
is going to drag on all night. How about we re-release
some of Ron's great fiction to lower the gradient
for the raw meat to flow into the orgs.

We tried that years ago.
The wogs just have no appreciation
for the greatness of genius writing skills that Ron
brought to this planet.

Are you serious sir?
There is one book that even a DB wog
would see Ron's skills for all their OT greatness.
Battlefield Earth. Its full of dramatic space opera
and mystery sandwiches. It will be perfect to restimulate
the dilettante wogs to get onto the bridge to improve their miserable cases.
Or at least mortgage their houses to upgrade their statuses
and go superduper humanitarian meritoriolus.

We tried that years ago
but Mr Travolta wanted that thing dead and buried
600 feet under because of the appalling reviews he got
from the suppressive reviewers sent out by
the psychs to destroy and degrade us.

But Sir. We are the authorities!
Even Mr Travolta can't stand in the way of some org stats.
We need to not only win the Birthday Game,
we need to smash Ron's name into history!

I guess I could give OSA a call to see
if they could persuade Mr Travolta to comply
with flowing power to Ron. OSA got their ruds in
and ran some ops last time about something
and Mr Travolta fell straight into line.
Yes, we really are the authorities...
OK meeting closed.



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If that tabloid story turns out to be true, JT will become Thetona Non Grata.

Because that would be the gravest High Crime and Suppressive act that one can conceivably commit in Scientology.

The 8th cardinal (deadly) sin.

Causing "out pr".

A cult celebrity can literally run from the scene of a hit and run accident where there were unattended victims; a cult celebrity can commit espionage, robbery, fraud or even felony assault; a celebrity can even rape a child. And the cult would devise an all-hands strategy to prevent that incriminating information from surfacing and the crimes would be meticulously hidden, without any witnesses, in order to "protect the celebrity".

Thus a Scn celebrity would give their dying and eternal gratitude and loyalty to the cult for "flowing power to them" in their time of tragic need.

But the cult never really "flows power to" or "protects" the celebrity. Or anyone for that matter. The cult only protects itself and any kindness and help that it provides to its upstats, whales and celebrities is factually (and cynically) just the cult helping itself.

If Travolta was exposed as an HIV "victim" and a chronic liar (about his closeted gay life) and if the COS could not hide nor effectively lie about the facts, then Travolta would instantly be declared an out-ethics, downstat, DB target of mockery and hate within the church.

So, with the clever little "protection game" over after so many decades of scandals and payoffs, John the OT would skulk away from his religion.

But wait........

If JT's managers, agents, attorneys, publicists and advisors booked him on a "tell-all" show (either Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey) and he followed the mea culta script (abject humility, tears of grief, pleas for forgiveness, et al) then there might be salvation and a 2nd life for Mr. Travolta. The culture absolutely loves these modern day passion plays on live TV. Think Bruce, oops I mean, Caitlyn Jenner.

If John did all that quite convincingly, exposing his secret gay life and how Scientology even made it a far worse sin than wogs do (e.g. how all gays are "1.1" and evil, liars, perverted and poverty destructive to all in their vicinity) then he could well emerge a modern day hero. His career might take on an entirely new and more profitable and beloved trajectory than any time in the previous 4 decades.

But wait....

If all that was starting to happen, the COS would probably figure out (or at least try) to interject themselves BACK INTO TRAVOLTA'S LIFE at that point and try to claim all the credit for "helping" John to "find his unethical situation" and to "get it honest and straight" (per the Danger Formula). Scientology would use it as a public relations event to show that their tech works. Even though they just previously shunned him, attacked him, fair gamed him and tried to destroy him.

And the Church "handler" next to John would calmly explain to any reporters or talk show hosts how tragic the mistreatment of gays is in our society--reading aloud from "The Way To Happiness" to bolster their glowing testimonial about how Scientologists hold the sacred belief that being gay is all part of the "total freedom" that L. Ron Hubbard dreamed of when he envisioned "a world without anti-gay bigotry".

Sound wacky? Sound completely crazy? Unhinged? Exaggeration? Flight of fancy? LOL

Yeah, but that's the kind of stuff that actually happens on a regular basis inside Scientology. Anyone who spent enough time IN IT or ON STAFF knows that these kind of Machiavellian schemes to defraud the public and their own parishioners is business as usual, every single day in those "ideal" orgs.
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Help please
I can't figure out PW in CSPWDB :blush:

It makes it not possible to get the rest of the post :biggrin:

It was my creative pairing of panty-waisted with degraded-being that threw your cognitions out of whack. I know the meeting leader should have used the accepted form panty-waist-dilettante but hey, it was 1am already.