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Shocking Allegations of Who Developed Tech!!


There's been a lot of talk about the sources of Dianetics and Scientology, antecedents and things of this nature, whether or not Elron Elray plagiarized the material, and so forth. Others have posted how interesting all of this is and I find myself identifying with that sentiment so I wanted to gather together, all in one place, various things I've read of different people who developed specific tech pieces.

The goal here is to name sources with the appropriate links to where people state that so-and-so specifically developed *blank*.

Here's a great start from Peter Soderqvist from The Scientology Forum: Scientology Philosophy >> LRH did not discover anything!:

I claim further that he is not the author of the tech, he was only one of many, but he organized all this knowledge!

Soderqvist1: John Mac Master makes even a stronger claim that L. Ron Hubbard couldn't audit! These quotes are unusual long but it is worth reading them because it is lot of information in it!

Messiah or Madman? Page 181 - 183 By Bent Corydon

Despite the poverty and some disillusioning experiences with high Church officials, we were - at the time - still full of enthusiasm for Hubbard and "his tech." This was partly because he and "the tech" had been so well presented by the words and example of Hubbard's key representative: John McMaster. McMaster was the most prominent person (other than Hubbard, of course) in Scientology while we were in England (1967-1969). His work at Saint Hill Manor in England probably contributed more to the financial success of Scientology - during the mid- to late sixties - than any other individual. When we arrived there the place was a hum of enthusiastic activity. Lectures by John McMaster were given in the chapel to overflowing crowds of enthusiastic students. McMaster's talks were evidence to me that he had attained and experienced something paranormal, existential, or whatever words people use in a vain attempt to convey whatever is considered a true "religious experience." John's glow of affection, and his other spiritual qualities, seemed evidence of the achievability of the most cherished dreams of Scientologists. The fact that he was Hubbard's representative and "the world's first real Clear" gave credence to Hubbard's many written claims. John's talks and "presence" reminded each listener of their own brushes with this "reality of our true godlike nature." Besides the realm of individual spiritual abilities and the like, McMaster spoke of world peace, of creating a new civilization based on love and understanding. He told me in a recent interview:

I was so excited about the function of auditing and its potential for assisting individuals to become more able and aware, that I was willing to overlook Hubbard's faults, as they gradually became known to me. That was up to a point of course, the final point being my realization that his intentions were entirely self serving I saw that he was in it for money and personal power, and his actual intentions were not as
stated. The basic function of auditing is a wonderful thing, but Hubbard perverted it. The idea of counselling has been around for an awfully long lime. What is the Socratic method but a form of auditing?* He asked me if I would go and promote the subject, and I did. I didn't know at the time what he really intended to do with it.

He got the technology to a point where he had a sort of assembly line as he called it. And he told me he was putting all these "square ball bearings" on the beginning of the assembly line, and then turning them into "round ball bearings" at the other end. That was his idea of "standard tech."

But there is magic in auditing. Good magic.

The important thing is not that the magic was abused - that needs to be pointed out - but that the magic should be brought to life.... For a period of time, Hubbard trusted me implicitly with the technology and so on, and relied on me for the information because, although he did a lot of talking, he couldn't audit He could not audit.

He had to resort to a sort of black magic hypnosis. This was to try and convince the person that he was making gains. Then, of course, after about three weeks the person collapsed. And this was explained by Hubbard as being because there was a suppressive person around the corner, causing him to lose his "gains" He couldn't audit, so he had to use somebody for auditing research.

At this point in time, I was the one he used. I would give him the information and then he would write the bulletins. He couldn't tell me what to do, because he didn't know himself. I had to do all the difficult cases; to go and review them, and this is where we found out so many things. I had a wonderful sort of learning ground, if you like. This was partly because I had to learn to leave behind in Saint Hill Manor all the negative things he said about the people who I had to go out and handle. I had hundreds of students and pre-clears, and I had to be absolutely free from his ideas when I closed the door of that manor.

It was the "good magic" which my wife and I had observed and experienced, and the example of John and a few others that motivated us as we crossed the Atlantic in late 1969.

Soderqvist1: Jeff Hawkins has met the legendary John Mac Master!

Certainty, Knowingness and Blind Faith May 25, 2010 by Jeff Hawkins

I remember one of my first experiences in Scientology was a "Congress" in 1968 at the Masonic Temple on Wilshire, where John McMaster ran "Grand Tour" from Creation of Human Ability as a group process: "Be near Earth. Be near the Moon. Be near the Sun," and so on. Well, did I actually exteriorize and leave my body? Who knows? I felt giddy, even exhilarated at the thought that it might be possible.
http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/certainty -knowingness-and-blind-faith/

Soderqvist1: David Mayo also claims that there are many sources to the tech!

DAVID MAYO AFFIDAVIT Copyright (C) 1994 David Mayo

10. The technology of Dianetics and Scientology is a product of the efforts of many people, including myself, and among others, Melanie Murray, Julie Mayo, Merrill Mayo, Dona Haber, Brian Livingston, and Phoebe Mauer. Moreover, I am the primary source of NOTs and SOLO NOTs

11. During my affiliation with the Church of Scientology, I only attributed discovery and authorship of the tech to L. Ron Hubbard because I was compelled to do so as an article of faith of the Church. It is the policy of the Church to require all tech to be attributed to L Ron Hubbard

Soderqvist1: David Mayo claim further that the problems with Hubbard's case stems from Ned and his OT3. And OT3 is at least inaccurate, and possibly complete incorrect, and upper OT levels doesn't exist contrary to what Hubbard has said, etc!

DM- 1_small.jpg

DM- 2_sm.jpg

Soderqvist1: that can explain why David Miscavige hasn't the faintest clue how to interpret Hubbard's research notes, because they maybe no more than scribbles by a disturbed old man!

Soderqvist1: Allan walter is another witness!


We can estimate that several 100's of millions of dollars has been invested to uncover their knowledge and discoveries. Almost all of these prime movers and shakers over the last 50 years were connected to receiving coaching and processing either directly or indirectly from these masters. It must be understood that these masters weren't just masters in these fields but in other fields as well. They were philosophers in the fullest sense. Philosophers study life and all the aspects of life. A true philosopher has not only studied life but has lived life to its fullest.

Their greatest betrayal came when L. Ron Hubbard stated in a narcistic Policy letter, Keeping Scientology Working, dated 7 February, 1965, that he and only he discovered the exercises, drills and procedures. At the time though we were shocked by this Policy Letter, but at least the tapes, books and bulletins still had their acknowledgements of the different discoverers of the exercises, drills and procedures. Sadly, over the next 20 years all mention of these originators and sources were erased by Hubbard's people who also set about attempting to destroy their reputations, this was done by false accusations, vilification and false destructive stories about them.
http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?t=33&highlight =Pandora%27s+Alan


All of us knew that we were walking on the shoulders of giants and that most of the knowledge and wisdom we studied was more than 2000 years old. A lot of the knowledge had been lost but has now been rediscovered.

One of the most difficult things to do is report accurately. For example: I and several other Scio's had dinner with Chuck and Ava Berner at the Forrest Row Hotel, it was June 1964, the night before Chuck and Ava were to meet with LRH to go over this new discovery they made to do with study. We were all enthralled with what they had discovered. Imagine the shock we had when LRH told us in a the lecture that night that he had made a momentous discovery in the field of study. The data he gave was almost word for word with what the Berner's had discussed with us the previous night. There was no mention of the Berner's who were in the audience. They were devastated. What made me sick was I made LRH right to do this......I did not support the Berner's.....I simply went elsewhere. I put my own survival above my honor......what a price I was to pay for that. Not only me but all of us.......for I believe that is the moment that LRH went to the dark-side.
http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?t=33&highlight =Pandora%27s+Alan&page=2

Yes, I originated the Locate and Indicate Tech and the Correction List Tech. The 1st one was L4. List Corrections. The 2nd was L1 - ARC Break Handling. From those came the other Correction Lists. The GPM Tech was failing on almost everyone........it got so bad that often on a Monday morning 90% of the students in the Z unit were home in bed sick or in hospital. Poor old Herbie and Reg Sharpe had to go around to the hospitals and houses to recover them. I was finished with my check sheets so I offered to clean up all the failing students.......my auditing room was the "boiler room" - every day I would have lines of people needing sessions.......some unconscious, (they used to put them in a wheel barrow to bring them to me.) It was during this time (45 years ago) I created the correction Lists.....L4 first and L1 second. I got so accomplished at fixing cases that it rarely took me more that 10 mins to get the clients indicators back in and their case condition sorted out. LRH came by one day and saw the line of people waiting for me to clean them up - even saw a couple of unconcious people being brought in a wheelbarrow. He asked me what I was doing - I told him - gave him my Correction Lists - hatted him on how to do it - the rest is history. Ethics or Qual also did not exist in those days.
http://www.forum.exscn.net/showpost.php?p=74875&postcoun t=42

Some support to this stuff is from the NOTs Scholars Home Page:

David Mayo on the Origin of NOTs

David Mayo worked with L. Ron Hubbard to create the NOTs levels. In early 1996 he wrote a letter introducing himself to the alt.religion.scientology community, in which he summarized his history with the Church. In this excerpt from his (never published) letter, Mayo describes how he came to co-author the NOTs material.

In late 1978, I was hurriedly and secretly whisked off to California and driven blindfolded in the night to a secret location in the desert at La Quinta, near Palm Springs. Hubbard's health had deteriorated. I was told that his blood pressure, breathing rate and heartbeat were low, a medical doctor who was also a Scientologist, Gene Denk, was in attendance, standing by to restart his heart with electric shock. I was told he had been like this for about a week, was getting worse and over the past day had been slipping into and out of a coma. When I first saw him he was lying on his back, unmoving, neither speaking nor responding when spoken to, with his eyes open staring at the ceiling and not moving. The doctor told me that there was nothing he could do for Hubbard and now it was up to me. I started with techniques that required no verbal response, then minimal verbal response doing short but frequent sessions, changing to techniques that required more participation on his part as his condition improved, which happened rapidly. Within a week he was getting out of bed, walking and beginning to yell again. Hubbard and others said that I had saved his life. Skeptics might say that it was not due to the techniques I used and was mere co-incidence but it would be difficult to convince me of that.

I continued to audit Hubbard developing procedures and later co- authoring the descriptions and theoretical explanations of what would later be called `NOTs'(tm). That started out to be a write up of what I found to be wrong with Hubbard's past auditing and how I repaired it. In my mind that was a remedy for what had been done incorrectly, rather than a new `OT' level or levels. In this auditing, I found that much of his case trouble came from his NED auditing and his OT III solo auditing --though there were also errors in some other levels. The case manifestations that I found, (errors and charged areas) how I found them and what I did to repair and correct these matters would require a lengthy explanation. For now, suffice it to say that this auditing that I did on Hubbard (and later tested on a some other persons) using the e-meter and scientological theory and methods and the phenomena I observed, demonstrated --at least to me-- that the information in the OT III story was at least inaccurate and possibly completely incorrect. In view of the awe in which I held Hubbard and his theories about the mind and the spirit at that time, that discovery required a giant mental leap and change of viewpoint for me. It was not the first time that I had had such an heretical thought. I distinctly recall my momentary disbelief when I first opened an OT III pack and began to read the galactic story. Hubbard's statement that `reality is proportional to charge off' and my strong belief in his rightness in other matters, forestalled deeper skepticism for the time being.

When I started to write up the discoveries, phenomena and procedures developed during that auditing the above is more or less what I initially had in mind to describe in regard to the repair (remedial) auditing that I had done that assisted Hubbard's recovery. I felt that these observations and methods would be valuable to other scientologists who had been run extensively on Dianetics and on OT III and so would likely need the same repair that Hubbard had needed. Furthermore, there was a new discovery and positive technique that I had begun developing in those sessions which I thought would be of general benefit in improving a person's ability to think logically. Neither of these two points is adequately described in the final rendition.

Hubbard has always thought that his case was representative of other people's cases and that what had been run on him in his auditing should be run on others. I recall him once saying that he had a `standard case'. This is one factor that influenced the presentation of the NOTs materials. There were other factors and there is a lot more to this story none of which is necessary to include here.

During the 1978, 1979 time period I also became involved in supervising Mary Sue Hubbard's auditing and sometimes auditing her myself. At some point, Hubbard decided to keep me at there (La Quinta, California) to continue auditing him and overseeing Mary Sue's auditing, instead of returning to the position I had in Clearwater, Senior Case Supervisor Flag. He created a new position and appointed me `Senior Case Supervisor International.'

From 1979/1980 forward into 1982, I began to develop and release new technical procedures and began a long term project of `studying and researching, reviewing and correcting and possibly replacing the existing levels and developing new ones,' (a near paraphrase of how Hubbard described my work in a memo he wrote on or about April 14, 1982, in which he outlined what he expected me to continue to do in the event of his death). Until that time and even for a few months after, Hubbard thought highly of my work, frequently commended me and considered me to be his replacement for `technical' (i.e., relating to auditing techniques) matters. He went further in that memo, to say that it would be up to me to develop OT VIII (which contrary to PR statements, did not exist at that time) and subsequent levels. I was rather dismayed by this news as I had really been expecting him to do that; I wondered, if he as `The Founder' of the subject had not managed to develop these OT levels and the OT powers he had claimed for them, how could he expect me to able to fulfil his obligation --he had just tossed me the ultimate Hot Potato!​

And Criminal Time Track: A History of High Crimes Against Scientology:

4 June 1991 Memorandum Opinion And Order in RTC v Robin Scott:

This motion revives the issue of authorship of certain Scientology scriptures called NOTs. RTC argues that the "work made for hire" doctrine, as codified by the Copyright Act of 1976, necessarily imputes authorship of NOTs to Hubbard whether he or David Mayo actually created the materials.

The thrust of the defendants opposition is that Mayo was not an employee of Hubbard when Mayo developed the NOTs materials.

The court finds that it is an established fact that Mayo substantially participated in the drafting of NOTs. Ordinarily the creator of a written work is the author. However, the Copyright Act of 1976 treats "works made for hire" differently. If the written work is a work made for hire, "the employer or other person for whom the work was prepared is considered the author." 17 U.S.C. section 201(a).

RTC submitted documents to the court showing that Mayo was hired by CSC to perform work under the supervision of Hubbard. The court rejects that Hubbard was Mayo's employer but finds that CSC was his employer. It was established by the court that:

NOTs is based on Mayo's auditing of LRH. The Church literally follows everything Hubbard said, therefore, Hubbard's suggestions and criticism regarding the earlier drafts of NOTs would be adopted verbatim by CSC. Moreover, as reflected in the excerpted transcripts of the tapes, Hubbard actually exercised his right to control by making suggestions and criticisms.

The court determined that Mayo was an employee of CSC acting within the scope of his employment when he drafted NOTs, thus his substantial contribution to NOTs constitutes work made for hire under the Copyright Act.
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From the Otto J. Roos Story:

OT 2 Project "Whole Track Recall", myself I/C, briefed by LRH, as auditor, with Bernie Green and Dorothy Knight, to Ireland, which had to do with special sections of OT 2.

This research hat continued in the early SO days when Class VII on the Avon River in Las Palmas when OT 3 research was done in the Canary Islands.

In pure auditing tech he was just LRH! In this area he had a quality of just knowing, a certainty he passed on to those who worked with him on these lines, like John McMaster, David Mayo, myself, and this is something hard to relay in words. If one could describe experiencing co-existing knowingness, this would be it with this man.

The mistakes made in upper level research really hurt in mind and body. He must have been hit severely with his already much older body, and with every process known to man or beast ever developed (usually wrongly) run on him, especially in the old days, prior to O/R, rehab & L/N data.

He was not the Source of the data, it was always there, he was not even the Source of the way out and through, but he was the SOURCE WHO FOUND & RELAYED IT.

The auditing was not "easy way" for him and his research auditors, but he, and thereby we, got through.

1965/66 Further testing/research re low TA and Power Processing under LRH C/S and John McMaster Qual Sec, myself as auditor, the point looked for established.

The Ellen Carter, terminal cancer case on the CC who had to be gotten through as major research project. She was on the CC way ahead of myself. Not easy. John McMaster had the honour of verifying her Clear State, after which she immediately left the body. (In the old days Clears did not just attest, but were subjected to a series of tests.)

All this under LRH daily supervision/briefing, showing the tremendous exactness he was capable of. I audited her through the CC.

During "Mission into Time" he was away on the "Avon River" and I, on Flag, mocked up the H.O.T.A. Course (Hubbard Operating Thetan Auditor). He refused the name but telexed his approval to put it together. Back on Flag he called it the "Class VIII" Course, issued further tech data and got it started.

I had wanted Class VII as prerequisite, but he canceled that.

He also insisted the Course last 3 weeks.

"Quickies" were not started by Craig de Fan, Bill Deitsch and Rod Taunton. An early VIII lecture very specifically compares the grade to a curtain of which one only had to cut the cord upholding it to get the whole grade to come down. The only requirements then were the Mainline processes.

Later he wanted the additional processes compiled which were then held up "on lines" and not gotten through to him.

One night I just got up, bypassed the Messengers, walked into his Office and stated the need for them. He told me to sit down, and that night, early '69 (I think), the 1st expanded triple grades were written with LRH on one side of the table and me on the other, both writing all night long. That is how these HCOB's first came into being.

I was overboarded the next day by MSH for "bypassing".

The triple S&D which I originated and test ran went the same way. Held up in Ken Delderfield (CS7's) office, probably to "keep dev-t off his lines".

Triple Power, which I originated, wrote the commands for, test ran and sent up for approval ditto.

Even LRH ordered tech investigations could often not be gotten through to him except on DR (daily report) line, by making a "special deal" with the Messengers, or, if even the folders did not get through, by just walking into his office.

I don't believe anybody else ever did that, but in TECH matters I did (when I just had to) and, especially when successful, I got away with it. The data at least got through (and I sometimes overboarded, or chitted).

He was very validative to individuals who gave him lots of credit, especially when done in writing.

Originators of HCOB's, technical Policies had to always credit him, even though, at times, the mock up would have been entirely their own, as started to happen. This was OK by me as without him there would have been no tech in the first place, but it was sometimes not quite truthful as he would take another's data and make it known as an LRH item.

For example, there is an old Flag Order defining the Condition above power (which is CONTROL, unmodified), my answer to his question (Feb '68) of what I thought came above power, which reply was correct. There was also the old Student Rescue Intensive, several old time OT 3 HCOB's (still valid tech), like some Milazzo data and Green Green Form alignments, the early Triples, Grades, S&D and Power. (Re the S&D; Flag auditors were held responsible if Org pc's, upon return to their Orgs messed up. Old S&D's were a motivator process, as such OUT flow, and I refused to accept that our (Flag's) good auditing would be held responsible for a staff member's lack of know how on his post, which lack of know how did cause roller coaster, despite the LRH statement that only SP's did that. Hence the development of other flow S&D's and Student Assists.) Some of the OT 2 Platens were my findings, as well as the early work on the TR Course Training HCOB's. The IX, X, XI, and XII was test audited by the early (LRH) XII's, then written up by myself.

This was quite different from later compilation work by Tech Data & Compilation Bureaus, as this work was done all the way from the bottom on up. It was often done when he wasn't even around on the Apollo and when unexpected situations with pc's would come up, which had not yet been covered by HCOB's or published tech data, which sometimes hadn't even been researched yet, but which had to be handled with pc's.

John McMaster had been in the same position during the development of power processes.

Neither his name nor mine still appear on the relevant HCOB's since our "SP" status was discovered. (Where it could not be handled any other way, one will now read "Our toughest Course Supervisor", "a supervisor", "the cramming officer"; etc.)

It was a quite dubious state to be "SP", after having occupied the most senior tech posts, having mastered tech know how to such degree, having received these years of personal training by him, and produced the statistical results and contributions to the tech and its development.

But then, I'm sure, Nibs Hubbard [LRH Jr.], Dr. Joe Winter, the Halperns, John Galusha, Ray Kemp, Jack Horner, John McMaster, David Mayo, Brian Livingston, the Klingvalls, and maybe others must all have said the same thing.

It appears to invalidate the tech (was it entirely compiled and contributed to by "SP's"?).

It wasn't the tech, it was something which happened to all of those on tech lines who were very close to him in this area.

The tech only enhanced. It will have done the same to the other names given here despite their ultimate fate with regards the person of LRH.

The weakness in LRH was not that he too made mistakes but was the fact that he (1) appeared unable to admit it, and (2) invariably blamed somebody else.

His mistakes were always "another" publishing something over his name, when the tech terminals had seen it in his handwriting. I have sent LRH HCOB's back always stating that because of "typing errors" it needed review as follows....

To just send it back, even implying the mistake could possibly have been his would have resulted (and has done so, that's how I learnt this lesson!!) in shouting matches and a great chance of deep 6 OUT (no OT levels).

This did not change. Even the very recent HCOB about F/N's of 7.7.78 accuses "verbal tech just located", blaming "others" for not accepting F/N's with a TA not between 2.0 and 3.0, a rule virtually covered in every tech emanation re the E/Meter.

C/S instructions in his own handwriting, sometimes resulting in an HCOB, could at times be found incorrect. Another would get the blame in the cancelation. ("Quickies", the Jenny Edmonds CC Programme, the abbreviated SHSBC checksheet, the examples are numerous.)

And why? All he would have had to say - and he also did do that frequently - was that further research had proven such and such data false and that would have been the end of it.

He had, with the Commendation, also sent a note down regarding the body with some instructions, (not just his body, but bodies as an item). I wrote back, stating that I thought the point raised regarding them had been covered in the OT 3 materials, but he wrote that this was incomplete and to solo test run "Body Blue Print".

This was done during the next few months, the sessions sent up to him. Apart from session gradings and acks and his being "very pleased", I don't know what eventually happened with the data. He certainly was too sick physically to check it out on himself even though it was "being of great interest".

The section which is called "OT 8" today had been part of much earlier research and had already been given out by him to myself to test run, but had stranded on what much later became known as the NOTS materials.

The same barriers, NOTS & OT 8, looking at it now, also shipwrecked, so I imagine, the Body Blue Print steps. (This last statement is my opinion only, based on knowing the tech, it is not something he ever indicated to me!)

I compiled the IX to XII data into HCOB's.

An entire new type of auditing was piloted by me on pc P. Imburgia, half '71, causing LRH to be "delighted" and still in use in XII today.

Jan 1972 LRH in physical difficulties, Council of XII's (page 13). Finding, testing and running "Body Blue Print".
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From Edward G. Robles, Jr. at The good old days with Hubbard back in Scientology:

It was then that some strange things began to happen. Liz Byall and Judge Street developed a technique for rapidly straightening out a case which they called "Lock scanning."

(A "Lock" is a lighter incident somehow connected to the heavier stuff, but not terribly "charged" in itself;) unloading these wholesale tended to bring people upscale (later!) faster than a lot of other techniques. Hubbard came down on it like a ton of broken brick! It was "Dangerous," "Unauthorized," and a whole host of pejorative adjectives. Six weeks later, it came out as "Chain Scanning," "by" L. Ron Hubbard, and was not only Okay, but was touted as the newest and best technique from the fertile mind of the founder. Byall and Street were given no credit, although we who had their original paper found few differences other than the title, between it and the newest Foundation-blessed Hubbardian technique. In other words, our noble leader was - to put it politely - a plagiarist, or to be blunt, a thief. A little later, a friend of ours, Donald L. Sterling, or "D. Lyn Sterling" as he called himself, in unconscious imitation of Hubbard, wrote a right scholarly work entitled "Sex in the Basic Personality." For the time, and of its type, the book was good.

So good, in fact, that he told us, later, that he had been offered quite a deal. "If I had allowed the book to be published as being authored by Hubbard, I was offered a $25,000.00 advance and ten per cent. royalty on ALL sales! Naturally, I told them to get lost." (The book was later published by the Dianetic Foundation of Wichita, Kansas, after Hubbard severed his connection with it, as being "BY" "D. L. Sterling." He didn't make $2,500.00 from its total sales, and there was no advance.)

Hubbard made a practice of claiming the work of others as his own; in his view, it wasn't plagiarism; after all, if it hadn't been for him, whatever the work, it would not have even been conceived. Well, maybe; "How to Live Though an Executive," the Scientologists' Management Manual, was written by Richard de Mille, (Cecil B.'s son), although LRH claimed authorship, and the Scientological manifesto "Have You Lived Before This Life?" was obviously staff written, and rather carelessly put together. Had I been Hubbard, I'd have disclaimed having anything to do with it, but he calmly claimed Authorship in order to guarantee sales. (If you're a Scientologist, you're expected to have at least ONE copy of everything Hubbard ever wrote! (Or allegedly wrote.)

What we mostly sought were "Releases," another Dianetic term, meaning "People whose major aberrative circuits had been resolved." We no longer sought "Erasures;" That not only took too long, but had a tendency to backfire, since nothing ever really erased; it was always there, ready to plug back into the board if Survival dictated. I published, in the "Arc Light," an independent Dianetic Journal published by Bill and Dee Swygard in Florida, a paper on how to get around that; imagine my chagrin not too long thereafter, to find that it was one of the latest Hubbardian "Discoveries." Oh, well, at least it was out into the field, and could help people; I really didn't NEED the credit, did I?

Anything Scientological written during that time was mostly Staffed, and then signed off by the Great Man, usually without even being read. After all, these people were all varying degrees of Operating Thetan, and therefore were theoretically the equal, in practice, of Hubbard Himself, as long as they didn't try to take credit for anything they did. Actually, Hubbard had worked himself into the position of being the World's greatest Scapegoat; since he insisted on taking all of the credit unto himself, guess where the blame was affixed when things started to unravel?
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Nibs - from a 1984 taped interview:

And then also, insofar as tech itself is concerned, there's great vast chunks of it that he did not invent or create. But the moment somebody came up with it he took it over and falsely owned it and suppressed the original source. I can give you several examples and I think that if you talked to some of the people that's been around for a long time you can easily substantiate this. As an example, the creation and invention of exteriorization was by Evans Farber. He's the son of J. Burton Farber who set up the very first Church of Scientology of California which of course later, as it was set up and running well, Dad and I took over. So as you can see, the Church of Scientology of California is not original with L. Ron Hubbard, but with J. Burton Farber. I can remember sitting around in Dad's house on Tatem Boulevard in Phoenix, Arizona in 1953 - excuse me, 1952 - and Evans Farber, who was at that time attached to Ross Lamoureux's Dianetic and then Scientology center there in Phoenix, pacing around out in the front yard, not going away, demanding to see Dad. And in fact I even took out some cool drinks to the man, feeling sorry for him. But Dad absolutely refused to see him, he couldn't be bothered to talk with him. Evans was really super persistent and finally, after several hours of pacing around out front they got to talking. It wasn't more than about an hour later and Dad is jumping up and down in great glee and enthusiasm over this whole new procedure. And it wasn't too long after that all of a sudden L. Ron Hubbard had invented and created the thing called exteriorization. I think you can verify this with Evans Farber, who is still out and around Scientology. Then of course such things as acknowledgments was invented by a Richard Steves. Dick Steves, who was also Organizational Secretary (Org Sec) which was at that time the highest position in any organization. It would correspond to the head of the International Organization. And so that was started to be taught in the advanced clinical courses, which by the way I did over twenty of them. And then you have Jack Horner who taught Advanced Clinical Courses in England, an absolute master and superb teacher. He came up with I believe, the repetitive question. I believe I'm correct in that but he also I think came up with a couple of other very important things that are still used today. He's certainly out there alive and kicking and doing a good job, so why don't you ask him.

Let's take also the TR's. Gad, I invented about half of them and Dick and Jan Halpern who were assistant course instructors in the Advanced Clinical Courses made quite a heavy contribution in that area. You have also the CCH's. Dick and Jan and Ken Barrett and I contributed probably better than half of that plus particularly 8C - 8C's my baby. I came up with that because I got tired of the students not doing what I told them to do and when I told them to do something they had bloody well better have done it. So this was a good way of teaching control.


Some more from Nibs from the Clearwater Commission Hearing:

MR. LeCHER: You said that you had the Blown -- you devised the Blown Student

MR. DeWOLFE: The Blown Student, yes. Right.

...and from this page of the Clearwater Commission Hearing:

MR. HATCHETT: All right, thank you. I'm going to ask you a few rapid fire questions.

MR. DeWOLFE: Sure.

MR. HATCHETT: Your father wrote from the top of his head you kept emphasizing.

MR. DeWOLFE: Yes, correct.

MR. HATCHETT: A lot of fictional writing.

MR. DeWOLFE: That's correct.

MR. HATCHETT: Apparently, you did the same.

MR. DeWOLFE: No, not throughout the period there. I had written part of a book, as far as my own writing is concerned. I wrote all of the techniques and processes in a book which was published in England called Creative Learning. That was a series of processes used for -- on children in school. The fictional thing would be, for instance, like, The History of Man, coming up and creating the incidents, as I mentioned the clam, that type-of thing. But I have written very little of anything after Scientology.

MR. HATCHETT: All right, thank you. That satisfies me.

...and this from the last pages of the Clearwater Commission Hearing:

MR. LeCHER: I have two quick ones the attorney would like me to ask. How was the money carried out of the country? And in the organization, was it Hubbard's - excuse me policy to have all the writings bear his name?

MR. DeWOLFE: Yes. He was Source. That must have been repeated fifty million times. "L. Ron Hubbard is Source. L. Ron Hubbard is Founder. L. Ron Hubbard is Creator." It is his game. "It is my game," he would say..."This is mine; it belongs to me." And everything that was written by anybody else -- and there are many little bits and pieces that were written by other people, and many of the processes and training drills and et cetera that were written and invented and created by other people -- but at all times it was L. Ron Hubbard. That was the only name attached to it. Even if we wrote policy letters and he would review them and, then, put his name on it. So, everything was -- that was his -- one of his first, basic, standard orders at that time.


MR. CALDERBANK: Right. But why -- if many of the policies and ideas were yours and you came up with them, why are they all copyrighted to L. Ron Hubbard?

MR. DeWOLFE: Because he owns them. What I mean is there's only one Source, one Founder. He always insisted on that regardless of whatever was done was him. And it really didn't make an awful lot of difference to me. If you look at it within the context of the time, it was rather, immaterial to me.
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Good info here, but the thread title seems a little over the top. I don;t think too many people here will be shocked to learn that Hubbard stole something. :coolwink:


Good info here, but the thread title seems a little over the top. I don;t think too many people here will be shocked to learn that Hubbard stole something. :coolwink:

Yeah...I took a page out of Hubbard. :wink2:

I probably should've had something like the "The Only Item Ever Needed to Resolve Everyone's Case" or "The Surest Step to the Oneshot Clear" something like that.


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Not really tech-related - I had previously thought that the first published appearance of the word "Scientology" dated back to 1934:


I was recently pleased to find DOX showing an even earlier use of the word. Over at Sacred Texts they show Scientology being used in a book called "The New Word" by Allen Upward, published in 1910.


The description accompanying the book casts doubt on whether or not L Ron Hubbard plagiarised it from this earlier source.

. . . Some opponents of Scientology have implied that this indicates that Hubbard plagiarized the word. However, I'm not aware of any evidence that Hubbard knew of this fairly obscure book. And the philosophy which Upward expounds in The New Word has nothing to do with any of the ideas of the latter-day Scientologists, as far as I can tell.

In fact, Upward uses it here as a disparaging term, to indicate a blind, unthinking acceptance of scientific doctrine. Nor is the 'New Word' of the title Scientology. Rather, the word here is Idealist, drawn from Alfred Nobels' will, the starting point for Upward's essay, and as Upward shows, a difficult concept to pin down . . .

I'm not sure who the author of that quote is (John Hare, maybe) and what information was used to base this conclusion on. But, anyway, there you go . . . another piece of Scientology trivia . . . speaking of which, can such obscure snippets of data properly be referred to as "para-Scientology"?

; )



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That's the topic of real great interest to all of us I think who want to solve the riddles ans puzzles of what is right and wrong with this bloody tech.

But please bear in mind you great old timers that if you want these infos to be broadly grasped and your credits properly acknowledged that it would need to be put well into context and in a way that could be understood by someone who isn't necessarily familiarized with all the subject.

I deeply cherish the value of your contributions that were made when these breakthroughs occured and even more what is yet to come in the straightening out of you as real sources or contributors and correct evaluation of the validity of your discoveries.

May 2012 be the year of the new revelation...

ALL2U and happy new year!:coolwink::coolwink::coolwink:
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The word scientology first was used in 1908


"This text ran on ebay to sell this book item #130089204681
Feb 1 2008
First use of the word 'Scientology' in Print Anywhere!
The New Word
by Allen Upward

(corresponding member of the Parnassus Philological Society, Athens)

1908 London - Second Edition (First Edition was published anonymously - this listed edition was the first one published under Allen Upward's name)

320 pages

Aside from being a very fascinating book in its own rite , this book contains the first coining of the word 'Scientology' in print. Allen Upward was quite the wordsmith and if you read him you will see that he is always creatively coining words to fit his meaning. That L. Ron Hubbard used the word 'Scientology' for his practical religious philosophy in 1952 is what really makes this book interesting. L. Ron Hubbard was always coining a word or two himself to make his work easier to understand.

There are three usages of 'Scientology' in this book and they occur on pages 139, 149 & 156.


(long contents snipped see LINK)

Please see picture - this is my only copy of this rare 1908
second edition from England
- I have never run across another copy of this edition."

--------------------end of ebay listing

And I did not win the bid for this item...it went for a lot but I dont recall the amount..I felt i was bidding against RTC... I did message the sellor with a few questions, and he added this note about the 3 times the word Scientology was used,

Scientology: "it meant pseudo-science!"


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I probably should've had something like the "The Only Item Ever Needed to Resolve Everyone's Case" or "The Surest Step to the Oneshot Clear" something like that.

While this information may not be shocking for us regulars, I suspect that it will be in the future for many readers, those who exit the CoS and come here looking for info on WTF happened. IMO, this is exactly the type of info that will help them break the spell they've been put under. So I love the thread title. :thumbsup:

For new people who come here for the first time there is so much information here. This title should grab their attention. :biggrin:


Here's some more from Alan Walter and the OPENING PANDORA'S BOX thread:

Jack Horner a former actor discovered and developed the ‘repetitive process procedures’, it took him 7 years to fully prove out this procedure, testing it over several thousand client hours – millions of dollars were spent by these clients – yet we can teach a person how to do this in a couple of hours.

Gordon Bell in early 1963 discovered the subject of by-passed charge and where it stemmed from, he also put together the material that is known as the grades.

I had dinner with Gordon Bell that evening in during which he shared with me his discoveries. From those discoveries I developed the first Correction Lists.

List 1 was designed to handle UPSETS caused by by-passed-charge. The second List became List 4. The purpose of which was to handle by-passed-charge caused by wrong answers and wrong items.

Another discovery I originated was the Good and Bad Indicators – these indicators stemmed from my studies of the Stock Market. Many other students contributed to this including Hubbard.

Ava and Charles Berner, professors of English discovered and developed much of the study technology we use, they had spent almost 40 years each in their research – research that had spanned many of the foremost educators down through time - we teach what they discovered in 3 weeks.

Richard Steeves, Jan and Richard Halpern discovered and developed the procedures that are the forerunners of our SPIEPIR technology. This technology has been in development for 52 years – 100’s of thousand of hours and millions of dollars have been spent developing these procedures – we teach how to do it in a few days.

Hubbard’s son L. Ron Hubbard Jr., developed the forerunner to our Presence drills, these were taken from Buddhist Meditating Exercises that were 2000 years old.

One of the most difficult things to do is report accurately.

For example: I and several other Scio's had dinner with Chuck and Ava Berner at the Forrest Row Hotel, it was June 1964, the night before Chuck and Ava were to meet with LRH to go over this new discovery they made to do with study.

We were all enthralled with what they had discovered.

Imagine the shock we had when LRH told us in a the lecture that night that he had made a momentous discovery in the field of study.

The data he gave was almost word for word with what the Berner's had discussed with us the previous night.

There was no mention of the Berner's who were in the audience.

They were devastated.

What made me sick was I made LRH right to do this......I did not support the Berner's.....I simply went elsewhere.

I put my own survival above my honor......what a price I was to pay for that.

Not only me but all of us.......for I believe that is the moment that LRH went to the dark-side.

is there more you can tell us of other's contibutions? This is important for false data stripping KSW

QUESTION POSED TO ALAN: 1. Did you have contributions to Scientology tech that are part of Scientology? I know you developed your own tech after leaving.

ALAN'S ANSWER: Yes, I originated the Locate and Indicate Tech and the Correction List Tech.

The 1st one was L4. List Corrections.

The 2nd was L1 - ARC Break Handling.

From those came the other Correction Lists.

The GPM Tech was failing on almost everyone........it got so bad that often on a Monday morning 90% of the students in the Z unit were home in bed sick or in hospital.

Poor old Herbie and Reg Sharpe had to go around to the hospitals and houses to recover them.

I was finished with my check sheets so I offered to clean up all the failing students.......my auditing room was the "boiler room" - every day I would have lines of people needing sessions.......some unconscious, (they used to put them in a wheel barrow to bring them to me.)

It was during this time (45 years ago) I created the correction Lists.....L4 first and L1 second.

I got so accomplished at fixing cases that it rarely took me more that 10 mins to get the clients indicators back in and their case condition sorted out.

LRH came by one day and saw the line of people waiting for me to clean them up - even saw a couple of unconcious people being brought in a wheelbarrow.

He asked me what I was doing - I told him - gave him my Correction Lists - hatted him on how to do it - the rest is history.

Ethics or Qual also did not exist in those days.

The fact is Correction Lists do not handle charge - they are designed to locate the by-passed-charge and key it out.

The charge is left behind.

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Great posts from Alan and Gordon Bell/Mystic (with great questions from Emma) from the PANDORA'S BOX thread:

"Bypassed Charge" was not invented or discovered by hubbard

Interview with Gordon Bell on IRC chat, he is using the nickname {Druid}

Q: Do you have any LRH stories to tell?
Druid: [LRH was ] either stoned on cocaine or his own evil.
Druid: yeah, Blubbard stole the idea of "bypassed frigg'n charge" from me.
Q: Are you serious? You came up with "bypassed charge"?
Druid: As far as I've since been able to grok, Blubbard wasn't even a freewill spiritual being.
Druid: was just a shade projection from the lower astral darkness.
Druid: Yes, I came up with so-called "bypassed charge"
Q: How did you come up with it? What made you think of that term?
Druid: oh gawhd, goes back to St. Hill in the early 60s when we were "researching" the illusion called "goals".
Druid: We were doing rather well, too. "We" being the St. Hill students.
Druid: But Blubbard couldn't stand it.
Druid: It drove him bonkers to think that a "thetan" might find his/her own goals, [ and ] run the charge off of them,
Druid: and become more powerful than Blubbard!!!
Druid: so he stopped it all!
Arnie: damn druid, you never told me that
Druid: and changed the whole line to "implants"
Q: What do you mean he stopped it all?
Druid: well, I protested, fucking LOUDLY!!!!!
Druid: like I was ready to take Herbie Parkhouse and Blubbard both on.
Druid: physically!
Druid: in physical battle.
Druid: Well, it became Herbie's job to "handle" me.
Druid: and he was doing a terrible job of it. LOL.
Druid: anyhow, I was "handling" myself.
Druid: and finally I tells ol' Herbie:
Druid: "It's just by-passed charge from my own goals."
Druid: and at that herbie, who was the auditing supervisor at St. Hill at the time
Druid: suddenly shut up and listened.
Druid: and I told him about by-passed charge.
Druid: lol
Q: So the concept of auditing goals became implants? Inverse.
Druid: I should have copyrighted it on the spot!!!
Druid: anyhow, Herbie writes all this down and runs off to his puppetmaster The Blubbard
Druid: next thing you know "by-passed charge" auditing is introduced.
Q: Interesting story, Druid.
Druid: Yeah. Blubbard introduced his cocaine-invented "Helatrobus Implants".
Arnie: I met druid in 1967
Q: So you fellas go back a feeer piece.
Druid: Arnie and I have a 'thing'.
Druid: a spiritual love affair.
Druid: I first touched the scienoturds in 1956.
Druid: David Mayo invented NOTS.
Q: Yes, I knew that.
Druid: There were some other inventions i came up with too. Forget what they were.
Druid: John McMaster put the Clearing Course together.
Druid: Alan Walters did a whole mess of stuff.
Druid: I think alan did all the auditing by lists carrying on.
Druid: I tried hard, to be a true believer. Well, I very succeeded in being a true pretender...like everyone else.
Druid: Dust is a baby compared to my age.
Yes, therein lies the catch.
Druid: I am more ancient than the Ancient of Days.
Q: At least you've maintained a sense of humor about it all.
Druid: Well, i had a humungous spiritual revelation about 11 years ago and have never been the same since.
Q: Tell me.
Druid: I had no withdrawel pains from the cult.
Druid: Well, I did the whole entire goddamn worthless ass so-called 'bridge'.
Q: Neither did I, except wondering what might happen with my children in the future.
Druid: and I knew I had not even scratched the surface of true spirit.
Druid: and I know of another technology, called "meditation"
Druid: Well, I had seen statues and pics of The Buddha off and on, and he was always in meditation
Q: Yes, and seeking to live with an attitude of love.
Druid: and I'd wonder, What in the world is he doing in there?
Druid: So I sat down and started doing what I thought he as doing.
Druid: That! was the most spiritually correct thing i ever did up to that time.

The day Mystic discovered the BPC Tech - he and I had lunch at Fortes - he told me of his discoveries!

That Afternoon I went back to St Hill - offered to clean-up ALL the failed BC students - I chose the Boiler Room to do it,

I told no-one what I was doing (to be honest I did not know how to articulate it) - but from those actions the Original L1 and L4 came into existence - these lists were designed to handle BPC - not Charge.

Often people would start a line outside the boiler room - a few would be in wheelbarrows - a few days later LRH was standing there - he wanted to know what was going on - I told him - he asked me for a copy of what I did - he rushed back to his crypt - he took those Lists and and issued the L1 and L4 correction lists as his originations.



Oh Alan this is HILARIOUS! I didn't know you were doing all that.

Hey, when we could manage to get that ego-bloated red-headed turd out of the way, we could get some really good schidt done.

At that momeny in Fortes I got instantly what you had discovered

I remember you and Herbie tucked away in his office - Herbie writing down every single word you said! - THAT NIGHT LRH ISSUED THE BPC BULLETIN AS HIS DISCOVERY - NO MENTION OR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF YOU



Well, there I was, and there we were, sitting in the Y Unit in the basement of/at St. Hill Manor. We were really big-time mahfuggahs; why, we--no, WE were those who had had our GOAL found, checked out even, and had but to do on the SHSBC but complete our checksheets (which, of course, were never-ending as they were continually continually continually ad infinitum ad nauseum being added to) (Hubbard never could complete anything and he would hardly allow anyone else to); and then go into the Z unit and have our fugg'n goal runTF out so we could be big OatTeas and control the universes--and all that blackass magique carrying on.

This was just before my ground-breaking, breathtaking, theta-shattering, epic discovery of By-Passed Charge. So let's see how this horror story fits in here.

All of a sudden our complacency was shattered by the thundering hoofbeats Good-Gawhd-Awmighty-everyone-into-the-Chapel (oh what a blasphemy calling it THAT was).

And just WTF were we to do in the Chapel? Oh gawhd, who gives a good hot one--we were to get the goal 'To Forget' to "rocket read" on the ol' e-meter on a PC. Well OK, by this time we were properly docile sheep, so into the Chapel we all go, mighty e-meter in hand.

Well, I made To Forget RR on my PC, and then it came my turn. And To Forget wouldn't RR on me. Oh wonderful, joy, rejoice, Angels sing! Butt! Evil was not to be daunted. All the other Make-To Forget-RR sessions were over and there Wally Handeland and I were and I wasn't RRing. Herbie was there too and ol' HubTurd was outside the door of the Chapel giving Herbacious directions and Herbacious would give the directions to Wally and Wally would try it out...all to no avail.

Soooooooooooooooo, Herbie couldn't stand it. He moves Wally out of the chair and sits himself behind the ol' e-meter and being VERY assertive (as Herbie could be--Gawhd love 'im...and I even liked the guy), he diddle-farts around a bit and then quite powerfully calls out "To Forget To Forget To Forget! That rocket-reads, that's your goal!" (rofl)

And then the fit hit the shan.

No no no. I wasn't just "ARC Broken", way too mild. I was pissed. I was pisseD. I was pissED pisSED piSSED pISSED PISSED!!! Like I was one very indignantly angry little boy...and Herbie had no "tech" to handle it.

And by this point, dear readers, you might be wondering just WTF MY goal was instead of this "Helatrobus" (It hadn't been named that yet by Hub the Bub) 'To Forget' POS. (POS--that's a highly techincal term meaning Piece of Shit.)

Well, I'm done with this chapter in this horror story and we'll see if I can get Chapter 2 (and hopefully the final chapter) done within the next couple of hundred years

or so. Let's post what we have here now....


I remember that day well - Lrh on pins and needles outside the Chapel passing C/S's to Herbie LoL!

What is being omitted here about Ron's situation is his Auditor MSH hates his guts - having recently found out about his infidelities in NY - MSH was one pissed off Auditor and PC.

Ron had truly gone to the darkside and was taking us and Scio with him


Jack Horner

In 1950, Jack Horner was one of several instructors who came out to Los Angeles, where he was from anyway, he went to help teach that first course here in Los Angeles which had about 500 willing students.

Jack develops the Repetitive question techniques

Jack speaking:

“Near the end of that period when I was working at the Los Angeles organization,

I developed a form of what was called “concept straightwire”, which was a set of repetitive question techniques?

Not repeater phrases, but a repetitive question.

So I introduced into Dianetics the idea of the repetitive question, which I’d forgotten about until A. E. van Vogt (American science fiction writer) recently reminded me of it.

Hubbard did such a good job of taking the credit I forgot that I’d developed it.

* * *

For a full comprehensive and fascinating write up about Jack Horner - the latest copy of Ivy Magazine features this story and much more: Contact:: [email protected]



More on By-passed ass charge. Part 2.

So there I am all wonderfully and vehemethly willing to go to war with Herbie or LRH standing outside the door, or both. You've probably been there before: totally willing to engage in any aspect of any battle which might precipitate. It's all-out WAR. (If you've never had incarnations as a warroir, well...you probably will someday. We've got an estimated billion planetary years left in this Cosmic Day.)

I think Herbie saw this and he moved us away from the auditing table and over to his desk, whereupon he starts telling me what had been going on with the St. Hill Staff in their sessions on this To Forget carrying on. He was trying to ameliorate the very magnified warrior state I was quite willingly sitting in.

I recognized this and I respected him for it, but I also recognized it was not going to "handle" the situation. OK, so I was going to have to "handle" it myself. And I did. I leaned forward and said, "Herbie, Herbie. I know what it is." ("it" of course being all this "charge".)

Herbie continued to describe the St. Hill staff thing.

"HERBIE! I know what is going on!."

Ah! He looked at me. I actually got his attention.

"Herbie," I say in a in a quite benevolent tone, "what it is, is the by-passed charge from the goal 'To be an assassin'."

I saw he got it, somewhat, as I could see something was beginning to click

inside his head.

So again, "Herbie, it's the by-passed charge from the goal 'To be an assassin'."

And he got it! All of a sudden he starts writing something down on paper and madly rushes out of the Chapel. Well, it was obvious he was off to see Hub the Blub. I couldn't at this point detect if Hub was still outside the Chapel door or not. It seemed as though he was not and I could see that this was going to take a while.

Well, it was after lunch time and with all the tight-ass scheduling at St. Hill, I went to lunch...and I heard nothing more about it. All was just "normal" again when I got back to St. Hill and just went on with my regular afternoon checksheet carrying on.

The next thing I know man O man there is by-passed charge action coming down all over the joint. Somehow or another Alan was synchronistically in all this. I don't know if it was his sync or my sync or our sync or WTF, but finding and handling BPC became the order of the day...for a while.

I remember my auditor had been instructed to run me on every by-passed charge list there was. And even though I was an advanced student on the SHSBC at the time, I had no idea where in the world she was getting these lists! Hopefully she was stealing them from Alan.

Alan, WTF were you doing in the background?????

...oh, and before I end this off, please take note of this crazy "goal" I had found on me, "To Be An Assassin"...rofl. Up to the time of finding this goal most of the goals kicking around (like we could hear one-anothers' sessions as we were all in the Chapel auditing) were goodguy goals from 'To Be the Leader' to 'To Be Queen of the Universe'. I sort of twisted a lot of heads around with this goal, including Hub the Blub. Who was soooo jealous a few months later he said in a BC lecture that there was no such goal as 'to be an assassin'.

Personally, I just do not give a hot doodoo.

# # #
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Alan Walters from Origins of "Scientology" Tech thread:

Jack Horner a former actor discovered and developed the ‘repetitive process procedures.

Ava and Charles Berner English teachers discovered and developed much of the study technology, they spent almost 40 years each in their research of other pioneers of teaching and methods of study.

"Nib's" Hubbard, Richard Steeves, Jan and Richard Halpern discovered and developed the procedures that are the forerunners of the TRs and Objectives.

They came from the early Bhuddist teaching.


Here's an interesting post but the link is dead - too bad because it would be pertinent...

John Galusha’s technical contributions as described by Mike Goldstein:

Maybe someone has further information regarding this?


Here's a neat little tidbit that comes from the Dart Smohen Story that can be downloaded from Paul's Rabbit.

Plagiarism re drug release rehabs

Around August, Hubbard received reports from Pam Kemp concerning innovative rehab procedures they had been doing on people with drug highs. Coupled with this was the emerging influence of drugs and their apparent effect on case gain. Hubbard gaily took Pam's work and subsumed it into his own creation. This was a common thread with Hubbard: receiving info from someone and calling it his own development. I remember Alex Sibersky telling me later on, that at dinner one night, Hubbard proudly told them he had made an amazing breakthrough on the subject of drugs. Alex and the others were dumbfounded as they all knew it was all in Pam's report, but who was going to contradict Hubbard?