SME talks about the original LRH biography


Con te partirò
A snipped post from SME in reply to Barbara Schwarz

And Barbara, I know many things of LRH that would not please you but I
have not tried to broadcast them on here. Heck I even was the one who
negotiated with Omar Garrison to pay him off to not publish the
biography on LRH that turned out to be a critical one and I personally
turned it over to Norman Starkey at ASI to "kill it". Present at that
meeting was Vaughn Young, myself, three LRH attorneys (the Lenske
brothers and Barry Litt) and Omar and his attorney. The biography was
called "L. Ron Hubbard, His Life, His Loves and His Letters". This was
the biography that ultimately was written that folks like Gerry
Armstrong worked on back in his MCCS days. I have seen Gerry's honest
attempts to try to get DM and the like to stop lying about LRH's past.
They refused to and the biography they got did not forward those lies
and thus it had to be killed.

I know you really respect this man Barbara (LRH that is) and while I
respect your right to feel that way, I can tell you that there is much
about him that is not what he appeared to be in scientology writings.
Personally I most loved his writings about kindness, greatness, the
spirit of play, art and the like. I consider it a pity that they were
not often applied in real life.