Sex and Scientology

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Sometimes I write a post in response to an existing thread and then, in my hubris, think to myself that the post has broader application and "deserves" its own thread. This is one of those times. What follows is a modified version of one of my posts in the introductory thread by Dark Phoenix.


I would like raise another issue regarding Scientology. I do so with some trepidation, but in my experience this factor has a major, albeit often unexplored, impact on behavior, social relations and recruitment in Scientology.

That factor is sex.

In my experience as a man, the presence of physically attractive females can discombobulate even healthy, well-adjusted men. That is the nature of the beast.

But in Scientology? Forget about it. "Discombobulate" doesn't even begin to describe the effect.

In my experience Scientologists are just horribly screwed up in the area of sex and sexual or (hopefully) romantic relationships. The Sea Org 2D rules. The Class V Org 2D rules. The 2D rules that technically don't apply to non-staff public, but do apply if one ever wants to do OT levels without a billion humiliating sec checks, or if an "up-stat" gets upset because you broke up with her and writes a KR on you. [Not that there is any sort of story behind that.] No masturbation. Dear Xenu, have you ever read the "Pain and Sex" HCOB? If that doesn't screw a person up, they weren't human to begin with.

And can you imagine, as in one case I am aware of, being required to read the "Pain and Sex" HCOB when you are 14 a year old male?

Then you throw a physically attractive female into the equation? Forget about it. A perfect recipe or ill-disguised and ill-suppressed frustration and dysfunction.

Final story. I once made the mistake of showing a female friend of mine, a woman on OT VII, a passage in one of Ron's Mission Earth books that disparaged oral sex. You guessed it, thereafter her husband wasn't getting any. Hopefully he never learned that I was the person he had to thank.

But seriously, one's sex life with one's husband is limited and defined not by what is in the red-on-whites or the green-on-whites, but by the passage in a novel?
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I do understand that sex could be taken as a distraction from spiritual progress, but auditing tech should be able to handle that aspect of sex quite naturally.

That Scientology policy has to go to the extent it does to unnaturally control sexual behavior tells me that auditing technology is quite limited in its workability.

As I see now, Scientology technology is a hit and miss proposition. It is not that accurate and precise as it is made out to be.

Better results can be gotten from Idenics, which, in my opinion, is a great advance over Scientology technology.



Some may say that currently we see a corrupted form of Scientology tech, and that it is really quite effective when correctly applied.

I used to think that way. But after encountering Idenics, I feel that Scn tech is much too complex and simply hit and miss.


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I always felt that sex was like wanting food when you get hungry. If the urge arises then the hunger must be satisfied. On and off staff I would be hauled into ethics concerning sex. Once I had to sign a statement saying I would not be promiscuous with wog chick so I could get auditing. I told the EO that I would sign it but told him I will not abide by this paper because it violates the 2D rule which ron said basically said the church has no business in a persons sex life. But dealing with this bull shit for years I came to the conclusion that EOs who crossed this bridge usually had some hang up on the subject and would try to enforce their morals others who had different reality on the subject. Also sex has been used to create guilt to weaken a person power there by making him easy to control. Which the cos used on its members to sell sec. checks.


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But dealing with this bull shit for years I came to the conclusion that EOs who crossed this bridge usually had some hang up on the subject and would try to enforce their morals others who had different reality on the subject.

Also, an EO or MAA is low on the org board and has many seniors who give orders. Although in theory an EO can put the ethics in of an out-ethics senior, it's not so easy in real life.


La La Lou Lou

Must Have cant have. You must have sex to remain sane, because it's the only cheap enjoyment you can have. You can't afford chocolate or even tasty food, but you could enjoy sex, if the partner is married to you and of the approved sex, but you cant because it's wrong. It's wrong because sex should be only for procreation, but youre in the SO so you cant have kids anyway.

I understand, oldtimers, please feed back on this that on the ships there was plenty of bed hopping and no one gave a damn, but then it all changed, if so what changed?

Black scientology?Using the (whole track psyche?) trap on the staff.
And all the time saying that theres the 2d rules pl.

How can this be an honest mistake, its not, its insane, its suppressive and it came from Ron.


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It's suppressive and it came from Ron, that's It! in a nutshell!

Good one La La Lou Lou!

According to Ron's eldest son on record, LRH perfomed abortions on his first wife.

Mission Earth is full of meaningless sex. I read way into the series with full intention to complete it but honestly found his obsession with degraded sex to be out reality. I quit.

LRH did not acknowledge his first born daughter in the beginning.

LRH was into sexual encounters to create a Rosemary's baby. (Satan's child)

I remember reading LRH's description of the sex act and the influence of DB's hanging around during the act. I don't remember what book. It discourages the act of intercourse.

It appears LRH was ashamed of Quentin's sexual preference. LRH messed Quentin up real bad. LRH was selfish and was only concerned with his own reputation.

I personally have concluded that this man had no reality on love or affinity with another human being. I am not aware that he had ever loved and cared for another human being. It may be safe to assume he had never had an intimate encounter with someone he was deeply in love with other than himself. LOL :D



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LOL you showed an OT a passage saying oral sex was bad and she stopped blowing her husband? that is so funny. i didnt even know OTs or scientologists did stuff like that, i thought it was like, degrading. i thought only sex for the purpose of reproduction was what they did.

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Ron, Nuts On Sex

Angel (Jen), I have to agree with your post, unfortunately.

Reading on the net, one comes to understand Ron had a
quite screwed up second dynamic, in every imaginable way.

He even abused 3 wives, the first two physically, committed
adultery more than once, bigotry once, and sad-to-say the time
and circumstances of the rape from the Madman Or Messiah book
would appear to be believable circumstantially considering
his known background before that.

Another point is Ron used to call women "girls" which is in my
opinion condescending and degrading and not OK.
It was interesting to see that during the early-nineties (I think)
interview with Ted Koppel on ABC's "Nightline" show DM used
the same term in the same way.

La La Lou Lou, I knew a young lady who was on the Apollo
and her bed-hopping backs up your story on that account.

The way I see it, the Sea Org worked too hard and certainly
deserved a release at the end of the day, or whenever !
Pun intended or Not ! :whistling: