Slappy does Sydney again !!!


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There's several interesting points about all of this:

Cult weren't supposed to open at Chatswood until the multi-million dollar bus-stop had been completed, yet they went ahead and Duke Miniscule jetted into town to yank His ribbon regardless of THAT minor detail. Traffic chaos is probably ensuing, affecting the poor residents.

Cult working hours are outside the parameters set by the DA, so cult go ahead and continue THEIR standard working hours; forget the stupid wog regulations - there's a planet to clear.

Obviously SO minions are sleeping on the property despite it being disallowed specifically in the DA.

Cult has more traffic going to and from the property than they admitted to in their submission to the Council.

There's more there but I haven't gotten my head around this whole thing as yet. But the cult are obviously doing the standard cult "maintain friendly relations with the environment" that we all know they do sooooooo well.

I think there is potential here for the residents to demand action from the Council to force the cult to obey the law AND fine the cult for refusing to do so.

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I really hope something happens Scooter. It is such an obvious nose thumb to the Council.
Scientology needs to know that the laws of the land apply.