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Some Basic Concepts of Scientology-Speak


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This is not intended to communicate that these are all of the basics of Scientology. These are some of the most important basics. These terms and concepts are often used and/or referred to by both current and ex-scientologists.

The explanations given below are based on my study of such. If you wish to disagree with my explanation, you are invited to explain it yourself, or say where you disagree with it.

If you wish to find the actual source of the data, please feel free to obtain materials published by the CofS to obtain such data.

Theta, Mind, Body

A person is considered to be a spiritual being (Thetan) which uses a body to communicate with other beings that have bodies.

The analytical mind is the portion of the mind which computes and uses known data to come to conclusions. It is said that this is a misnomer (wrong name) because there is truly no analytical mind seperate from the thetan. The thetan IS the analytical mind.

The reactive mind is a recording in energy (explained below) associated with pain/unconciousness which the being carries around to use as data to apply to solutions. However, because these recordings are not actually confronted fully, the reactive portion of the mind provides this data in circumstances which do not actually apply and so the person is abberated (crooked in thought).


Auditing is supposed to do one of two things:

Processes and procedures to get the person to confront these past experiences which, according to Scn theory, will result in a correct correlation of data to circumstance, thereby making a person saner. (This is called negative gain. A gain which is the result of losing something negative.)


Processes and procedures to increase the ability of the person (as a spiritual being) to operate effectively. (This is called postive gain. A gain which is caused by the person/being obtaining new abilities.)

ARC Triangle

Affinity (the love or liking of something, manifested on the level at which a person desires to be close to something or someone), Reality (the agreement about things) and communication (the passing of thoughts, ideas, emotions, objects, whatever) are considered to form a triangle.

To increase affinity, one must have more reality or communication with that thing. To increase reality, one must communicate with or like something or someone. To increase communication, one must increase reality or agreement as to the way things are, or increase affinity by liking something more or coming closer to it.

The three things together form understanding.

So, according to Scientology writings, if you are interested in increasing any one of these four things, increase one or more of the other items, and the result will be an increase in the other aspects.

All upsets are traced back to some "breaK" in one of these 4 aspects. Someone talking to you harshly, disagreeing with you, going away from you, not understanding you, not talking to you, etc, etc, etc, will be the cause of the upset. Relieving the upset can require finding the aspect of ARCU which has been broken.

Communication Cycle

Communication is the consideration (generating thought) and action of impelling an impulse or particle from a source point, across a distance to receipt point with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt point a duplication and understanding of that
which emanated from the source point.

So, in order for there to be effective communication it should follow these steps:

A considers a particle or something that A wants B to recieve. A focuses it's attention to B. A gets B to focus ITS attention on A. A intends the passing of the particle or energy or object to B and then actually applies whatever force needed to get that particle, etc, impelled accross the distance to B. B accepts the particle and understands/duplicates it. B then reverses this process to let A know that the particle/object/energy/communication has been received and is fully duplicated and then understood (called an acknowledment). This proper acknowledement should end the cycle.

So, in essense, a communication cycle is cause, distance, effect with intention, attention, duplication and understanding.

KRC Triangle

Another three aspects which will increase if you increase any part of the triangle. Knowledge, Responsibility, Control.

To increase the ability to control something, become more responsible for it, or get more knowledge of it.

To increase knowledge of something, take responsibility for it and/or control it.

To increase resonsibility for something (recognizing your own causitiveness as regards it), increase knowledge or control of it.

Be Do Have

Beingness, doingness, havingness are indicated to be related. To move forward on a job, for example, one must "be the job", "do the job", and then one can "have the job" or have the fruits of the job. If one in unable to have something, first one must become what it is needed to become to have it, do what one needs to do to get it, and so forth.

Matter, Energy, Space, Time, Theta

MAtter is considered to be condensed energy.

Energy is supposed to be postulated (created by the "thetan") particles in space. It is only supposed to be composed, at it's most basic level, of life force that a being has put into motion, thereby causing it to become existent in space. "Agitation within agitation is the basic formation of
particles of energy, such as electrons, protons and others." Basically, theta becomes agitated, and that agitation is agitated or moving.

Space is a viewpoint of dimension, there being no way to have space unless there is someway to have two positions differentiated. What is in between those two points is space.

Time is the consideration that space and particles will persist. The measurement of time measures the movement in space of particles. Particles must act in relationship to each other, or otherwise would have no time which could be experienced.

Theta is life force, the creation of thetans, which are beings of no mass and no location, other than the location the being considers himself to be. Theta is considered to be independant from MEST and the causitive factor of MEST.

As-Is, Alter-Is, Is, Not-is

As-isness is the condition of seeing exactly what something is without lies or vias. Theoretically, When something is viewed in this manner, it disappears. "Is-ness" is the result of something purely considered (as-isness) and altered in some way (alter-isness). The only way time is entered into something is by an original as-isness being hit with some alter-isness. Not-isness is the condition of denying something, which also tends to solidify it and make it stronger.

So poor conditions must be, according to this, confronted with true apprehension (discernment, observation of exactly what is) without making excuses or explanations (alter-isness) and without just denying or avoiding the situation (not-isness).

(Notice that the church doesn't even apply this to itself. It "not-ises" the criticism and so it endures.)

So, energy is an as-isness (theta postulated) which is alter-ised (changed in some way) so that it endures through time (is-ness). If this is "not-ised", it becomes further solidified into matter.

Auditing, in theory, is the perfect apprehension of flows, dispersals and ridges (energy or condensed energy in the form of a picture - an engram) which, because matter and energy are only composed of alter-ised theta, if perfectly seen for what it is will return to a state of "as-isness" and so disappear.

Cyle of Action

You start something, continue on until it reaches it's conclusion, and then stop. The cycle of action can also be defined as the creation, growth, conservation, decay and destruction of energy and matter in a space. Cycles of action actually are considered to be the genesis of time.