Sheila Huber speaks out on Scientology -- Video series.

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I didn't realise more of Sheila's videos were available.

This is the whole series, although there are a couple of other threads with the first 2. Best have them all together.

Sheila Huber on Scientology -- Part 1: Getting In
Uploaded by StrongStrength on Dec 2, 2011

This video section covers a lot of how Sheila came to become involved with Scientology and her first experiences inside the organization.

Main sections:
0:09 - Life situation before Scientology: a runaway
1:38 - Meeting the odd "baron"
3:49 - Early employment
5:38 - The Scientology frozen steak company
9:00 - Boss disappears and the "rescue" attempt
12:25 - The Sea Org recruitment process
16:02 - Indoctrination
17:50 - The vents
20:53 - Sunlight again
25:10 - The Sea Org's initial environment
26:22 - Censored letters and Scientology family values
29:26 - Other EPF bits

Sheila Huber on Scientology -- Part 2: Getting Out

Uploaded by StrongStrength on 12 Dec 2011

This video section covers some of Sheila's experiences inside Scientology and her long, difficult road out of the organization.

She mentions Ivan Obolensky - at the time, he was the Commanding Officer of AOLA (the Scientology complex where Sheila worked).

Main parts:
0:10 - Having a child, changing priorities
1:17 - Problems within marriage
3:09 - Nesting instincts
5:20 - Son's sickness on the Child Estates Org
7:36 - More attempts at better child care
10:31 - Domestic situation becomes very messy
11:59 - Leave of absence
13:35 - Big trouble
18:00 - Physically taken to the RPF
19:54 - Wanting to leave; broken promises
22:06 - Being controlled by the RPF's master-at-arms
23:50 - Terrible conditions
27:45 - Who gets RPF'd
29:26 - From bad to worse
32:53 - Sneaking out to see son
34:55 - Still unable to route out; stuck doing more Scientology
40:24 - Finally, freedom
43:46 - Starting over

Part 3: Celebrity Stories

Uploaded by StrongStrength on 16 Jan 2012

This video section features Sheila recollecting some funny stories about her encounters with celebrities inside Scientology.

Main parts:
0:10 - Meeting Priscilla Presley
1:45 - An ethics situation
3:18 - "The Kid"
4:01 - Eavesdropping
6:16 - Grace in an awkward situation
7:56 - Lisa Marie's marriage
11:33 - Karen Black whips it out
14:23 - Miscellaneous celebrity bits
15:07 - AOLA's environment at the time
17:43 - More miscellaneous celebrity bits

Part 4: The Anti-Child Sea Org
Uploaded by StrongStrength on 25 Jan 2012

This video section briefly covers the child care situation in the Advanced Org, the views of Scientology upper management about Sea Org kids, and the origins of the Sea Org's policy against having children, which was ultimately responsible for the coerced abortions within the organization.

Main parts:
0:10 - Working for the staff
1:30 - The survey
3:51 - Mounting pressure
5:00 - An idea
8:44 - A lightened load
10:23 - Other orgs join in
12:31 - The official order
13:48 - Coercing abortions
15:05 - Total child care failure

Part 5: On the "Tech"
This video section covers some of Sheila's experiences with Scientology teachings, including the lower-level training routines and top-secret OT3 information. She shares some funny stories and reflects on implications of the Scientology doctrine.

Uploaded by StrongStrength on 31 Jan 2012

This video section covers some of Sheila's experiences with Scientology teachings, including the lower-level training routines and top-secret OT3 information. She shares some funny stories and reflects on implications of the Scientology doctrine.

Main parts:
0:10 - Training Routine Zero
0:58 - Altered mental states
1:39 - Blinkless TR's
2:44 - OT3 sci-fi
4:20 - "It was really evil"
5:27 - Anti-Christianity
6:13 - Miscellaneous additions
8:20 - Wanting to be done with OT3
9:08 - Top secret content

Part 6: The Sea Org Serial Killer

Uploaded by StrongStrength on 6 Feb 2012

In this section, Sheila relates a disturbing and (in hindsight) funny story about how a serial killer was admitted into the Sea Org and was rapidly rising up the ladder until the bubble burst.

Main parts:
0:10 - The hot recruit
2:11 - Letters out
5:18 - Psycho goes on a date
6:54 - Stats being investigated
8:55 - A not-so-secret trick
10:26 - Safe on the RPF
12:05 - Psycho cleared for Int Base
12:51 - Tracked down through the car
13:53 - Police raid
14:52 - Stealing habits discovered
15:45 - Additional thoughts

Part 7: The Disappearing Money and the Fate of Al Crivello

Uploaded by StrongStrength on Feb 15, 2012

In this final video, Sheila tells about the plunder of AOLA's money reserves and the devastating outcome it had on one loyal staff member.

Main parts:
0:10 - Al Crivello's roles
3:23 - Side story: Lose those keys
4:16 - Caught in the middle
5:14 - Guardian's Office Director of Income
6:04 - A mysterious transfer
8:11 - The secretly missing money
9:59 - The aftermath

Many thanks to Sheila and others who helped make these videos possible.

And thanks to Sponge on OCMB for compiling this!

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Thank you FTS for putting this all together. . . I had missed the most recent 3 videos.

This series is a treasure; there is so much information here and and inside look at how that organization works, how it brainwashes and controls people. Sheila you are wonderful at getting it all across . . . thank you for being willing to do it.


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Thanks heaps for posting these FTS. :)

Sheila? You are adorable! What you have created here with these vids is really valuable. I sat here going "yeah!" and resonating with so much of what you express.

Thank you Sheila! Terrific stuff! :yes: