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Serge Gil - Abuse of children in scientology

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This was posted on Facebook and Serge gave me permission to cross post. Words from the heart that as many people as possible should read. Yes it's long and totally worth it.
Having been both a minor and mother within scientology, I know this is true. It has to end.

I would like to thank everyone for all your love and support ❤

I am overwhelmed with the responses from kids of my generation who are waking up to their own realizations and newly found nourishing understanding of the circumstances they were forced to endure and finally getting their pain acknowledged. All I can say is the you are not alone and you are not at fault.

We all need to heal and move on. Truth heals and sunlight disinfects.

I can not emphasize enough the dire need to address minors who are made to sign billion year contacts and then sexually interrogated - this practice must be stopped immediately.

Let Scientology know that their sexually explicit sexual interrogations and the supporting L Ron Hubbard policies that dictate the exact terms which lead to unequivocally abuse + officiated pedophilia and sexual abuse internal is completely unacceptable.

It should be plain common sense and it truly should not require a "genius" to figure that out. Today I am speaking from my personal experience as a child who was in the cult since birth. Auditing on children is completely unacceptable.

Everyone that was in the FSO at the time with us knows exactly what I am talking about and its up to all of you to do your part to change the current scene.

The sole purpose of speaking is to shed light and transparency in an effort to end the senseless abuse of minors today AS WE SPEAK.

No ADULT INSIDE THE CULT ever effectively questioned the validity or authenticity of these practices, policies and procedures or even the age inappropriate scenarios we were getting "trained on" - they all drank Kool aid from Hubbard and were enablers and enforcers of the abuse.

I never walked into this scam.
I was born inside of it.

Our country recognizes the right to religious freedom, our founding fathers are THAT intelligent + amazing.

But unfortunately today they would be rightfully horrified.

The legal work SCIENTOLOGY "submitted" for "tax exempt approval" all of the lies and corrupt paper work that was filed in order to scam our legal system into "officiating" such inappropriate scenarios and behaviors in the context of SEA ORG MINORS need to be understood by the general public.

This is an issue of public safety and concern
These people have partnered up with our very own government into allowing them the LEGAL RIGHT to take custody of minors for the purpose mentioned above - security checking which is hard core interrogation + this is just for starters.

No one in their right mind would have ever approved this group as "a religion" if the information about what they were going to do to MINORS was understood.

I was a victim of the IRS as their "okay" to become a "religious enterprise" afforded these people the necessary legal loopholes that were all so carefully orchestrated to get whatever it is that you need to be a "religion" with minors "doing the religious work".

Susceptible American children and minors across the world have been targeted + "recruited" a process for which Scientology has received all the US government credentials +support required to pave a shady legal path + which ultimately is allowing them (PRESENT TIME) to practice what is in my personal opinion a true abomination of spirituality given the context we are discussing here is MINORS IN THE SEA ORG.

We have all walked away.

The fact these people are still employing minors as we speak in an ISSUE. Truly unconscionable + unacceptable. Walking away into a WOG life does nothing to solve this situation.

Obtaining full legal custody of minors, is not easy to pull off.

They obtained such "custody" over me and given my age they must answer and be held accountable for what was done to me - after all they were legally acquiring me and other minors for their workforce which we all know exactly what that means.

Having the unequivocal support from legal law enforcement (Clearwater Police Department) compromi$ed helps to keep up with their illegal activities + felonious behavior which remains to this day unchecked, flourishing and to prospering.

But the victims are minors.

Taking full legal custody of minors and no child services allowed in the facility?

What is wrong with this picture?

The so very obvious legal loophole they have exploited ad nauseam in the name of religion is what currently allows Scientology "adults" unequivocal access to Sea Org minors without boundaries to "ask" about any detail of that Sea Org minor's sexual past.

This problem is institutionalized and systemic.

This is in the DNA of Hubbard technical spiritual technology - his "legacy".

This is an issue that includes but is not limited to the "management" and Chairman of the Board Scientology self proclaimed “pope" "COB" David Miscavige.

All active and current members of “Scientology" play a part as long as they are benefiting from MINORS including but not limited to the PUBLIC SCIENTOLOGISTS that are paying for these “services” to be delivered by underage “religious worker minors".

All a child/minor needs to do in order to ensure that he systemically abused?

"Move up The Bridge to Total Freedom"

Every last Scientologist that goes inside a "Sea Organization" staffed by MINORS is responsible and accessory in helping aiding abetting and/or taking advantage personally of this exclusive- to-Scientology carefully carved out minor "religious worker"scenario.

This is a WORLD WIDE CRISIS not limited to only Clearwater Florida either as we all very well know.

Where else in the world could you ever end up in a hotel room locked with a minor discussing explicit sexual content? These confessions are video taped.

And this is just the beginning of how you are led down a dark rabbit hole that leads exactly to where you are envisioning right now.

The people that worked in the FSO and executives who oversaw the FSO are perfectly aware of how many of us were put into "technical positions" that were highly compromising (ethics officer? Security Checker? FESer? CO audit Supervisor? HGC auditor?) and yet there we were staffing those "post" plenty of us --- minors.

The minors that are stuck in theses facilities today need to be released. End of story.

The black negativity of my past cult experience has turned into fire of enlightenment, which currently fuels my purpose to protect other kids from suffering from the very dangerous circumstances I have become fully aware of. I am in the process of unraveling and understanding the abuse and how it was executed and systemically carried out.

I am lucky and thankful to have the most incredible support network of friends and some sane and amazingly supportive family that has left the toxicity behind.

A high level of integrity and ethics is required to make the break, disconnection.

Nothing about this experience is easy for us child survivors of this cult and sexual abuse.

Our entire generation has been compromised & heavily victimized by Scientology, L Ron Hubbard all with the help of our own US government falling victim of being scammed themselves. Our government was lied to.

Plain and simple.

The only person that benefits from a "workers paradise" is the Church's highly paid lawyer Monique Yingling and other lawyers that are profiting from the corruption that comes form employing “religious workers” who are underage.

A bottomless pit of American subsidized tax exempt money is at hand to ensure that paradise is there to stay- permanently.

The only relevancy to my story today is to shed light and raise awareness so these senseless "practices" and acts of torture that have been re-branded and marketed by L Ron Hubbard as "therapy and spiritual technology" cease to be applied to minors

There is a hidden pedophilia agenda here that is thriving and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge should check into why Hubbard and known pedophilia satanical ritual extraordinaire Aleister Crowley were such close friends + L Ron Hubbard's mentor.


Their "legacy" still dictates the terms of an entire generation suffering the ramifications that come from blind fanatical association and belief into all things "L Ron Hubbard”.

This has all been documented in great detail as we all know by the best investigative journalists no less, no one else would survive the level of scrutiny which is required in order to be able to "report" on these people and their highly paid "attorneys"

HUBBARD IS THE WHO dictating the terms of the "rituals". The others have to follow blindly.

David himself was an auditor at age 12 according to his own father.

Their own leader was made to feel this was "NORMAL" in what world?

The blind was not leading the blind.

All of us minors were all made to become BLIND.

All of us minors were kept VERY BLIND inside those walls of the MECCA of TECHNICAL PERFECTION a nice place to end up if you want access to “religious worker" minors...

This has all culminated in the abusive and completely harmful-to-metal-health + well being environment of every Sea Org minor that was or is currently stuck in that Clearwater facility FLAG MECCA OF SCIENTOLOGY serving billion year contracts.

Today I wake up and I feel their pain.

Today I wake up and I call on all Americans and good citizens of the world, friends and colleagues to do your part whatever you can in order to protect and lend a voice to the kids who are trapped "legally" by this illegitimate group who is actively harming children.

These kids truly have no one to help them.

Their parents were turned against them as laid out by L Ron Hubbard direct advice and strict internal policies.

The innocence of children + minors ripped away should be completely unacceptable In AMERICA given the century we currently live in and the "law enforcement" we pay a lot of TAXES TO.

Anything anyone can do to help the cause is highly appreciated it.

The fight for justice for all of the minors and kids that are currently trapped belongs to all responsible adults in possession of knowledge, information that is needed in order to cease and desist such practices and activities that thrive today as "valid".

I am now traveling an endless path to "recovery" speaking form experience of trying to untangle myself from what was done to me as a child.

I went up the Bridge to Clear at age 13 with all expanded grades and NED. I can not yet put into words the highly traumatizing scars this has left me with, everyday more things get uncovered.

A lifetime of lies is what you get left with to process when you are born inside this thing.

Every adult today bears the repressibility that is owed to every single minor/child that is stuck in the Sea Org -- TODAY.

Every survivor is a victim and as minors its been very hard for us to come to grips to what was done to us in the name of religion and having to process the great betrayal of our parents in some our cases.

I appreciate all the support. Everyone must come together and with honesty and transparency make room for justice because SEA ORG CHILDREN ARE AT RISK DAILY.

Every single person that is in the Sea Org knows exactly what types of risk are involved with the minors and this can no longer be tolerated much less subsidized.

EFFECTIVE ACTION must be taken by all of us to help this cause which is very important.

As an adult today I have been lucky enough to find a way to be okay and on my own two feet despite it all. There is no reason to dwell on the past, effective action that effectively protects the future generations from senseless glorified abuse we have come to understand by living this nightmare first hand.

A paradigm shift is needed in order to become effective in ending exploitation of minors in the way this enterprise has managed to conveniently carve out for itself unlimited legal custodies of minors.

The narrative needs to be about the minors who are suffering the faith that my generation endured - but this can not be allowed to be senselessly repeated which is were we stand currently.

There is a lot of work to be done. Everyone that has it in their heart to help SHOULD as minors and kids are there today and they don't have anyone to speak for them.

L Ron Hubbard is a crook and the "architect" and "mastermind" to all of the abuse I was made to endure. That is very plain and clear to see.

L Ron Hubbars is a complete embarrassment to America. His legacy has left nothing but toxicity behind to all of us "employed" under the age of 18 and duped into signing the billion year very illegitimate + shady contracts.

To all the people of my generation I am sorry that you were told you were being helped. I feel your pain and hopefully together we can come united in helping change the mistakes and sufferings of the past, it will take a lot of work and its truly very important.

Our pain is very real. Its raw.

But it all gets better when you focus on helping the kids inside today we can change the past by not allowing it to ever repeat itself.

Lessons need to be learned.

Much Love, blessings and light.
Serge Gil
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This post must be read by all people!
Moving and so true and real.:unsure:

Serge, you sent me back in time, 30 years ago!
I remember. (dark and sad)

I ran out and escaped when I realized the enforced systemic children abuse and that I landed in the middle of a slave camp. (Flag) I was a heart broken, powerless, witness of the small neglected kids and rpfed children...I was devastated and alone!
I , was was a young devastated adult and have been overwhelmed by my own fear and never reported the systemic abuse.
these memories would be , later, processed in my mind (cognitive dissonance), like a vague souvenir, and then somewhat like isolated events that have certainly been handled. :unsure:
I remained ashamed and troubled all my life though, images never left my mind. The price to pay for silence.

May all $cientologist, especially old timers, who have known the SO kids..acknowledge you, and that this systemic abuse is the result of L Ron Hubbard madness, his policies and us, behaving as enforcers and perpetrators of such abuses. The worst, being our silence..this silence you hear each day that acts as a denial of the systemic abuse you , as children were victims. You had no responsibility in this madness.

The original commodore messengers have already spoke...so people begins to know the roots of such abuse. The TRUTH.
We know those abuses and cruel treatments towards kids were perpetrated on the Apollo, but LRHand witnessed by many adults who shall have protect you but failed. All those adults, must too heal for what they were responsible of and what they failed , in being protective with kids, because they were fooled into a pseudo-apocalyptic outcome to prevent, became blind and lost thier critical thinking.

May you find peace and freedom with such acknowledgement to come, get hope it will be ended.
May you find many life blessings out of this cult.
A few of you may never heal or recover, unfortunately, but most of you have successfully built a new life and hopefully began to heal within.

Would you accept my personal sincere apologies for the harm I have contributed to, while remaining silent ???
I learned toward this fail, and ensured I would never, again, fail and remain silent about abuses toward vulnerable people. I behave accordingly and actively toward elderly abuse within my community for long years.
This is my way of transfroming the SO kids suffering and my shame into something good, since life brought this opportunity.

Peace and freedom!
Keep speaking since you are such a good voice for those children abuses.

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Posted by Free to shine
Serge Gil - Abuse of children in scientology


Obtaining full legal custody of minors, is not easy to pull off.

These people have partnered up with our very own government into allowing them the LEGAL RIGHT to take custody of minors for the purpose mentioned above - security checking which is hard core interrogation + this is just for starters.

No one in their right mind would have ever approved this group as "a religion" if the information about what they were going to do to MINORS was understood.

I was a victim of the IRS as their "okay" to become a "religious enterprise" afforded these people the necessary legal loopholes that were all so carefully orchestrated to get whatever it is that you need to be a "religion" with minors "doing the religious work".

What a truly brilliant post ... I can think of little worse than being a baby or child in that hateful cult. It used to devastate me seeing the babies and children left at the "nursery" each morning (none were mine) as their parents dashed frantically onto the bus that took them off to the org for the day (and then again at night) ... the sad, lost little faces used to sear straight to my heart, I knew it was very wrong. Seeing the older children dashing around the org clutching folders with a serious and stressed "adult" expression when they should be either tucked up in a warm bed or just having down time to do what 12 year olds do was hard too but not as awful as seeing babies and toddlers living a horrible, empty life as virtual orphans!

This is bringing back memories ... and it hurts.

The SO nursery reminded me of one of those farms where baby animals are taken from their Mothers and raised in a group ... they are just "numbers" to be used as the owner sees fit.

I am so proud of Serge for speaking out because it would appear that he was one of those children.

The ridiculous thing is that the cult can obtain full legal custody of minors very much more easily than a sole parent can.

This insidious cult has it's tentacles into everyone's business ... including those no longer in the SO ie public scientologists. I left the SO as soon as I decided to have babies because I saw with my own eyes how they were treated and wanted NO part in it.

However I was young and foolish and didn't think it through properly ... cult indoctrination can still occur in a non staff family and anyone trying to (through the courts) explain that one parent is trying to turn the children into scientologists (but otherwise is a loving parent) has no chance of stopping it (via sole custody) so the best they can do is do nothing but bend to the wishes of the cult (or in my case the cultic parent) whilst trying to bring them up in as normal a way as possible and hope that when they visit the cultic parent at weekends or whatever (which I would never have tried to stop) too much harm is not done ... good luck with that.




stubborn rebel sheep!

Even if we posted essentially the same message

I would have like to craft it the way you just did!

May all the ''Serge'' $cieno kids read it and feel acknowledged though!


I told you I was trouble

Suspended animation

Even if we posted essentially the same message

I would have like to craft it the way you just did!

May all the ''Serge'' $cieno kids read it and feel acknowledged though!


Sis, your post was beautifully written and heartfelt and your apology for keeping silent brought tears to my eyes ... I too apologise to those babies and little ones that I failed to protect.