Skeptoid mentions Scientology (sort of)


***[Yes, I am cross-posting this since some forums have direct downloading from the forum, while others do not. Links will be supplied if needed.]***

Skeptoid (Brian Dunning) had a rather tame, and that's being polite, episode on Scientology a couple weeks ago. This week's episode was a megamix of sorts of music styles from various periods in history, each discussing whatever woo-woo/alternative medicine/psychic humbug was popular at the time. The final song is a decent generalized/stereotypical-sounding pop song about "Energy" and stuff like touch healing and reiki and whatnot. A little bit in, the following lyrics are uttered:

"Little girl, what you need from me?
Don't need no Scientology..."

Figured I'd take 5 minutes and extract it, if nothing else but to hopefully give a couple people a chuckle or two. The RAR with the full "Energy" song and the Scn mention is at:

Rapidshare link
Full list of links at

If you want to hear the entire megamix, download it here. And if you haven't already, check out Skeptoid, it's good stuff.