Source of wealth of Scientologists

I have run a successful cleaning business for the last twenty years, just this last Thursday I worked 22 hrs straight came home and had 2hrs sleep then got up and worked another 11 hrs straight, worked all weekend now here I am posting a reply to this tread. Come and work with me for a week and you will want to take a year off. There are many on this board who will vouch for what I am saying.

In all of this I maintain in fucking good sense of humor, until I read such :bs: . But hey have a point of view, who gives a fuck anyway. Think what you fucking well like, I do. So while I might not be able to say this is fuck-wit type of comm. I can at least think it! Besides I am still waiting for my fucking inheritance.:soapbox: Go and ask Feral or Panda or Scooter we've all worked hard to be fucked over:yes: :yes: :yes:

Okay, I feel better now so thanks for putting something there for me to take a shot at your point of view seems to me to be largely uninformed hence your post, I get you are looking for some clarification on where the $ comes from.

In most cases, hard work and being willing in a lot of cases to make whatever $ it takes to do the things that get done.

So next time pick a less sensitive topic will you! You see, because I am not now sending huge amounts of $ into the Cof$ I have been able to afford a few bottles of bloody good red wine, some of which I consumed before posting this reply.

So if I come across a bit in your face, blame it on the wine.


Don't take offense, I am just 5'6'' of fucking dynamite once my fuse gets lit:angry: :angry:

You are not the kind of person we are talking about.

The mere fact that you are working so hard and relying on your own intuition is evidence of what the original post was about (I think).

You have to stay on your toes and cannot coast at your business. I was the same way. I had to make snap decisions constantly and live with the consequences. This takes intelligence, critical thinking, and judgment.

But there are professions where a lesser degree of intelligence, critical thinking, and judgment are needed.

This doesn't mean the person is not intelligent. And some of these professions make lots of cash that is not a result of the person's intelligence.

Again, this doesn't mean the person isn't intelligent. But when you take the fact that the person didn't need as much intelligence to earn the money and add that to the fact that the person gives it to Scientology, you have mounting evidence that maybe the person isn't as intelligent as others.

There are other people in those same profession which don't give their money to Scientology. This give some evidence that they are intelligent.

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Back to the OP...

See, one of the things that really threw me off when I got in was that most of the public I met were very successful. They seemed smart and not the typical "rube" that I thought would get sucked into a cult. It lent an air of legitimacy to me to the place. Those who were dumb there, were pretty much the bottom of the barrel, but I met so many who seemed to be in really good shape and smart and "normal" that it seemed "safe".