Some crazy woman doing a crazy speech about Scientology


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"I am a Class IV auditor and I have to say that it's a bit of a wonder to me. How the heck did that happen? I’m a teacher, a mentor, a coach an instructor, I’m Class IV auditor... Not totally sure how that came about.
"I can recall, though, 20 years ago looking at a piece of promo for the Academy Levels and saying to myself, HELL NO! That’s looks like way too much work. Later on I started to get auditing and I experienced how bizarre a case could be, and I became even more convinced that an auditor was a very special kind of person who was born that way. How in the world did one know to tame a case?
"But now that I think about it, I think I remember now how it all happened. My friend told me one time that she wanted to get her child audited but that they difficulty finding auditors to audit kids. And man that was a real button for me! I thought WHAT?? The poor kids can’t get auditing? Well then I’ll have to bloody well do it myself. You see I have a thing for kids. I’ll do just about anything for a kid. So I figured I’d confront this training and figure out how to audit.
"Shortly after that the Golden Age of Tech Phase II came out and I went into ASHO and told them that I wanted to be a Class VIII auditor. The registrar looked at me like I had just told him I have a million dollars to spend and did he have any good ideas about how I could do that? He took me through the new training brochure and then I went home, figured out the money and I arrived back a month later to get started.
"I went through Student Hat, Pro TRs and Upper Indocs with no problems (super smooth), and then I got onto the Pro Metering course. I had never operated a meter before, but I had heard plenty about the complexities of the course so I bore down and got ready to get my butt kicked by the infamous machine. Well by my third time through the course, I got a little nervous, I started thinking that maybe my supervisor was passing me because she really liked me a lot. Seriously, I really thought that. But then I thought it all the way through and realized that my supervisor was not crazy and the course actually was that simple.
"After that, I got onto Level 0. Level 0. Wow, do you know how much stuff there is to learn on level 0? There were so many times on that level that I wanted to run away and hide. I remember on my first practice session I looked at my twin and said so I’m supposed to give this PC the command, watch the meter for a read, ack her, write down what she says, watch the meter for more reads and F/Ns, note them down, repeat any commands or give any new commands, keep track of the time and the TA? He looked at me and said, “I’ve never done this before either.” So I said, “Oh well, let’s get started and see how it goes.” Well after about three times through I had it down. I was surprised how it all came together. It was like magic. And I did get it together, and I audited a PC, and watched him transform right before my eyes.
"So after I finished Level 0, I felt like I was what LRH considered one of the most valuable beings on the planet. I continued through Levels I and II and I was producing miracles, and life-changing wins, in my PCs. In fact, one of my PCs on her Level 1 was mid her HQS course at the time -- and after her wins in session, she decided she wanted to be an auditor and purchased her training package through Class V!
ThenI hit Level 3. Level three is like Level 0 on steroids. Holy smokes! On this Level I kept thinking, maybe I should just go do my OT levels and come back and try confronting this later on. Man! The amount of charge that I went through on that level was unbelievable. Level 3 is the make-break point of being an auditor. I had to dig down deep and pull out everything on this one. But I got through, and the auditing part was actually a lot of fun!I felt like a beast when I signed off on that one.
"Okay on to Level 4. Level IV was like the icing on the cake, literally! You know how trouble there is to making a cake, but then you just take some icing sugar, butter and milk, put it in a bowl and bing, you have icing. Well that’s what Level IV was like. It was the dessert after a giant steak and potatoes dinner. Perfecto.
"So what did I get from all of that? The most magical ability that you could ever ask for, the ability to hold my position in space and put order in on the MEST universe. I teach kids and when I go into the classroom everyday, right before my eyes, my students start doing so much better than I’ve ever seen them do. I’d sit with them and just say, look you know, it’s like this, just look at that, get this done and Bob’s your uncle and they’d just go ahead and say, alright Sigrid, and voila, they were able.
"I am having the most fun time teaching that I have ever had and that is no small statement. I have taught some very huge and powerful kids (and many of these you can now find in the Sea Org). I tell you right here and now I am really enjoying it more than ever before because it so much easier to think, communicate, handle and put in order on any part of my job -- because I'm trained.
"My biggest cognition from training is that an auditor has the capability to put his or her own case on the shelf, while he takes another being in session and while in session he handles all the randomity of the PC’s case and the elements of the session and he puts order in on that PC and on the MEST universe and at the end, that PC is a more valuable being. And that is why EVERYONE needs to train. You need to get this. Everyone you come across both in session and in life will be more valuable because you are an auditor. That’s pretty damn good, if you ask me!!
"Of course I must give a very large thank you to all the ASHO supervisors and training department staff. Thank you to the Captain, D of T and the Tech Sec, and everyone else that has helped me become an auditor. And my special thank you to my special life savers the word clearer Rebecca, and Julia, and Julianne -- ahh we had some great times together...And everyone else at ASHO who helps hold down the fort so we can become more valuable beings.
"Thank you to COB for getting out this tech properly so I could launch into this incredible journey.
"And to my very best friend, LRH, WOW! LRH I won’t ask how you figured it out, but I intend to follow the path that you set so that I can have a better understanding of how to free this planet as you want us to do. To LRH!"


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I could not even listen to it...too many "earlier similar s" on the chain....:screwy::screwy::screwy::screwy: Trying to decipher the ScioSpeak is like :banghead::pullhair:


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The women behind (Sea Org?) barely cracks a smile very stoic. Another indication o brainwashing.


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wonder what grade she teaches, sounds like a rehearsed story and she's told many... felt like i was watching a childrens book reading

weee... cupcakes and rainbows!

one day she'll find the underbelly of the beast, she'll make a fun ex scientologist, hope she hurries up the bridge so she can find out what she's spent this 20 years working towards, hope her students watch going clear before she recruits them into the sea org...