SP Times Story on Darth Xander's (Alex Hageli) victory against Scientology (at Flag)


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Background for this story can be found in this thread:
‘Darth Xander’ files motion challenging Scientology’s anti-protesting injunction

Although the injunction is still in place, Alex won a huge battle against the CoS in an effort to keep them from abusing the injunction.

From the SP Times (Tampa Bay Times) earlier today:

City attorney to Clearwater police: Protests on sidewalk in front of Scientology building are legal

Tracey McManus, Times Staff Writer Friday, December 4, 2015 6:32am

CLEARWATER — Police have been directed to ignore any requests from the Church of Scientology asking officers respond to peaceful protesters "exercising their First Amendment rights" on public sidewalks near the church's downtown Flag Building.

The advisory, sent in a department email recently by Assistant City Attorney Rob Surette, was prompted by multiple calls dispatchers have fielded from church members about Alex Hageli, who has picketed in front of the building several times this year.

Hageli, 40, a lawyer who lives in Illinois and owns a home in Belleair, said in a recent interview that he has never been a member of Scientology but has made it his mission every time he visits to stand outside the church's headquarters and urge members to seek help in escaping the religion.


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Re: SP Times Story on Darth Xander's (Alex Hageli) victory against Scientology (at Fl

:happydance: Go Alex! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Alex is so wonderful. He's been taking all of this on himself, and he's just the greatest guy, too. Compassionate, balanced, intelligent and educated. Of COURSE the Cult of Scientology wanted to ban him. Everything he says makes so much sense, and he's always there with a warm presence.

Congratulations, Alex. :congratulations: You've worked hard for this one and should be feeling a whole lot better about things.

Great win for us. :thumbsup: We are so fortunate to have Alex on our team. :grouphug:


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Re: SP Times Story on Darth Xander's (Alex Hageli) victory against Scientology (at Fl

It made zero sense that the Clearwater police were assisting the scientologists to misuse the injunction which clearly did not apply towards Alex nor others not part of the injunction.

It shouldn't have required a judge to point out to them that Alex and other protesters could exercise their First Amendment rights.

The Clearwater police apparently don't teach their employee's about the U.S. Constitution as one of their officers wanted to arrest Alex for protesting on a public sidewalk, thinking that it was property of the Scientologists. :duh:

A sidewalk, although specifically constructed for pedestrian traffic, also constitutes a public forum. Frisby v. Schultz, 487 U.S. 474, 480 (1988) ("{T}ime out of mind public streets and sidewalks have been used for public assembly and debate, the hallmarks of a traditional public forum.") The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that public streets and sidewalks are a traditional public fora. Boos v. Barry, 485 U.S. 312, 318 (1988): Perry Education Ass'n. v. Perry Local Educators' Assn., 460 U.S. 37, at 44 (1983).
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