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Small adults with no childhood: children in Scientology


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I found a very nice person that translated a part of my German diplom thesis. Theme of this part is the regulary child abuse in Scientology. Imho that person made a very good and actual English version. Thank you very much!

Complete article and references at http://kindseininscientology.wordpr...ts-with-no-childhood-children-in-scientology/

Scientology claims to create happy, loving, and productive human
beings and happy families. It achieves exactly the opposite.

Hubbard himself did not like children: "If you can tell the difference
between a lot of little kids you run into, and psychos, I'll give you
a medal." (L. Ron Hubbard, Professional Auditor's Bulletin Nr. 119
"The Big Auditing Problem", 1.9.1958. )

Hubbard taught that children are small adults, able to think and fend
for themselves from a very early age. "Scientologists are encouraged
not to treat sick children with conventional medication, not to
comfort and nurture children, and to cut or restrict ties with
grandparents if they are not Scientologists."

"They had children doing physical work, sometimes 40 to 60 hours a
week. It could be anything - shoveling gravel, laying carpet, but
mostly it was clerical work ... Many of the children don't do as well
as they should academically."

"If I was ill, my mother gave me a 'touch assist" where I would lie
down and close my eyes and she would touch me with her finger and ask,
'Feel my finger.' This was also done until I felt better. I never
felt better from theses processes but would have to pretend I did
because she wouldn't stop until I said I felt good."

Teresa Summers claimed that children are routinely asked to spy on one
another and are subjected to gruelling punishments. "It's called
making amends, and it can be anything - my daughter was made to scrub
poles, paint walls, report on her friends. I let her do all that,"
she said.

Children as young as six are also subjected to security checks or "sec
checks". One list designed for children aged 6 to 12 included the
following "insidious, guilt-inducing" questions. [HCO Bulletin, 21
September 1961]

- What has somebody told you not to tell?
- Do you have a secret?
- Have you ever made yourself sick or hurt yourself to make somebody sorry?
- Have you ever spoiled things for people?
- Have you ever done anything you shouldn't when you were supposed to
be asleep?

Children may be disconnected. Children who misbehave are by
definition suppressive and so they are forbidden to have contact with
their parents, because they hinder the advancement of their parents in
Scientology. [Eimuth 1997, 90f.] U.S. Sonntag was told that her son
was a "suppressive person" and that the org was going to make an
example of him. 'In the Italian restaurant one floor below the Org a
small boy sat alone at a table and ate. His mother sat apart from him
at another table. I was told that the boy was an SP and that his
mother must handle him. She had to disconnect from him in order to
move forward."

"The end-product is a disturbed child, who is unable to adapt. These
children carry with them overwhelming guilt, always confronting or
experiencing their past crimes, like the endless repetition of a
horror film, trying to understand them well enough to bring closure."
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lrh was an evil envious sociopath
may he rot in hell
for a billion years

No, wait, scratch that, make it an eternity.


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Thank you for posting this great article here :)

„If you can tell the difference between a lot of little kids you run into, and psychos, I’ll give you a medal.“:omg::angry::no:

L. Ron Hubbard, Professional Auditor’s Bulletin Nr. 119 „The Big Auditing Problem“, 1.9.1958.

Hubbard was a crazy, criminal person.....



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is smooth and nice in one context ...

but beneeth the PR surface you'll find nasty Steven King Stories. :omg::omg::omg:
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gradients/Ruth Minshull

The harsh discipline/SP dogma applied to children totally disregards the tech on gradients. That children are beings in child bodies is truth, however. But, even if you buy into "whole track" and past lives, so what, they are still children.

From time and again, when my son was a young child, under age 5 ... he would get into all of the usual things that active boys get into ... banged up and scraped knees, elbows, small cuts, etc. And of course, he would be crying and not want to be treated with washing out the cut or scrape and have a bandage applied. If you remember your childhood, you remember those times, particularly if you're a guy. I WAS able to get GREAT results with my son those times. What I would do is, in a calm but strong voice, tell him that "this is a grown-up situation" and that if not treated, the scrape or cut could get worse, and that "I absolutely need you to be a grown-up for just 2 minutes" and he would respond to that and come thru for me and allow me to treat his cut or scrape for him without a fight or a fuss, then I would compliment him on handling it so well, and tell him it was ok to go back to being a child. That approach actually worked, he really did understand.

Another thing I would do is push him a little bit further each time we went on a little hike. There were times when he got to the point when he simply could go no further and absolutely insisted on riding on my shoulders on the way back, but by the time he was 5 he was absolutely insisting on leading his mom on this 3 mile hike up to this water tower. (It was a kind or rural neighborhood in California, there was a park with a climb up a hill to a water tower.) There is such a thing as expecting more and more from a child, recognizing that he is a spiritual being, etc. But it has to be done with love and of course on a gradient. Its called being a parent. I miss those days and look forward to grandchildren.



I'm not surprised that LRH had a problem with kids, was down on them, and that he made moves to control, stifle and oppress them.

Kids are so often full of life and spirit, are determined, and the world is their oyster. That aside though, from my experience, generally they see what's going on and have little or no qualms about calling it as it is. They so often aren't affected yet by the "now I'm supposed to's", they see it as it is, don't buy into BS, and call a spade a spade.

In life I've observed parents/adults who are generally down on kids and who have tried to oppress them......They've always been the types who have plenty to hide, and they can't stand the way that kids see straight through them. LRH had a lot to hide, so whilst his advices were cruel, coming from him, in my reckoning it kinda fits.


lrh was an evil envious sociopath
may he rot in hell
for a billion years

No, wait, scratch that, make it an eternity.

^^^THIS^^^ :thumbsup:

And Carmel's post :thumbsup:

Sauerlaunderin: Nicely done. You've captured the Hubbard attitude toward children perfectly. He demonstrated it over and over in the Sea Org. :angry:

Here are a few more gems about children from that evil psychopath:

"It has been established that the smaller Sea Org Members have play time. This is not a requirement. They are more than willing to do their jobs and will, if given the chance." L Ron Hubbard FO 779, 29 May 1969

"Children...may only go on liberty with the permission of the Conning Officer...."
"If a child or these children are found in Hold 1 or any hidden compartment of the ship they are to be locked up."
"The Governess may spank or discipline children under her care at her own discretion." L Ron Hubbard FO 1630, 9 Dec 1968


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After all the negative and evil Hubbard quotes and things, (it is good to write it down) I am having now the feeling to hear and read anything positive.

"Give the children love, more love and still more love – and the common sense will come by itself."
Astrid Lindgren’s comment in a debate concerning children’s rights

This words are from my favorite child book. Where two children fight against the evil.
"But then Jonathan said it was something he must do, even if it was dangerous. ‘Why?’ I wondered. ‘Otherwise you’re not a human being but just a piece of dirt’ said Jonathan."
Jonathan to Scotty, from The Brothers Lionheart (1973)

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