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South African Org's break the law

Discussion in 'Other Locations' started by ScnRebel, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. ScnRebel

    ScnRebel Patron

    In South Africa, there is a law that only Psychologists can do evaluations. That means that it is illegal to sit someone down, get them to fill out a personality test, and then evaluate the test results to them. Only a trained Pschologist is allowed to do this.

    Back in the days when I was on staff, there was a period where we had to be a bit hush-hush about the OCA tests. We could not do mass mailings of it to the general public. Every now and then things would relax and we would start broadly distributing them, but OSA would always arrive and put a stop to it. They did not put a stop to doing general testing of new people that came into the Org though.

    I never liked the whole idea of doing these evaluations. Somehow it did not seem to be in the spirit of Scientology (Don't Evaluate). I also saw loads of people coming in, being told that they are Suicidal or totally irresponsible, and then leaving. In a way, I suppose that is a good point. Loads of people come in, get the eval, get pissed of and leave, and deciding never to have anything to do with Scientology again.

    But the crux of the situation is that Scientology in South Africa is breaking the law on a continuous basis.
  2. Illegal Alien

    Illegal Alien Patron with Honors

    Do you know what the general scene in the orgs in South Africa is at the moment?
    It seems to be a very quiet continent when it comes to Scio and even here on the board there are hardly any other South Africans as far as I know.
    Whats the gossip from the world of the vuvuzela (spelling??)
  3. ScnRebel

    ScnRebel Patron

    Things are quite in the South African Morges.

    You will find size wise they are about the same size as they have ever been. Places like Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth are still only about a 5 to 10 man affair. Joburg Foundation is the smallest it's ever been, probably about 6 people on staff. Joburg Day is the biggest. I would guess at about 40 staff. They have opened the test centre in Braamfontein. I hate to see how that has stretched the staff. Pretoria is still the same as it has ever been. Still being run by Willem Jacobs. I think he has been the longest running ED of any org. Must be about 15 years by now.

    I know that all of the ideal org buildings were purchased already 2 years ago. So we have these huge empty buildings all over South Africa (2 in Zimbabwe - how nuts is that). The ED Port Elizabeth was spending his time finding tenants for the building he had so that he could afford to pay the rates and taxes. As far as I know, nothing has been done on the renovations of these buildings.

    I don't think anything has been done with the Kyalami Castle. As far as I can tell it is still being run as a conferecing centre. If that is the case, then the Sea Org is making money off of this. Apparently the Sea Org has a new section on their org board for the management of their properties now, so I would guess this includes managing the leasing and businesses that operate in them. Who needs to create Ideal Orgs if you have that kind of a business setup.
  4. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    Heather landry of the Boston org has racked up 25+ years as ED. Just saying.
  5. Illegal Alien

    Illegal Alien Patron with Honors

    Zimbabwe????:confused2: I don't even know what or how to reply to that one...............what!

    The Kyalami Castle that's an interesting one. Bought for the Ideal Org by Scientologists and now being run as a conference centre, I assume to anybody needing a location and the Church obviously charges for this mmmmmmmmm make money make more money.

    Hey here is a question has any thing been said about South Africa being the strong point of Scio in the future. As you know LRH did say something along the lines of "the next great civilization will emerge in South Africa" :eyeroll:
  6. ScnRebel

    ScnRebel Patron

    I had the same reaction when I heard about the org's in Zimbabwe. That was just totally off the rails.

    The Orgs in SA really punt what Elron said about South Africa being the next great civilisation, with it being Scientology making it so. They are not doing much about making that a reality though :duh:. I am not sure where that came from, but I find it interesting how they latched onto this and have been using it all these years. Elron was able to see into the future you know. So he must have been right. So everyone is just biding their time till that prediction comes true. How gullible can you get?
  7. jase12321

    jase12321 Patron with Honors

    Breaking the law is a small price to pay for saving souls on a day to day basis.
  8. I didn't think this post about Law Breaking warranted any humour. . .
  9. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation


    Saving souls ... or, just getting the stats up Jase?

    You acknowledge that they are breaking the law, that's a good start.


  10. nice call. . . hit the nail on the head. . .
  11. AngeloV

    AngeloV Gold Meritorious Patron

    LOL. They are applying 'lease-tech' to keep the Idle Org buildings. Now that's what I want to hear. Awesome.