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One day when I'm less busy, I'll install more themes. They take a bit of tweaking, and each custom theme has it's own quirks.

cool, no rush.

if you are ever in that playful mood, an elegant orange element vs a pleasingly balanced gray (not dark) background might be something.

Hey, I am thrilled wtih what you pulled together for the REBIRTH of this fabulous place--so your karmic ledger already has mega-credits, girl !!!


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Hi Emma,

I see you have adopted a Meritorious Trophy system, LOL, LOL! Gotta love it!

If you adopt a ranking system then you get to be Commodore and we will form a Ranks and Ratings Committee to give the same 5 or 6 people a promotion every year.


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I'm finding I like the darker background as it minimizes the annoying effect of my post vitreous detachments inside my eyeballs. But when I read a hoaxy post from 100 stupid moments he used a red font and it was very difficult to read with the red against the dark background.

Post vitreous detachment: like a vitreous floater on steroids. A big cloudy translucent blob that floats around inside the eye and interferes with vision and refracts light severely reducing the enjoyment of seeing.