South African Usindiso school under control of Scientology Hubbard College


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South African Usindiso school under control of Scientology Hubbard College of Administration.

Notice also that Scientology and the Hubbard College of Administration have now adopted the "sponsorship" "adoption" charity model used by Save the Children, etc. In the case of Scientology and the Hubbard College of Administration, it is "adopt-a-worker."

Sec Check: Hubbard College Of Administration – South Africa

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Evaton is a subarb South of Johannesburg.
We are setting up a learning centre in Evaton (a township near Johannesburg) and are venturing out and getting into the communities of South Africa for the first time!

In short, we are partnering with a Community center in Evaton (called Usindiso) and we are currently training up their own staff so they can deliver entry level LRH courses at Hubbard College standards. This center will be running tightly under the Hubbard College and we are going to be supervising their quality and supervision standards. But it is very exciting as the type of students we have been training in the past, will have much easier access to these facilities. So we can reach and service a lot more students and empower them to live better lives and become even more productive and ethical members of the society.

We are scheduled to launch the center in a month and we want to have the first 26 students in place by then.

Please send me an email if you wish to get involved – I would love to get your support for at least one course for one of our first students (R 2000 or $200) or help with any amount you would like to contribute.

In return as our sponsor (for $200 or R2000) we will send you the picture and the success story of the worker you sponsored. (We can also provide you with an ID document copy in case you are seeking BEE points in South Africa.)

Records show that more than 50% of students find better jobs while on the program. These workers need your sponsorship in order to break out of the rut!

Thank you for your support and we will keep you up to date!

Best regards,

Arthur De Roey.
Adopt-a-Worker In Charge
HCA South Africa
Mobile phone: +27714575395


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To start, it appears Usindiso organization at issue, located in Evaton, must be distinguished from the Christian organization Usindiso Ministries. It further appears that Usindiso is a common word in South African that "means being saved from a dreadful situation."

The website of the Usindiso organization at issue located in Evaton is:

Their Facebook page is:

Their Twitter page is:


The Facebook page of the Hubbard College of Administration states:




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The Hubbard College of Administration Adopt-A-Worker program.

If it is successful (i.e., makes money for HCA and Scientology), we can except it to be exported as a "successful action." Not necessarily "adopt-a-worker," but "adopt-a-[fill in the blank]" -- e.g., "adopt-a-student."



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