Similarities between Miss Cabbage, Co$ and GSA / Spending spree in Las Vegas

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I am watching CSPAN right now. GSA is getting ripped for spending $850,000 on parties, Coins, $44 breakfasts, donating 24 bicycles to indigent children, mind readers, parties, parties and more parties all on the Tax Payers dime!! Absolute criminals! The head on "leave" but gets his salary of $170K because he has RIGHTS! He is "routing off staff" but it takes months and he gets to keep his paycheck. Federal Employee...have rights be a criminal and get away with it.:yes:

Miss Cabbage ...has rights...gets BMW's, Chefs, messenger's in hot pants, massages, hair dresser, designer suits, unlimited funds to sue people, the key to the HOLE and abundance of space in which to put the bitter, defrocked apostates etc..:whistling:oh, let's not forget Lisa McPherson..he got to play C/S and declare her "clear", send her spinning and then lock her up with no one talking to her...and then finally kill her!:angry: DM: "People die"

Does anyone see any similarities between GSA and the Co$. Can anyone post the videos here? I don't know how to do it.
There is a lot of similarities between the US government and the Cult of Scientology!

Breaking news... just got a call from the Cult - need dono's so that we can "clear" Indonesia of their wallets and sanity. Any able (people with financial reserves) beings in Indonesia? Remember, Lafatty Hubbturd said we can "help" the unable (people with no money reserves) but "we need to focus on the able (people with money reserves) like Maria Pia Gardini! It is just the right thing to do!" LRH

Also, just got a call from a staffer that there are financial seminars/prosperity workshops held at Idle Morgues to help you prosper and flourish so they can then take any money you make. It is only $50 for this powerful seminar filled with tech from SOURCE- Old yellowed hair, fat, brown teeth and long fingernails to hold his next snack for O.T.O. 57 - Lafatty Ron HubbTURD!

If you have any money -please help the Culties dip into your finances so they can continue to extort, bribe and destroy people. BRING A FRIEND - but make sure they are ABLE (have lots of money) cuz the Cult does not have the resources to deal with the UNABLE (people with no reserves). :unsure:
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The GSA parties and the Seeeekrit Service partying hard with Columbian hookers is a red herring to distract from the multi trillion dollar corruption that the lamestream media either buries or simply never mentions in the first place.

Regarding the nature of corruption at the highest levels and who is running things here on planet earth, and what the tie-in to the Cof$ is ... check out this link, it is a repost from the Clambake.